Argentina's Committee for Aerospace Phenomenae Research (CEFAe)

Mick West

Staff member
A very useful collection of different types of temporarily unidentified aerial objects can be found in the work of the relatively new Committee for Aerospace Phenomena Research (Comisión de Estudio de Fenómenos Aeroespaciales - CEFAe)
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The commission is headed by retired Commodore Ruben Lianza who posted here on Metabunk after we identified the likely aircraft behind the Chilean Navy UFO video.
Dear Mick: Congratulations on the superb job you did with the explanation of the possible cause of the object captured on IR camera by a Chilean helicopter. I am involved exclusively on UFO case resolutions and last year I could (thanks God) explain 100 % of the cases. Even though my latest report is in Spanish I promise to release an English version as soon as my time permits. Wish you the best of everything for this new year and KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB!!. Commodore (ret) Rubén LIANZA, Head of CEFAe (Committee for Aerospace Phenomenae research, Arg. air force).

The committee has published two reports so far for 2015 and 2016. They are in Spanish, but are very well illustrated so the explanations for the phenomena are readily understandable. They cover a remarkable range of different phenomena - many of which we have seen before, but some new. Here's a quick sampling with translations from the 2016 report:

A typical lens reflection photo:
A bird UFO
A flying disc that is just that:
A very detailed analysis (14 pages!) was made of this seemingly simple blurred object

The conclusion of which is "probably one or two balloons".

The work of the commission seems very similar to what we do here in the Skydentify forum, and I'd encourage members to have a look at the detail in the two reports.

CEFAe can be compared to their neighbors in Chile, CEFAA (who have been investigating the Navy Helicopter case - Caso Armada - for two years). CEFAA appears less focussed on publishing plausible explanations for cases, and more on describing cases they could not solve conclusively. I looked through their web site and could not find a similar collection of solved cases.