Alex Jones Deplatforming and Related Conspiracy Theories


Senior Member. add, and other views ( being a devil's advocate)...

What if banning/deleting content is just an occasional warning, "don't go past this line" ? ..... and targeting popular sites as "public (accessible) examples".

Could these actions be sporadic, and spaced well enough apart to cool the waters, then happen again ?
... or, to incrementally acclimate us to frequent control actions ?

Are black activists given a guilt-pass ?


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Are black activists given a guilt-pass ?
I doubt it. Some in the black community have been complaining about FB for a few years
Anecdotal: I think BLM posts have been 'de-importantized' in the FB algorithms because I used to get them in my feed all the time, and I responded to a lot of them which usually keeps similar posts coming, but I haven't seen any anti-police posts in quite a long while. I did get one (meme) yesterday, which is what made me think of it. I debunked it (qualifies as Fake News) , so in theory I should be getting more similar posts in my feed. I'll let you know if they start up again.

** note: although in April this year the largest BLM page was removed, maybe I was getting all links from that Page which is now gone


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Similar de-platforming situations are those that have happened on college campuses, where crowds have protested enough to prevent or cancel speakers of free speech.
UC Berkeley had riots when Milo Yainnapolis was scheduled to speak on the campus, in 2017.
This event was cancelled because of campus protests and destruction of property.

Conservative author Ann Coulture claimed she was denied her scheduled talk at Berkeley...

.....but this (very informative) video from the school, says otherwise, and furthers the conversation....

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From CNN: Twitter bans Alex Jones and InfoWars



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Simultaneously banning Jones is going to be fodder for CTers for years to come
Here's the deal. He's just off YouTube and Twitter. He still has his website. His followers don't seem to want to make the effort to go there.


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Simultaneously banning Jones is going to be fodder for CTers for years to come
But they didn't simultaneously ban him. Twitter stood up for his right to post. Jones knew he needed to be careful of Twitter's abusive behavior guidelines from here on out. Jones chose to ignore them.

Many of the examples of Jones' 'badness' that I read on liberal media, I don't agree that they are bad. But .. the stuff recently he posted there is no defending (they've been saved to They are direct threats/incitements, specifically physical threats/incitements.

And the same day he gets all physical and threatening with Rubio on camera? c'mon. If i was Rubio and had some giant, angry man all tweaky and yelling at me, i would have had the Secret Service tackle him. Jones needs to either stop taking those speed supplements he must be on or he is purposefully pushing the envelope to get himself banned.

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I am against censorship.
But being against censorship does not make me against Alex Jones losing his platforms.

Anyone that believes strongly in good bacteria must consider Alex Jones possessed by a dangerous virus and bad bacteria trying to convince us to weaken our immunity.

Alex Jones was also involved in something extremely controversial.
We all hate child-abuse.
It is a moral argument to question what classification do we award to an adult that openly calls Children that got killed liars or actors right after trying to convince their parents to skip the school vaccinations?
A big bustling grown man giving a platform to allsorts of conspiracy theories regarding young children that includes photos of them being sent out around the internet viral, and scouring every aspect of school playgrounds for evidence the children are part of a devious hoax were the only victim usually turns out to be the shooter that of course is a mind controlled Patsy.

Is he a child abuser? I dont know. No, he is not, because if he was the Police would have arrested him.
But he poses the moral dilemma.

Whether he realised it or not, he was definitely playing a roll in bullying Children.

He maybe genuinely believes that he is not bullying children, but the effects of what ever it is he is actually doing are the same.

He had to go, and if he carries on his war against the immune system and give a platform to attacking and mocking dead children and traumatised survivors, then his tv station needs to be tackled aswell, (in my terrible opinion)
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From the NYTimes: Streaming Service Roku Offers Alex Jones a Platform, Then Quickly Retreats

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