Any tips for identifying CGI in fake UFO videos?


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Here we go, Derrick is starting another thread! You see I have reasons behind these posts, primarily the fact that there are quite a few people on here who are well versed in specific fields that can give great insight into certain subjects that can help people to identify hoaxes easier! At least that is my intention :)

I actually stumbled across this video by complete accident...

It's a typical UFO's over the city clip, featuring people looking up and filming the phenomena, yet something seems fishy and unconvincing, the description of the user that posted it in the article also rang an alarm... "A separate video posted by the same user, alymc01, is believed to have been shot from inside the offices of a visual effects company called The Mill. The firm creates special effects for the film industry." Oh really? Two videos posted by the same dude and one was insight a special FX firm's building?

So here is my question, who has any tips on how to tell when there is CGI being used in a UFO clip? Can you find any examples in this clip? I feel like many people today forget that some kid in their basement with torented FX software can easily hoax a video these days and I'm hoping information can be gathered in this thread that can give other users (maybe new people too) information they need to be skeptical of these things.
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Mick West

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I think the lack of thousands of people posting videos of it on YouTube is a pretty good indication.

If it's just an light, then it can be quite hard to tell. One thing to to go through it frame by frame in HD and check to see if things overlap where they should not.

If there's an actual object, then looking at the surface of the object for unusual lighting is a good step.

However GCI is very good now, so it's often quite hard to tell if done very well. Example:


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Good input! I couldn't find a bunch of videos of it either so as you say that is a good example. (BTW did you add that screenshot in? THANKS!)


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There are three videos for the London UFO hoax... and one fluke video...

The first video submitted June 25th 2011 by YouTube user "alymc01" is highly suspicious, and shows several flaws which indicate the video has computer generated elements. View the full video below:
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Just took a good look Balance and I want to say thanks for showing me this sight I will add it to my quick list for references. Lots of cool info here!