Another Chemtrail Lawsuit


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Good - the more court cases the better.

Bet it doesn't get to court tho........

Mick West

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I think part of the reason that these things dont get to court is that it forces them t actually look at the facts and what is provable or not. Those that are somewhat reasonable (like Rosalind Peterson) realize that there is actually zero evidence or any spraying, and they refocus elsewhere.

Those that are less reasonable will not be able to find a lawyer.

If they do find a lawyer who will take the case, then that lawyer would have to be a true believer, and hence is going to be making all kind of nonsensical arguments, and will simply get nowhere.

Metabunk Disinfo Trollz

Wow, hot thread, guys! Maybe you should [...] take a look at the sky once and a while. [...] people are making actual money in the real world by closely monitoring and manipulating the weather. 70% of the economy is weather dependent so insider info on what the weather will do is one of the most coveted things in the world today. But no one is interested in money (except everybody) and the technology to manipulate the weather couldn't possibly exist (although dozens of patents spanning the last seven decades prove that it does).

Silver Iodide Cloud Seeding: developed 1946 by Dr. Bernard Vonnegut at GE. Huge commercial success and opens the door to experimenting with other chemical compounds sprayed in the atmosphere.

Operation Popeye: late 60's US manipulatess weather over North Vietnam. US was also spraying Agent Orange out of planes during vietnam... surely they're not doing anything similar now, right?! Wrong.
Weather As a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather by 2025. US airforce document outlining their intent and timeline towards "owning the weather by 2025." They were probably just


Mick West

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MDT - nobody denies cloud seeding. In fact it's been discussed many times. It's been happening perfectly openly since the 1950s.

I look at the sky ALL THE TIME. I've seen persistent contrails.


This user doesn't appear to be pursuing his case now. He ignored my inquiry a while ago, and his twitterfeed is now more concerned with brewing beer.


I am in process of suing several federal agencies responsible for cloud seeding over the sky of US citizens. it will take 2 years, so be patient, and no further information until it is publically filed, thanks for your interest in my lawsuit...METABALLO


and by the way, if you have a problem with my life and my activities, then get your own life, brewing beer is not detrimental to federal lawsuits, buddy...


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Sue away, waste your time and your money. I however that you weren't causing others to have to waste money.

I understand that in many countries, the loser has to pay for the cost of defending the suit.


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I am in process of suing several federal agencies responsible for cloud seeding over the sky of US citizens. it will take 2 years, so be patient, and no further information until it is publically filed, thanks for your interest in my lawsuit...METABALLO

For cloud seeding, as in precipitation enhancement? So not really about "chemtrails", then?


and by the way, if you have a problem with my life and my activities, then get your own life, brewing beer is not detrimental to federal lawsuits, buddy...

If you don't want people to commentate on your activities, don't post information about them in public forums using hashtags designed to make them easier to locate. I'm much more interested in brewing beer than crowing about a thoroughly discredited conspiracy theory.

Rather than providing us with any further information on your case, perhaps you'd like to clarify your definition of, and objections to, " seeding over the sky of US citizens,"?

You were using #chemtrails on Twitter. What's your personal definition? I'm sure we can point you to some useful information that might save you time and money.
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