Alex Jones is liable for defamation in Texas


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Without comment, the Lone Star State’s highest civil court found that America’s foremost conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, and his flagship media outlet, InfoWars, are subject to liability in four separate defamation lawsuits filed over the past two-plus years. Those lawsuits were filed by parents of children who were killed during the Sandy Hook massacre and by a man Jones and his network falsely identified as the perpetrator of the Parkland massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.
Each of the Texas lawsuits seek damages in excess of $1 million.


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An Austin judge has issued default judgments against conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, citing his pattern of bad faith in dealing with lawsuits by parents of two children killed in the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The rulings mean the lawsuits will proceed to a trial to determine how much money Jones and his Austin-based InfoWars media system must pay the parents for defamation and emotional distress caused by broadcasts that called the school shooting a hoax.

It's no longer a matter of whether Jones writes a check to the parents, said Bill Ogden, a lawyer for the parents. "It's now how big a check is it going to be."

District Judge Maya Guerra Gamble said the rarely granted motion for a default judgment was appropriate because prior sanctions, including $150,000 in court-ordered penalties, failed to change Jones' behavior.

"In considering whether lesser remedies would be effective, this Court has also considered Defendants' general bad faith approach to litigation, Mr. Jones' public threats, and Mr. Jones' professed belief that these proceedings are 'show trials,'" Guerra Gamble wrote in three similar orders.

The ruling was issued September 27 and released Sep 30. It can be appealed.
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