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starting this thread for odd balloon shapes like @Mick West once suggested we do.

mostly i saw this strange shape and will never remember it if it becomes a ufo.
Screenshot 2023-01-29 111601.png

virtual balloon tour shop:


Screenshot 2023-01-29 112217.png

Screenshot 2023-01-29 105940.png


Screenshot 2023-01-28 201021.png

Screenshot 2023-01-29 095312.png
Screenshot 2023-01-29 095432.png







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[INFORMATION]Please resize the images after uploading. Some of these are taller than the screen. Generally for something like this, about half screen height is a much as you'd want to go. Since the overall shape is what is important, please make them as small as possible while still being able to clearly see the shape[/INFORMATION]
@ZW a bath pillow isnt a balloon.
If it blows away, it is an airborne inflatable object which might be seen as a UFO, a thing acting as a "balloon" no matter what its original purpose is. Ditto things intended for use as a pool float.
If it blows away, it is an airborne inflatable object which might be seen as a UFO, a thing acting as a "balloon" no matter what its original purpose is. Ditto things intended for use as a pool float.
it would take a tornado to keep a bath pillow up that high.
Hey folks

Given that a lot of UFO / UAP turn out to be "probably" balloons, I thought maybe it would make sense to start a collection of odd shaped balloons that are hard to google.

Im fully aware that there are infinite designs but its easier to scroll through a thread of already not so common designs than search for them on google.

The idea is that we just add a balloon when we come across it and think it is worthy for this collection.

Hopefully it comes in handy for some old or future cases.

For example its easy to search for a "silver balloon" but harder if the shape or design is not describable:


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Worth noting the Spiderman posted by Monkeesage above (and other similar balloons) come in sections, so in addition to the odd shape of the assembled balloon, you also potentially have a bunch of unique sub shapes. Pieces are held together by sticky stuff.
Next level stuff here:

External Quote:
Air_ray Floating manta ray with beating wing drive

In search of new drive concepts, our Bionic Learning Network came across the manta ray. With the Air_ray, we have now transferred the fascinating motion sequences and the flow-optimized body shape into the world of technology. Thanks to its lightweight construction, the buoyancy of helium and the beating wing drive with Fin Ray Effect®, the remote-controlled flying object moves through the air like its natural role model through the water.


Air_ray Floating manta ray with beating wing drive
The flow-optimized design of the artificial ray increases aerodynamic efficiency. The active rotation of its beating wings ensures full power development in the air. A servo motor pulls alternately on the two flanks in the longitudinal direction and thus moves the wing up and down in a targeted manner.

With an additional servo drive, the beating wing can be rotated in its transverse axis, which means that the Air_ray can also be maneuvered backwards. The motion sequence comes very close to that of the biological role model.

SmartSelect_20230910-161233_Samsung Internet.jpg

I had previously referenced Festo's BionicOpter in my post on flapping drones. Their floating jellyfish could probably cause a UFO sighting or two as well.
Was looking through my eclipse videos and I had forgotten I captured a balloons IFO. Shows how amorphous the shape can look as they are blowing and tumbling around.

Ps. It's a true color video, it really was completely overcast and gray and we only barely got to see the edge of the Sun once or twice and not at at all during totality. Sigh, there's always next 20 years.