Andrew Breitbart dead - conspiracy theories to follow?

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Mick West

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Conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart died of natural causes in Los Angeles, aged 43.

Given his popularity in the Tea Party, I'm going to predict that this is going to lead to various conspiracy theories that he was murdered.

Post here if you spot anything. It might be interesting to watch theories develop, and record the timeline.


How is it that for every other "celebrity" that dies, it takes days, sometimes weeks for the cause of death to be determined, yet here in this case, it's already known to be "natural causes". He was 43, what is natural about dieing at 43? Something stinks.

They say he died of natural causes. I wonder if that cause was conservative journalism? Political punches? Of course it makes me curious and I am shocked someone hasn't said it yet.... was he on a list??? He was last nationally heard at the CPAC 2012 conference.

Natural causes at 43? Or poisoned?


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Well it does not matter what party they are in, someone will make up conspiracy stories. I remember there were those who thought Bush had arranged for the crash of Paul Wellstones plane too

Mick West

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Well one of his final tweets (if not his very last) before his death he had this to say
How prog-guru John Podesta isn’t household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me,” Mr. Breitbart wrote Feb. 4, 2011.
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Seems to me its helped fuel quite a CT in conjunction with the leaked podesta emails. Hopefully this fake news gets censored and fast!


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its helped fuel quite a CT in conjunction
what CT? your article says online people only found the tweet last Sunday.

sounds like it has somethign to do with that whole haiti business back in 2010.. forget the details now. There was a hurricane or something, children needed adoption and rescue, maybe paperwork got messy (or something, i cant really remember) i also dont remember who was involved in what.




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speaking of which, @Mick et al.. (since this thread is a walking example of current posting violations anyway :) )

is there a way to jump back on a persons twitter feed? without having to spend 2 hours scrolling back? ex. if i wanted to go back to Breitberts feed to Jan 2010 to see all his tweets in order? Would help to have some context, but it's too much of a pain to scroll manually back through people's feeds many times.

Hama Neggs

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Maybe there should be a distinction made between this new meme of "fake news" and just wrong stuff. "Fake news" is stuff which has been intentionally written as clickbait, isn't it? And that is perhaps as also opposed to parody stuff? Maybe parody stuff was the original "fake news"?


I find myself agreeing with a post I think They Might Be Giants made on their Facebook page that "fake news" is too generous a term, and the word people should be using is "hoax". "Fake news" I consider stuff like The Onion or the Weekly World News where it's meant as an obvious parody, or at least as a broad term that encompasses things like that. "Hoax" better represents the deceptive intent behind the more partisan, clickbaity things.

I think the use of the term "fake news" in most of the media is the speakers not wanting to sound overly harsh on things to avoid the constant charges of "biased media".

Mick West

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