A prediction from theory


The injuries on the older brother are probably due to his little brother running him over and dragging him with the SUV.

Adding, I would have loved to see the look on his face when he was told he was probably the cause of his brothers death.


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I'm not understanding your point of this response. a messy afterpic doesn't make the killing brutal. and frankly that pic doesn't look that gruesome at all.


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I'm not understanding your point of this response. a messy afterpic doesn't make the killing brutal. and frankly that pic doesn't look that gruesome at all.
I take your point and retract that assertion.

Under the assumption that the boys had killed a police officer and that Tamerlan had fired upon police officers, there is nothing excessive nor brutal about the manner in which he was apprehended.

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A cornerstone of a valuable scientific theory is the ability to make predictions. I have a theory of what happened in Boston, gleaned from the ample visual material. Rather than waste our time debating this theory, I am going to make a prediction, and if this prediction fails, I will reject the theory. This prediction is so outrageous, that if it comes true, you must take seriously the theory.

The case is soon to be heard in a civil trial (i.e., a trial by a jury of peers, as in Law and Order). The evidence of the state will be available to all. Jeff and the Corcoran's will be questioned by the defense. I expect Dzhokhar will receive excellent legal council.

If my theory is valid, this trial cannot take place as afore described.

  • Either the trial will change to some more military trial, without the standard rules of engagement and disclosure, or Dzhokhar will die before the trial. Or something analogous that prevents the trial.

I request that we just let this thread sleep until after the trial or my prediction comes true.

Attempting to outline my theory will demand debate, and so I won't. For anyone wishing to investigate around this topic, I suggest, The Center for an Informed America and NoDisinfo, both of whom make such (potentially) libelous assertions that they will be sued to high heavens by American heroes, if the theory is wrong (libel being the proof tool of investigative jounalism).

I have no problem turning out to be wrong, and I assume so do you.
The trial is ongoing at the moment but no sign of it being assigned to the military. What are your thoughts?


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That the trial has gone ahead disproves the theory. I reject the theory. If the theory was true the trial could never have made it so far.
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