(Another) secretly recorded video of a "chemtrail pilot" "confessing".


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Never heard of this person before. Douglas Bickford? Goes to a company in Fargo ND, asks if he can record a conversation and is told NO. So he records it anyway. He appears to think the answers he gets prove the government is spraying. Anyone who listens and comes away thinking "chemtrails and geoengineering!" did not pay attention.


Mick West

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This is pretty old. It's just a pilot discussing cloud seeding.

The key bit of bunk here is the idea that cloud seeding was ever a secret. It's been done publically since the 1950s. Just the theorists had not heard of it, so assumed it was secret. There's thousands of articles about clouds seeding in the popular press dating back to the 1950s.


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I had never seen it before (yikes a new one on me!). Took it as another example of taking what someone says and attributing something else to their words.

At least now if someone else comes across it the name will come up in the search.


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Yes, I think I'd been aware of the general acceptance of cloud seeding since the 1970s,
(and use here in the West to induce snow above ski resorts) so I was stunned to see the
chemtrailers acting as if they'd just unmasked some super-secret government plot.

In a related note:
Many Southern Californians are familiar with the legendary "Hatfield the Rainmaker."

I camp out at Lake Morena
(~50 mi. east of San Diego) frequently, and there's a plaque there dedicated to this intriguing character.
His method of "rainmaking" included stimulating clouds with chemicals from below…his secret methods died with him, but what
is clear is that San Diego contracted him
(early 1916) to bring rain, and then got so much that flooding killed 14 to 65 people (sources vary)
and overflowed the giant Morena Resevoir he was hired to fill. Then San Diego, citing the flood damage and loss of life, refused to pay.
I don't assert for a second that Hatfield was really increasing rain, but it's a hell of a story.

Hatfield the Rainmaker plaque.jpg
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