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I'm having an email conversation with a chemtrail believer and have been pointed to this site with the following comment ...

"You forgot to take into account the government website regarding the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program, created in 1989 with funding from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and sponsored by the DOE’s Office of Science and managed by the Office of Biological and Environmental Research. An ARM program, Indirect and Semi-Direct Aerosol Campaign (ISDAC) is aimed at measuring “cloud simulations” and “aerosol retrievals.” This is about chemtrails, whether your intellect can accept it or not, the reality exists outside of your neural processes."

I've had a look at the site and it seems to me like legitimate publicly available research - however it is true that some of the info on that site is a bit beyond my neural processes - but then I'm not a climate scientist...

Would anyone care to give a short "layman's guide to ARM" ? Perhaps you could start by explaining the meaning of the mysterious terms "cloud simulations" and "aerosol retrievals"


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Without getting into the technical details of the programme - how do they think this creates chemtrails, or modifies the atmosphere....or whatever? What is their actual claim??


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Only read the link given, it clearly states probing/sampling for data so they can make accurate models "for simulations" etc. As MikeC above, what dots are used to join this to spraying chemicals?


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Without getting into the technical details of the programme - how do they think this creates chemtrails, or modifies the atmosphere....or whatever? What is their actual claim??

I don't know what the actual claim is - it is outside of my neural processes - but I think the word "aerosols" sets alarm bells ringing in the chemtrailers neural pathways ... they are always talking about "aerosol spraying". I have seen somewhere an explanation with pictures of what aerosol means but I can't find it at the moment - can anyone point me in the right direction?


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Just use the google "Define:" function - type "define: aerosol" into google......

noun: aerosol; plural noun: aerosols
  1. a substance enclosed under pressure and released as a fine spray by means of a propellant gas.
    • a container holding an aerosol.
    • Chemistry
      a colloidal suspension of particles dispersed in air or gas.
      "the organisms are spread in the aerosols generated by showers"
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An aerosol is any liquid or solid suspended in air - clouds and fog are aerosols, as is dust.

Most aerosols are invisible (obviously excepting clouds, fog, big dust storms, smoke, etc) - but they are still there - they are why we get red sunsets, and their presence has an effect on warming and cooling even when we cannot see them.

And yes, chemies tend to froth out the mouth when they see the word!


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I presume the claim might be that they are monitoring the chemtrail spraying to see how effective it is?

Then they are putting the information online free for anybody to access ... hardly the way to run a top secret program but then perhaps that is the beauty of it - "hiding it in plain sight" ...

I assume some of the data they are getting would show if there are elevated levels of barium, strontium or aluminium up there - or not - can anyone confirm or deny this ?

I just thought to check out the "news" section of the site and found this report but i suppose the chemtrailers will say it is part of the plan to control the weather, or to perpetrate the global warming hoax ...


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I think that if you want to you can make anything look sinister, especially if you take it out of context - e.g. from the report above:

" Researchers are looking for new insights into how precipitation processes associated with atmospheric rivers can also be influenced by different sources of aerosols particles."

Could "different sources of aerosols particles" mean ... (cue appropriately scary music) ... chemtrails ??? !!!


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I just watched the start of Carnicom's film "Aerosol Crimes" - I think the soundtrack is from a Hitchcock movie, not sure which one, but they are all pretty similar ... the random cymbal crashes and the scratching along the piano strings ... great stuff


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You could point out that a neural processor is:

... a device implanted in the nervous system of every Borg drone containing a record of all the information received from the Collective.
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You don't want a neural processor because that makes you a borg and therefore a blind robot/drone/sheep following the collective/nwo/chemtrail hive being.


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I think that if you want to you can make anything look sinister, especially if you take it out of context - e.g. from the report above:

" Researchers are looking for new insights into how precipitation processes associated with atmospheric rivers can also be influenced by different sources of aerosols particles."

Could "different sources of aerosols particles" mean ... (cue appropriately scary music) ... chemtrails ??? !!!

Agreed. It is interesting that chemtrail believers can assign diabolical motives to virtually any government agency, but, at the same time, use data from government agencies as evidence of their points. I see Dane Wigington using NOAA sources all the time. But it is not part of the global conspiracy?

An interesting form of cherry picking.


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I made this video about aerosols which might help:

This was a great video. For a layperson (like me) it offered a good overview as well as a glimpse of the complexities of the topic. I also liked the fact that video can be informative, as opposed to much of the nonsense that I often see from CT believers. Well done.


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The Aerosol Optical Thickness (AOT) or Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) is a haze index. AOT is a dimensionless logarithmic term that expresses the attenuation of a direct beam of sunlight caused by atmospheric aerosols (microscopic droplets and particles of dust, smoke, sulfate, salt, pollen, etc.). A high value means the sky is hazy. A low value means the sky is clear. Note that AOT (blue in time series below) has a distinct annual cycle. The sky is much cleaner during winter than during summer. Note how this is closely associated with temperature. Note also how the AOT during the winters of 1991 and 1992 was higher than normal because of the eruption of Mount Pinatubo. The reduction in temperature (red in time series below) following the eruption (June 1991) is quite obvious, as is the gradual recovery to normal levels.
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Aerosols noted, over time. The blue is the "thickness" (in depth) of the aerosols. Also note the seasonal fluctuations, between each year.
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