Baltimore Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse

April 10 NTSB before Congress Committee. Preliminary report will not be out until first week of May.

(I should also note, which isnt in this video, a third worker was recovered several days ago. Not sure if it was previously posted. so 3 still not recovered as of this time.)

NTSB statements:
we're actually
4:27 our investigative team
is on the vessel as we speak. we
downloaded the vdr, The Voyage data
recorder, on scene and then we removed
the vdr in order to download the
past 30 days in our lab to learn from
we formalized parties to the
investigation. I'm pleased to say that
Grace Grace ocean and Synergy have
become parties to our investigation as
well as the US Coast Guard Maryland
Transportation Authority and the
association of Maryland Pilots

5:37 our investigators are on
scene. they needed the assistance of
Hyundai, who is the manufacturer of
equipment in the engine room, to download
data from the electrical power system
and look at the circuit breakers. that is
where our focus is right now in this
of course that's
preliminary, it could take different
roads, different paths, as we continue
this investtigation. it's very early
but we're collecting that data

6:43 we have had the manufacturer of equipment in
the engine room to look closely at
the electrical power system. we're
continuing to look at that.
we've asked for additional assistance from the
manufacturer who returned from overseas
this week with experts to look at the
circuit breakers

9:30 she atlks a bit about Office of Highway Safety is looking at pier protection for new bridge.
office of Highway Safety team is really
focused on peer protection ction looking
at the original bridge design and how it
would be built today under today's
standards I expect uh regardless of some
erroneous press report from Bloomberg
that our preliminary report will not be
out until the first week of May
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