An excellent suggestion from a CTer!

Sorry if this is an inappropriate topic or location for this comment, but I'm brand new here. Just finishing off my day having been called a "TROLL!!" for posting sciencey stuff on a chemtrails site. Here's their sarcastic suggestion and my perfectly honest reply:

"I would start a group about Chemtrails being a psuedo science and inform the population of chemtrailers that we are ALL unscientific!!"

"It exists already. It is called the "Scientific Community". Maybe you've heard of it?"


After a year or so of dealing with similar people, I'm starting to believe it's less to do with science and more to do with psychology if you really want to get through to those who already invest in this stuff.

It's good to challenge them in public though I think, but the arguments can be so counter-productive in terms of reinforcing the anti-science group identity and stuff.

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