Aluminum in rainwater, normal levels shown in FLorida 1983

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Here is a paper that should be quite useful for chemtrail debunkers. Its a paper from 1987 reporting measurements of Al in rainwater in the Miami area.

Chemtrail theorists claim that there is an unusual amount of Al in rainwater these days, based on tests showing 10-1000ug/L aluminum in rain and snow.

Unless they also claim that Al was sprayed over the atlantic ocean in 1982-83, this paper shows that they are measuring normal amounts of Al in rain.

Data from the paper:
Al measurements in rainwater, from particulate Al (Prospero 1987):

1. 956 ug/L
2. 1536 ug/L
3. 103 ug/L
4. 76 ug/L
5. 39ug/L
6. 52 ug/L
7. 67 ug/L
8. 1466 ug/L
9. 46 ug/L
10. 50ug/L
11. 60ug/L
12. 475 ug/L
13. 920ug/L
14. 287 ug/L
15. 394 ug/L
16. 858 ug/L
17. 191 ug/L
18. 9 ug/L


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The paper I think @vaccine papers is talking about can be found here. The paper is called "Deposition rate of particulate and dissolved aluminum derived from saharan dust in precipitation at Miami, Florida"

Precipitation was collected for a 1-year period in Miami, Florida. The deposition rate of Al in samples containing Saharan dust was 10.1 μg/cm2, this flux is equivalent to a mineral deposition rate of 126 μg/cm2 per year, a value comparable to the mineral accumulation rate in sediments of the tropical North Atlantic. Mineral deposition rates in rain were highly variable, with 22% of the total occurring in 1 day and 68% occurring in 4 days in two separate dust episodes. The volume-weighted average concentration of dissolved Al in dust-related rain events was 9.8 μg/L; if normalized to the total volume of rain that fell that year, the average would have a minimum value of 3.0 μg/L. The dissolved Al fraction (defined as all Al that passes through a 0.45-μm filter) ranged from 0.5 to 48%, with a volume-weighted mean of 5%; solubility tended to increase with decreasing rain pH and decreasing mineral concentration. If the 5% solubility applies to all Saharan dust deposited in the tropical Atlantic, then the annual deposition rate of soluble Al in this region would be 2–8×1011 g, a rate commensurate with that carried by the Amazon; on a global basis the annual input to the oceans of soluble Al in dust would be 20–40×1011 g, a rate comparable to that carried by rivers. These atmospheric input rates of dissolved Al are sufficient to account for many of the distribution features of Al in the oceans.
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