At Senators & Congressmen: Investigate Cointelpro Harassment Now Being Used To Silence A

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Often the CT crowd tosses out the canard that people who debunk them are cointelpro agents on the government dole, this petition seems like an attempt to give their claims a patina of credibility. This petition at currently has over 200 supporters. I wonder if they manage to get to the goal of 10,000 supporters. Perhaps someone should create a petition, to petition against people filing frivolous petitions? :p

Senators & Congressmen Investigate & Dismantle Prejudicial Cointelpro Attacks on Innocent Citizens by Corrupt NSA Officials

All across the country ( and the world ) innocent citizens are complaining about well organized covert attacks … attacks that are identical to past Cointelpro tactics. The Cointelpro program was a government “silencing” program which was exposed in 1971 and supposedly dismantled. It targeted the women's movement, anti-war activists, Martin Luther King, and many other innocent people who were trying to improve our world.

But was it really dismantled ? …. Strong evidence suggests that it was not, … instead it was refined and pushed underground again ... Many witnesses report that the program is very much alive and targeting groups like the Occupy movement along with African-Americans, independent women, whistle-blowers and activists … the new victims of this atrocity call it “gang stalking” and there are thousands of references to this abuse on the internet … but make no mistake, gang stalking is none other than Cointelpro rising it's ugly, hate-filled head once again in attempts to eliminate, silence and control some of our best and brightest citizens … This is a total, 100% attack on our Constitutional freedoms and it must be stopped ...

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So ironic, they think anyone who disagrees with them is cointelpro, so they want to SILENCE them. :)

Pete Tar

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I would support the general sentiment that infiltration of groups that the establishment is uncomfortable with in order to subvert or coerce to extremes is undemocratic and a symptom of institutional paranoid insanity and consequent abuse of power, but not that the rational response they are met with is the same. That's *their* persecution complex working overtime.


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I'm pretty sure those guys WILL be able to get 10,000 signatures... As long as they keep their petition up for another hundred years or so. :D
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