Apollo 12 visor reflections


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Hi all!
A great part of conspiracy theories relating to Moon landings are fueled by visor reflection which confuse these conspiracy minded people because when they cannot explain the result, they think, it has to be a "conspiracy"

The claim:

Link: http://www.aulis.com/jackstudies_9.html

A photo from Apollo 12 (AS12-48-7071; showing Pete Conrad) mission shows something in the visor reflection, which Moon landing deniers think is a stage light:
Zoomed in:

Link: https://www.lpi.usra.edu/resources/apollo/images/print/AS12/48/7071.jpg

These images show something but it can be a visor scratch (or something like that) because before jumping to conclusion we should do more search of images. What I found was that there are hundreds of images which show "something" on the visor BUT they are nothing but scratches on the visor which are revealed when you look at a high resolution image and then analyze.

Not long after I started searching I found an image (AS12-48-7074) that Alan Bean took of Pete Conrad; remember Pete is the one whose picture was taken in AS12-48-7071 so same visor scratch expected, also keep in mind that the visor shape and the angle from where the picture is taken determines the size and appearance of the visor scratch [ZOOM]:

Here to me it looks nothing like a stage light but a scratch on the visor which is the same as the previous photo showed, but because of the angle it looked horizontally compressed. There are a lot of other photos too.

The first photo makes the reflection in the visor look like not a scratch but a stage light; pareidolia of-course because we normally do not see scratches like these so when showed a stage light it looks familiar. What do you guys think?
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another good shot of it (cant really tell how they are moving about from the full photo timeline

AS12-48-7133 (OF300) ( 171k or 948k )134:16:43 "Tourist" picture of Pete at the Surveyor III spacecraft. We know this is Pete because he has his tongs attached to his hip mounted "yo-yo". Note that his footprints are not any deeper than those he made around the LM.
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zoomed in

part of full photo


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my point being.. if he is in a different location but his smudge is in the same place.. I would think that proves its moving with his helmet. (or are these background blobs the same objects but the flag and satellite dish thing are hidden due to a lower perspective shot?)
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