A Former AGW (Man-made global warming) Denier


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I wanted to add my experience as a former AGW denier.

It was about 2007 and it was my first experience with YT videos and comments there in. I believe it was the big AGW-Denier video of the time (the name escapes me right now. The Great Deception or something). I don't want to dismiss my own responsibility for critical thought, but I think I was caught up in figuring there had to be some sort of integrity in a video for making such claims. Plus they had their list of experts and what seemed liked scientific data and I was hooked. I knew the talking points. Had a big conversation at a family gathering one time.

Eventually I was starting to admit a few holes in my own theories. I was probably moving toward a position of 'Yes, Global Warming is happening; but is it man-made?' It was when I stumbled upon 9/11 Conspiracy Theories that I really let AGW-Denying go. I realized how much I was making the same arguments for AGW-denying that Truthers make; appeal to authority, they're all in on it; I could go on. I was probably a truther for 5 minutes until I was able to google their claims. IIRC, it was JREF that came up and I could see how ridiculous their claims were. And ultimately how ridiculous my own were on AGW.

So there's no doubt in my mind now about AGW. And in the reverse I was certainly more critical and thorough in my research of claims made. Instead of accepting anything, truther or debunker, on its face value, I follow the links and see what the documents actually say.

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It was when I stumbled upon 9/11 Conspiracy Theories that I really let AGW-Denying go. I realized how much I was making the same arguments for AGW-denying that Truthers make; appeal to authority, they're all in on it; I could go on. I was probably a truther for 5 minutes until I was able to google their claims.
Very interesting. I've seen this a few times, people believe in a low-level conspiracy theory, and over time ramp it up to more extreme conspiracy theories. At some point, they butt against something they can debunk, and it's often something that is overlapping their other beliefs in some way. This causes the whole conspiracy-oriented belief system to unravel, sometimes quite rapidly.
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