A Fact You Almost Never Read In Reports Of The Rendlesham 'UFO'


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Stellarium is an excellent planetarium software that realistically simulates the night sky on any night. Using Stellarium one can, for example, confirm the debunk assertion that a close conjunction of Mars and Jupiter was exactly in the location that the infamous Japan Airlines UFO was first spotted in the sky. Case closed..I'd say.

So what does Stellarium have to say about the Rendlesham incident ? Lets go back to the early hours of December 28th 1980, when Lt Colonel Charles Halt and his men were seeing lights in the sky. Amazingly, many debunkers bring up the stars Sirius or Vega as possible UFO candidates....yet almost all of them miss the most glaringly obvious, highly visible, elephant in the room. I can't believe so many missed this one.

In the southern sky, there is a close ( less than a degree of arc ) conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. An impressive sight. At the time of Halt's claim of UFOs moving about the sky, this Jupiter/Saturn conjunction was at the exact same elevation above the horizon as Sirius...the conjunction and the star being separated by 80 degrees or so. In the dark of the forest, it would have been easy to confuse the two...and get the impression that it was a single object that had 'moved'. Not only that, but the close proximity of Saturn to Jupiter would have looked like Jupiter was shedding 'bits'....which of course would not be there when disorientation caused Sirius to be confused as the 'object' but would re-appear when the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction was.

The Japan airlines 'UFO' was almost certainly a planetary conjunction. Why have so few debunkers missed the even more glaring and bright conjunction visible on the night of Halt's alleged 'UFO' ?