Audio Reference for Falling or Burning Things that Sound Like Explosions

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One of the common claims of proponents of the the 9/11 "controlled demolition" conspiracy theory is that people hear "explosion-like" sounds, and hence the buildings must have been demolished by explosives.

Besides the rather obvious lack of any recording of things that sound like normal controlled demolition, the main objection to this theory is that "explosion-like" sounds were entirely to be expected on that day. These would be in categories

  1. The initial plane impacts and subsequent fuel/air explosions
  2. Things falling and impacting the ground or other buildings
  3. Things heating up and exploding
  4. Structure members failing
  5. The actual collapses, multiple things falling, overpressure blowing out windows
So I thought it would be useful to gather a collection of audio samples of these type of things, so they can be compared against the accounts of people who were there, and any possible noises caught on tape. #2 (falling things) and #3 (heating things exploding) would probably be the most useful, as on 9/11 they occurred after the impact, and before the collapses - presumably when the alternative theorists are suggesting the building was being "demolished"

Youtube is probably a good source of these. Please add the timecode to the link if the noises are not within a few seconds of the start.

Some examples:


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Example for #4 - structural member failing (most likely cables snapping):
Big Blue Crane Accident 1999 Miller Park Baseball Stadium Milwaukee


The first of a few huge "explosions" at 1:59 minutes.
Wind probably caused the initial overload.

Here is a burning car having a few explosions:


Several bangs as wind turbine disintegrates and collapses:


(The text says that the oil explodes; I am not sure that is the source of the big bang, I rather suspect the first wing breaking or smashing into the shaft is what went bang)
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