Anthony Hilder's AIRCRAP advertising Aluminum Oxide as a 'Natural Cellular Defense'

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The moment I saw them advertising a mineral I knew it probably contained aluminum, because it is the third most abundant element in minerals.

Sure enough. 12.99% alumina Al[SUB]2[/SUB]O[SUB]3[/SUB] (aluminum oxide)

And of course, it's NANO-SIZED!

Breathe easier with Natural Cellular Defense. Toxins are in the environment, and now, they”re in us. Everyone carries a heavy body burden, and now you can lighten the load of toxins in your body, using a natural mineral Zeolite. As toxins are removed, your immune system will breath a sign of relief, your pH levels will balance and you’ll feel better.

It can take years for your body to eliminate toxins on its own, and it’s next to impossible because of constant re-exposure. Zeolites are nature’s answer. Waiora’s, Natural Cellular Defense helps remove heavy metals and toxins from the body. Micronized to nano-size to pass into your bloodstream, and activated (cleaned) to attract toxins, the zeolite in Natural Cellular Defense passes through the body, taking toxins out with it.

Zeolites start out “dirty” due to the huge amounts of toxins they trap in the environment around them. It’s taken top scientist years to perfect the patent-process that takes mineral zeolite, micronizes it, activates it and turns it into Natural Cellular Defense. The zeolite is micronized to get past your digestive system and into the bloodstream where it can get to work.

Once it’s micronized, the zeolite is cleaned of all the toxins it picked up in nature. Every molecular “cage” is emptied through a proprietary (a.k.a. “top secret”) activation process. Free of toxins, these “clean” zeolite cages can then trap toxins all over again. They’re active and ready to go to work.

The result? A liquid (clinoptilolite zeolite in distilled water) filled with nano-sized zeolites made for at home or on the go. Over 3 million bottles of Natural Cellular Defense have helped real people remove the toxins and feel great.

NCD is so easy to use. You just add the drops and go about your day while it takes the toxins out.

Dr. Rose Marie Pack, D.C. Read my story on how I learned about NCD, and a new study treating Autism with Zeolite. visit -


Don't anyone tell them about this, let's see if they ever figure it out for themselves,
just save it till the time is right! These goons haven't a clue.
hahaha, thats great! One part of the site talks about how bad Aluminum oxide is, and yet there is someone trying peddle it in a product
They have some explanation for this. So important they put it twice in this cut-and-paste FAQ:

Q. Can the aluminum be absorbed into the body from the zeolite?

A. No. The aluminum in the product is at the center of a tetrahedron (it's surrounded by tightly-held oxygen atoms). It is not free to exchange into the system. So imagine you have a pyramid that's made of oxygen with aluminum in the center of that pyramid. It's what they call 'non-exchangeable aluminum'. We have done studies where we have found that Natural Cellular Defense increased the excretion of additional aluminum, which means that the zeolite is pulling aluminum out of the body in addition to the aluminum contained in the product itself.

Q. Is there any possibility of the aluminum being released because of this?

A. Absolutely not. The aluminum is in the middle of the tetrahedron of oxygen. So imagine you have a pyramid that's made of oxygen with aluminum in the center of that pyramid. It's what they call non-exchangeable aluminum. Studies have been done where 100 percent of the aluminum was recaptured as it came out in fecal matter and urine from the patients. Additionally, it has been found that a patient would excrete additional aluminum, which means that the zeolite is pulling aluminum out of the body in addition to the aluminum contained in the product itself.

Of course, aluminum in aluminum oxide is also "surrounded by oxygen"
It doesn't get any better! Michael Murphy and the Coalition Against Geoengineering

Coalition Against Geoengineering said:
As geo-engineering programs continue, we are constantly forced to breath in fine metal particulates. According to health care officials, these metals will accumulate in the body and have a negative effect on health. The following links contain information that was sent to us on supplements that have been used to remove metals from the body. Please consult a health care professional for proper use as these suggestions are being posted as a service and not to be used as medical advice or diagnosis.

Metal Removal Supplements:

ZeoLite (If you can afford):
Take (1) teaspoon each night on an empty stomach. This is for the intestinal area.
Looking at the "technical" explanation of Zeolife (tm), it seems pretty clear that true believers will have little difficultly in accepting that it's a "good" (or at least "neutral") form of aluminum.

ZeoLife™ provides awesome protection in a world plagued by pollution. It is the only advanced zeolite solution delivering resonating molecules of humic acid and essential trace minerals including monoatomic silver and gold. This proprietary blend provides safer chelation (called “clathration”) and advanced personal protection. The electrically-charged humic molecules carry superconducting monoatomic elements. These charged elements surround and neutralize toxic metals such as mercury far better than zeolite alone. They bind heavy metals to the zeolite for safer removal from your body.

This energetic process also neutralizes more industrial chemicals and electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation than any former invention. Modern sources of EMF, such as cell phones and powerlines, like petro-chemicals, can be toxic. ZeoLife™ reduces or eliminates these threats with no risk of chemical or heavy metal reabsorption.

72 important elements including all essential minerals have been added to ZeoLife™ to counter common mineral deficiencies, especially in persons undergoing other forms of chelation.

528Hz frequency harmonics have been added to this structured water-based solution to supply nature’s core sustaining energy to the monoatomic elements, and thus to your body.

In summary, ZeoLife™ is a powerful natural heavy metal and chemical detoxifier that also supplies essential minerals helping to balance pH, enhance immunity, and neutralize toxicity including stressful EMF radiation for increased vitality and longevity.

This is the clincher:

LOVE is a universal healer and “the medicine of God.” ZeoLife™ delivers the vibrational frequency of LOVE advanced by Dr. Horowitz and his colleagues who determined 528Hz harmonics appears to be the closest energy frequency to LOVE known. 528Hz vibrates at the heart of everything, including nature. The color of chlorophyll, or a blade of grass, proves this. LOVE for healthy, heart-felt, bioenergetic refreshment reflects the greenish-yellow color heralded by the botanical world. Using this knowledge, collaborating with colleagues to formulate ZeoLife™, Dr. Horowitz conceived of resonating 528Hz harmonics using double-ozonated, ultra-purified, structured water containing beneficial monoatomic elements known in science to help absorb and overcome harmful radiation from various electromagnetic sources. Today, risks include cell phones, televisions, microwaves and powerlines. ZeoLife™ is made to help reduce these risks too.


The problem with using this in debunking is that people are very attached to their alternative medicines, to a religious level. One you go down that route you've left science behind, and would now be arguing on their turf - as you've essentially got to debunk the entire world of quack medicine to make a point.

I think the approach should not be "ha ha, you promote aluminum in your quack medicine", but rather "just like in zeolites, the aluminum in aluminum oxide is not bioavailable, as it's surrounded by oxygen".
To an extent, you are right but now they've got a clear choice to make.

(1) Aluminum compounds are ubiquitous substances found in nature reflecting its status as the third most abundant element. It is not surprising to find these compounds anywhere in the planet, including soils, aeolian dust, water and snowfall. Life has developed on earth and coexisted with this element from the inception, demonstrating that in ordinary circumstances, almost all forms of aluminum are harmless.

(2) Aluminum compounds are highly reactive, toxic even at low levels, and should not be found in soil, air or water at all. Any form of aluminum has negative consequences for health and the environment.

If they choose 1 above, their past arguments are gone.

If they choose 2 above, they must fight as hard against aluminum supplements being promoted for "de-toxification" as they do against it being found in the environment. They must also wear particulate masks 24/7/365 and develop special diets to exclude all aluminum from natural sources from being inhaled or consumed.
So, here is the crystalline structure of aluminum oxide

I see what you mean, Mick. The aluminum in aluminum oxide is protected by the oxygen surrounding it,
just like in Zeolite, an aluminosilicate mineral which also happens to contain 13% aluminum oxide.

I really don't know why Dr. Lenny Thyme didn't explain the whole story for Michael J. Murphy,
or perhaps he did but got edited out. As I understand it, Michael J. Murphy has hours of footage of
chemtrail skeptics explaining exactly how he went wrong, but he neglected to put them in the film
'What In The World Are They Spraying'.

Nuclear magnetic resonance reveals the structure of amorphous aluminum oxide.

This diagram makes it quite clear:
[Broken External Image]:
Or more like:


It's silly really. It's also kind of irrelevant, as NOBODY IS SPRAYING IT!
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Michael J. Murphy's Coalition Recommends 1 teaspoon of 11.3% aluminum oxide/day

From the Coalition Against Geoengineering website:
Michael J. Murphy(Adminstrator) said:
As geo-engineering programs continue, we are constantly forced to breath in fine metal particulates. According to health care officials, these metals will accumulate in the body and have a negative effect on health. The following links contain information that was sent to us on supplements that have been used to remove metals from the body. Please consult a health care professional for proper use as these suggestions are being posted as a service and not to be used as medical advice or diagnosis.Metal Removal Supplements:

ZeoLite (If you can afford):
Take (1) teaspoon each night on an empty stomach. This is for the intestinal area.

The link at the CAG website for the particular brand of zeolite:

zeohealth brand research:

The research document itself:
The‘Time evolution of a natural clinoptilolite in aqueous medium: conductivity and pH experiments

Rivera said:
Purifed natural clinoptilolite (NZ) from Tasajeras deposit (Cuba) has demonstrated good
stability in its transit through the gastrointestinal tract, and to be harmless to the human body
[4,6,12,13]. Based on such properties, it has been used as raw material for different pharmaceutical
forms for the treatment of several pathologies in animals and humans [12,13].

Oxide-form chemical composition of the purifed natural clinoptilolite in wt.% (with the balance as H2O)
SiO2 Al2O3 CaO Na2O K2O MgO Fe2O3
66.5 11.3 4.3 2.0 0.6 0.5 1.1

So, Michael J. Murphy, president of the Coalition Against Geoengineeing, is recommending on his own website that a teaspoon of clinoptilolite should be taken per day (if you can afford it). The brand of zeolite mineral clinoptilolite is said to contain 11.3% aluminum oxide.

It is abundanly clear that according to the Coalition Against Geoengineering's own website, aluminum oxide is harmless to the human body under ordinary circumstances.
The local Los Angeles Skywatch here is also pushing zeolites:

Wellness consultant and health educator, Dennis Scheller, will present a talk about the different types of environmental and man-made toxins, the ways in which we are exposed to them, how to minimize exposure, and how to safely and effectively remove these toxins from our bodies. Part of his talk will focus specifically on Chemtrails and the use of zeolites for removing toxins.

Dennis has been studying diet and nutrition for many years, including supplementation, cleansing, herbs, enzymes, and many more healing and wellness modalities. He has helped to improve the health of hundreds of people who found no relief through mainstream medicine. In addition to his work in diet and nutrition, Dennis is also a Kung-Fu instructor and personal trainer.

Scheller is a "60K Emerald" member of Waiora, a large Multi-Level-Marketing company that sells Natural Cellular Defense zeolite. So after educating you on how important zeolite is for your health, he'll be able to sell you some, and even set you up downstream so you can sell it to your friends.
Brief business meeting to follow. Los Angeles Sky Watch needs volunteers in several areas. We encourage your participation. We need your help!

Uh huh...this whole thing is basically just a recruitment meeting to get them into an MLM. The for-profit conspiracy continues

Suggested donation $5 for those who can afford it.

And they actually want people to pay for the honor of attending this attempted MLM recruitment.
The Waiora site for their brand of zeolite is here:

At the bottom of the page, on the right hand side, are a set of "Related Links".

The third link leads you to this paper:
The Removal of Heavy Metal Cations by Natural Zeolites | Journal of Colloid and Interface Science

On the second page right hand column is Table 1, which lists their zeolite as being 13.11%

The bottom line for this particular study actually has no bearing on zeolite's ability to do what is beingclaimed by Waiora, however, because the study was not done on the efficacy in the gut the study only was concerened with waste water treatment.
E. Erdem et al.(2004) said:
These results show that natural zeolite can be used effectively for the removal of metal cations from wastewater. This
naturally occurring material provides a substitute for the use of activated carbon as adsorbent due to its availability and its low cost.

Here is "What a Physician Should Know About Zeolites" via PubMed, National Institutes of Health:
Lijec Vjesn said:
Zeolites are natural and synthetic hydrated crystalline aluminosilicates endowed with absorptive and ion exchange properties. They have found numerous and multifarous applications--in industry as catalysts and absorbents, in water sanitation for the removal of ammonia and heavy metals, in agriculture as fertilizers, and in animal husbandry as the absorbents of excreted material and as food additives. Medical applications have included the use in filtration systems for anesthesia or dialysis and as the contrast materials in NMR imaging. Recently, zeolite powders for external use have found application as deodorants, antimycotic agents and wound dressings. Peroral use of encapsulated zeolite powders enriched with vitamins, oligoelements or other ingredients has been claimed to exert beneficial medical effects. Ingestion of zeolites may be considered analogous to the clay eating (geophagia), considered in traditional medicine as a remedy for various illnesses. Being amphoteric, zeolites are partly soluble in acid or alkaline media, but within the physiological pH range the solubility is generally low. Minimal amounts of free aluminium or silicium from the ingested zeolites are resorbed from the gut. The bulk of ingested zeolite probably remains undissolved in the gut. In view of the ion exchange properties, zeolites may be expected to change the ionic content, pH and buffering capacity of the gastrointestinal secretions and to affect the transport through the intestinal epithelium. In addition, zeolites could affect the bacterial flora and the resorption of bacterial products, vitamins and oligoelements. The contact of zeolite particles with gastrointestinal mucosa may elicit the secretion of cytokines with local and systemic actions. Reactive silicium ions might react with biomolecules of the intestinal epithelium, and if resorbed, do so in other cells. Mutagenic and carcinogenic effects of zeolite particles have been described, resembling such effects of asbestos fibers. Thus, local and systemic effects of zeolites may be complex and interrelated, and an objective assessment requires appropriate experimental models.
connections, connections

Only one of the related links on the Waiora zeolite page has evidence for it's efficacy in removing metals from the human body, all the rest mention zeolite, bu none studied detoxification.
Waiora's zeolite:
Their paper:

The study gave Waiora's zeolite to volunteers, 4 days later levels of metals in urine increased in concentration.

However, zeolites absorb water and are known to cause dehydration. People that are dehydrated excrete urine that is more concentrated.

Two other problems.
First, Dove Press is known as a 'vanity press', the study published in 2009, was one of two articles published, and the only original research published that year. The journal Nutrition and Dietary Supplements is not a real journal.

Second, the authors all have a strong conflict of interest.
James L Flowers: Consultant to Waiora
Stewart A Lonky: Medical Doctor, promotes Waiora
Erik J Deitsch: Produces the zeolite sold by Waiora

Also see the Corporate wiki:
zeolite also contains barium and strontium

A Waiora competitor had Waiora's NCD brand zeolite analyzed, it also has barium and strontium in it, as well as lead and arsenic.

BTW, the competitor, Zeohealth, is the brand linked directly at Michael J. Murphy and G. Edward Griffin's Coalition Against Geoengineering.

Not unexpectedly, Zeohealth does not publish a full elemental analysis of their own brand as they did with their competitor's.
Based on that analysis they can't even claim that the aluminum is in a "good" molecular configuration, as it actually contains around 10% aluminum in the form of feldspars (not that that's any less good than Clinoptilolite, but they might claim it is)
yes, the uranium at 22 ppm is way high.

In 2003, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created a Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for uranium concentrations in drinking water of 30 μg/liter (which is approximately 30 parts per billion).

BTW, "Inspired by the Polynesian goddess of health and longevity, Waiora is a company
committed to helping our distributors improve their lives through our products and business opportunity.
The lily on the top of the logo mark signifies a blooming lotus flower from this mythical garden. It represents the opportunity of optimal health and wealth that
is possible through Waiora. The interconnecting lines signify the connection that all distributors have to each other and the company through the direct-selling
industry paradigm."
"the 7 core terms used to describe the brand: Natural, Trusted, Global, Clean, Inviting, Modern, Targeted"
Exactly the same with this site, totally designed to advertise zeolite:

From that site, dated 21/9/2011:

However, former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson has stated that he has personally witnessed the spread of chemtrails and he is now blowing the whistle on the government about these harmful chemtrails.

Given that Mr Gunderson is deceased the claim that he is "now" doing something shuold probably be updated!!
On September 23, 2011, at 45 minutes, 40 seconds, Michael Murphy stated the following:
Michael J. Murphy said:
I think that it's important to note that many people have been testing for their aluminum levels
and found that they're extremely high, extremely elevated and so its a concern for many people, but what's great about this bringing awareness to this, its like Al, has led him to test for this and once you find out that these levels are high in your body and your bloodstream, then we can take measures to remove these things, at least some of the toxins that we're aware of from these systems, I'm taking chlorella and zeolite, and I've heard its a very good product. We are helping people and people's health, and that's one of the many wonderful things that this movement is doing, its helping people to wake up and take measures.
Interesting. Even if MJM isn't just a 'business believer' then this blatant plug certainly makes it sound like he has a business relationship with those discussed above who clearly are.
I wonder if he gets commission?
Interesting. Even if MJM isn't just a 'business believer' then this blatant plug certainly makes it sound like he has a business relationship with those discussed above who clearly are.
I wonder if he gets commission?
Well, maybe Michael J. Murphy has his follower's best interests in heart, in which case he would be promoting zeolite even more.

Then again, one might determine that he has a heart of:


“Golden Key 360 Rejuvenation Oil” combines the healing qualities of Gold & Rose Essential Oil. When combined, they synergistically create a powerful, high frequency, balanced energy field of non-polarity.

Healing / Recalibration Qualities:

•Balances the electrical meridians of the body
•Purifies and energizes the physical body ; encourages release of embedded discordant energy patterns
•Encourages clearing of trauma & fears held within the cellular memory of the body and brain
•Has a deep calming effect on the nervous system which enhances a positive out look and a feeling of wellbeing
•Resonates high, restorative energy into the electrical field of body
•Helps facilitate restored communication between bio-photon body and molecular cell
•Supports resistance to invasive discordant energy fields.
•Improves circulation and strengthens the nervous system
•Balances and develops the energy field of the heart
•Facilitates access to higher States of Being
•Creates a balance of brain function between creative and logical thought (balances hemispheres of the brain)
•Speeds cell rejuvenation process having an anti-aging effect
•Moisturizes, tones, firms & promotes elasticity of skin
•Decreases appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
To Order : Diane MacAulay 805-252-0342
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Ha, nice find! I think only maybe one - or at most two - of those claims could even be tested scientifically. That's the way to do it!
"DR" Gabriel Cousens

Gabriel Cousens MD, is a licensed homeopathic practitioner (M.D.H) who is hot on the chemtrails bandwagon.

He is a proponent of Zeolite...
In my work to develop a detoxification system for prospective mothers to enable them to bring non-toxic babies into the world, I have searched for a simple, natural remedy that could serve as a practical antidote for toxicity. Recently , I learned about zeolite, a naturally occurring, negatively charged mineral, with a unique crystalline structure......
......Zeolite is included on the Food and Drug Administration’s GRAS list (generally recognized as safe) and thus is considered to be "completely safe."

Considering the amount of Al02 in zeolite, it's ironic when he describes the components of "chemtrails".....

tid-bit on Mr Cousens.....
Cousens is not eligible for an M.D. license in Arizona because his license was once taken away (but reinstated) in California and remains censured in New York. According to Arizona Medical Board spokesman Roger Downey, that makes a doctor ineligible for an Arizona medical license. If Cousens were a D.O., he would be eligible. But he's not. He's been practicing here as a homeopath for 15 years.

According to court records from a civil suit filed by Levy's family, Levy showed up at Cousens' secluded campus in the green hills of Patagonia, Arizona. He was hoping for a time of physical and spiritual rest. Cousens told him that injections of cow adrenaline and/or sheep DNA could energize his body. Levy agreed to five injections, which aren't a homeopathic treatment but are allowed by Arizona's homeopathic board.

Unfortunately, the injection site — on Levy's right buttock — grew infected, so he went to see Cousens about it. Cousens didn't recommend an antibiotic. Instead, he treated the growing abscess with acupuncture and massage.

The infected area became green and black. It spread down Levy's thigh, and on March 1, 1998, Levy did not wake up in his dorm room at the Tree of Life Spa. Cousens found Levy unconscious and attempted CPR, with no success. this vegan and "raw food" doctor, is (again, ironically) willing to inject his paying "patients" with sheep/cow RNA/DNA...??
Note: the patient died of a gangrene infection beginning at the injection site, according to the medical examiner. The complaints levied against Mr Cousens were dismissed...

But when Cousens' dead patient came up before the homeopathic board in 2001, the board dismissed the complaint — despite the medical examiner's findings.

The board ruled that, though a patient did die, the doctor did not violate any laws of homeopathic medicine.
The board ruled that, though a patient did die, the doctor did not violate any laws of homeopathic medicine.

Really the only sentence you need to describe homeopathy. In fact, I am 100% certain that adherence to the laws and practices of "homeopathic medicine" is responsible for more lives lost than saved. Obviously, that's a moot point once you know homeopathy has never saved a life in medical history. Now, the placebo effect - inherent in homeopathy - probably has saved some lives, but clearly that has nothing to do with the laws and theories behind homeopathic medicine, and is equally true of any inert 'medicine' which is believed to heal.

I'm preaching to the choir. I'll stop.
hello there
just to say the zeolite powder cannot cross the intestine barrier.
whoever says the countrary is a fool.
is clear that if only a little bit of the product could cross the barrier and goes into the bloodstrem we would be dead in no time.
zeolite only works inside the intenstine and it does it with its high selectivity towards heavy metals in general.
zeolite is a great product and it's great to purify your intestine (and then your whole body).
i can ensure that all the other stuff i did read on the internet (its anticancer propierties ecc) it's complete bullshit.
hope i made myself clear.
I guess you may be referring to the sentence by tryblinking...
In fact, I am 100% certain that adherence to the laws and practices of "homeopathic medicine" is responsible for more lives lost than saved.

....which cannot be the case, simply because homeopathy is largely a non-effective treatment, albeit a harmless one -- unless a case of overdose or allergic reaction takes place. There is another danger of homeopathy....that of seeking an alternate, and unproven method to cure potentially fatal diseases, while rejecting the statically proven methods of battling such disease.
BTW...not all alternative methods result in fatalities......many (most?) alternative homeopathic methods seem to be a futile attempts to seek comfort in a rather secret "home" type remedy, without actually seeking (and paying for) a proper physician .

Apparently, I have been banned from posting on AirCrap website...tis a shame.

Does anyone care to reply to this fellow and correct him on his belief of the causes of contrail formation and persistence?? :

From this article:

Cying Suomi
November 17, 2011 - 3:05 PM

"....leaving out the little details about cloud condensation nuclei and the fact that strontium, aluminum, barium and other metals are the true cause of persistence, otherwise the trail left behind would quickly sublimate and disappear (of course less the rare occasion of supersaturation conditions)....

Did you ever happen to realize that Lead was a component of fuel back during this time? Did you know that it makes for a dandy Cloud Condensation Nuclei?
And here you go on about it being pure H2O and ice crystals.
I don’t think that anyone on this site disputes that what we see, visually is the formation of water droplets and ice crystals – what you are diverting from is the fact that CCN are the cause of formation and persistence. Now that my friend is undisputed scientific fact – proven by the laws of physics."

Apparently he is unaware that jet exhaust contains soot...and I would dearly like to clarify that for him...:)

Sorry, but I got very bored of reading it very quickly. Was there anything substantiated with evidence in there?
There was substantial evidence that the writer is a true believer. Seeing conspiracies within the conspiracy movement.

Now this sounds more than a little suspicious and unsurprisingly there are claims that Gunderson is 'cointelpro'. Time and again so called 'retired' secret service agents are anything but. According to Barbara Hartwell he admitted he *used to be* cointelpro when he was with the FBI in an interview on Alex Jones' show. Jones himself is very likely himself to be 'cointelpro', indeed there's plenty of evidence to suggest that this is the case. It seems he's a regular guest on Jones' show which, again, raises many questions for me. I find it impossible to believe that the FBI would let one of their agents become such a high profile whistle blower revealing many valuable secrets. Just for balance there are some who claim that Hartwell herself still works for the CIA and her attacks on Gunderson are a smear. It's likely that they're both still agents just creating a bit of smoke and extra cover for Gunderson.
I thought you would enjoy the 'connections' :D

I doubt any of that trash could be proven, I found it interesting because Hilder talks so much crap and he was mentioned in relation to all of those other BS artists.

I should have mentioned this when I posted the link , ooops. :p
A recent audio interview with Michael J. Murphy on Carol Grieve's Food Integrity Now may be listened to here:

At the beginning, the sponsor of the show is said to be "Dr. Willard's Water". This water is a combination of Lignite Coal and other substances suspended in water.
This 1985 document shows a chemical analysis of the water contains .000027 mg/ml of sodium aluminate NaAlO2.

Converting the units to the format used in water tests presented by chemtrail advocates yields a concentration of 27 ug/L sodium aluminate.

Sodium aluminate is a commonly used alkaline chemical to reduce phosphate loading in municipal wastewater(sewage):

My point in bringing this up is not that this concentration of aluminum-bearing chemical is necessarily harmful, I bring out this fact to show how ubiquitous aluminum is in our environment, how various aluminum compounds are useful and most are harmless, and that even people who have an irrational aversion to anything containing aluminum often remain ignorant that they are promoting the sale of aluminum containing products while at the same time declaring aluminum to always be toxic.