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Good grief ......



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"Planes" actually seems to have very few contrails. It does have some "chem"trails though, as the main character is a crop duster :)

There's some wingtip high-g contrails, some air-show smoke, but not a lot of actual contrails.

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There is this shot of some row clouds though, sure to get people suspicious.
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Good grief ......


It looks good my grandson should love it .


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Cos no one thought "Hold on chaps, shouldn't we condition peoples' minds BEFORE we start doing this?"

File this one under "The all powerful 'them' are incredibly inept".

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Indeed, according to the chemtrailers, these kids have grown up their entire lives with persistent contrails in the sky. So what are they being conditioned to accept now? Talking planes?

There's an interesting disconnect with the time they think contrails started becoming persistent. For most people that time was when they first hear of chemtrails, so there's a huge lump of people who simultaneous have the beliefs that

A) Chemtrails started in 2011 (round here)
B) Chemtrails started in 1997 (somewhere else)
C) Chemtrails have been going on since the 1950s (in a few places)

Problem is, these place overlap. You'll find people in Los Angeles who simultaneously hold all three beliefs about Los Angeles.
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