Alleged Flight MH370 UFO Teleportation Videos

I am one of the newbies here.

Personally, I think there are gaps in both the UAP theory, outside of the obvious, well you'd have to prove UAPs, wormholes, the fact the videos are real, and that they are over MH370....sigh... but also of the debunkings.

Reason is, the videos are alleged to be from 2 US Government/Military orgs for defense and signals, highly highly doubt debunkers and conspiracy sleuths are going to find 100% public and accurate data to wage their battle with online, either that or the US has some really bad people working for the military and in signals.

In summary its a cool story, dunno what more to think of it at this stage.

Just feel sorry for the family.
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The fact that this was never submitted to MUFON is the first indication that it's fake.

If this video was evidence, it would
• have provenance: a witness explains how it was published. The Navy videos have that.
• show recognizable UFOs
• not teleport an aircraft away where the debris later turns up here

The fact that the coordinates put the aircraft where it was believed to have disappeared in mid-March, but was known to not have disappeared after the INMARSAT data became public, is just the icing on the cake.

Anyone who is willing to believe this video is a conspiracy theorist at heart, because this video is not possible without a global conspiracy and cover-up. And that's before you regard any analysis on it.

Grusch has really been fuelling the conspiracy theory side of ufology recently, so this video re-surfacing is just a perfect example of Zeitgeist.

On the upside, Metabunk had more members join/become active, due to Grusch and this video.
Is there something to this?

I know the main parts of the "portal" are VFX, but there's some other unaccounted for bits in it.
The inside of the first frame is clearly different on the inside, because it doesn't match up at all to the rest of it.

But I was looking through the frames of and noticed something on the 2nd frame.
Ironically, the wrong thing, as I was looking for whatever was making the line at the bottom and dot on the left side. Instead, I (might) have found what is doing the fainter line/dot above the one on the left, and the mark on the bottom right

Adjusted some stuff with brightness and contrast and curves, tried to scale things to the right size, and then I ended up with this.
I also haphazardly put together something to try and make it look like the original, to show the similarity more.

I don't know if anyone else has found this yet, so I thought I'd post it here.
I still don't know where the other parts like the line at the bottom and dot on the side come from, which are present in about every frame in the FLIR video, nor the bright lines on the right and top of this frame. At this point, probably even some other frame from the same effect.