A Chemtrail Terrorist Manifesto- Clouds of Unknowing

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The purpose of this thread is to discuss a recently released audio drama called "Clouds of Unknowing".

In the story, a militia has been formed and is preparing to shoot down what they believe is a "chemtrail" spraying jet using a surface-to-air-missile.

To me, it's sad to see that the hoax of chemtrails has risen from a 15 year old publicity stunt by neo-nazi Larry Wayne Harris to the point where a man like G. Edward Griffin can declare it the "Greatest Crime in History", and a "Crime Against Humanity".

A state of mind has been inculcated in which men and even women have been misled so far that they willingly issue public threats to shoot down aircraft which are overwhelmingly commercial passenger flights.

And now, from the confines of Mt. Shasta, CA, we have an entire group of irresponsible people performing a drama in which such an act is seen as justifiable, noble, the act of "Freedom Fighters" for "Truth".

Let's look closely at what is being said, who is involved, what impelled them to this point, because the worst case scenario of the chemtrails hoax is that real physical harm can come from it if true believers take it upon themselves to conduct a violent act.

From the video above:
Act 1: Fade in
Just sunset, southwestern United States.
Scrubby desert wilderness.
Sunlit mountains are seen in the hazy distance.
The light blue sky is filled with contrails.
They are numerous. They create a crisscrossing patchwork of long white clouds. Soem contrails are straight, dense, and newly-laid, most are wispy wind-blown smears covering the entire sky.

The target is approaching. On course to fly right over.
Roger that. Green station?
Yes, Captain.
Time to intercept.
One Minute. I see the target. Laser sighting, NOW. Got him!
Station 1, do you read me?

Ona low hilltop stands a man, as we zoom in closer we seee he wears a camouflage military field uniform matching the desert colors. The uniform has no insignia. He is a white man about 40 years old, sweating, very pale, and red-eyed. At his mouth is a wraparound microphone attached to an earpiece. He scans the sky with binoculars.

Station 1, standing by.
Prepare to launch.
The man on the hill pulls off camouf;age netting to reveal a large white surface to air missile. He pwers up the missile by pressing keys on a computer on the weapon's platform. The rocket's nose rises to the sky.

Sir, it has acquired the target.
Are we gonna open a can of whup-ass Captain?
Red, time to intercept.
Green station?
Thirty seconds.
Sir, I got three riders closing on Station 1, from the west.

We see three risders on horseback from Station 1's point of view. Riding three abreast, the sun sets behind them and throws long shadows across the desert floor.

Target now within range.

We see the jet flying high above them, a long white contrail extends far behind it.

Station 1, riders almost on you. Stand down.

Station 1 hits keys on the computer keyboard. The missile freezes and shuts down.

We are powered down, Captain.

It's the Bureau Ranger. Jesus H. Christmas, With Station 1's parents!

Station 1, One, do you copy?
We lost the Tanker.
Did you tell them about this, Station 1?
We're losing daylight..
We'll have to wait for sunrise.
That's nuts, this whole place will be crawling with hostiles.
How do we get out of here?
We don't.
Sir, Ranger has weapons.
Gung ho.

We hear the metallic clicks of firearms locking and loading.
Men, show respect. We got a real hero there. Army combat, two tours, purple hearts, shot to pieces.
What do I know, safety's off. Fire only on my command.

The scrubby desert hilltop, vivid in the light of the setting sun, the man stands beside the white missile, which is stioll aimed toward the sky. He doubles over in pain, then he falls tto his knees, clutching his stomach.

Station 1, what is your status?
1 falls on his side, he draws his knees to his stomach,
It's OK, I'm OK.

We hear horse hooves approaching him, then we see the shadows of horses and the riders thrown on the white missle and the stricken man.

You've got nerve for this?

The man barely looks up.


The Ranger is American Indian, she is short, muscular, and dressed in the green uniform of a US Forest Service Ranger. She is hard-looking, but very handsome. The man onthe ground before her will now be identified as "The Son"

I've been onto you for days.

With the Ranger is Da, age sixty, he is a tall thin weathered white man who wears casual white linen pants and shirt, he dismounts.
The other rider with him is Ma, age sixty, a white woman, she is beautiful but severe, and now, very worried. The holster on her waist holds a revolver, she takes off her cowboy hat, using it as a sunscreen she looks around from her saddle.

Son, can you put me on speakerphone?
Have your folks hear me loud and clear.

With difficulty, the Son pulls his walkie-talkie off his waist, sets on the speakerphone function, he pulls off his earpiece.

People, you have entered a restricted area.

Da kneels beside the Son.
Da, this is not the way, not this.

Son struggles to speak. No more.....books.

Now hear me, Leave. At Once.

Ma still scans the countryside. Somewhere nearby, hidden in camouflaged foxholes are the militia lookouts, who now have their eyes and weapons trained on the intruders.

Wherever you are, I think I know you, I'm not leaving without my Son.

The Son shakes in pain.

He can't help you now. She dismounts.

If you leave. Right now. You are free to go.

She looks at her Son, Bad timing, huh?

The Son is curled in a ball, but manages to nod.
Da, a fire, please. Daughter will need some wood.
The Ranger moves over and kneels beside the Son.

Either you convince me why you have to do this, and I will help you, or I will stop you.

The sunset is glorious but very fast, a wood fire is started, darkness encloses the hilltop campsite.

Fade out/Fade in
Fade in

Night. A hilltop campfire, the sun is still curled in a ball.

Where is your medicine?

The Son removes a small bottle from his shirt pocket, he drops it. Ma picks it up and reads the label.

Where's your medicine?

That's all. He hands the bottle to Da.

That works. After a moment of reading the label, Da shakes out some pills from the bottle, he opens a canteen, he gives the pills to his Son, his son takes some pills and drinks.

We'll do what we've always done, make a poultice and some hot rocks, lots of water.

Station 1, if you want, leave with your folks. Get outta here.

Captain, by morning, I'll function.

Another voice now speaks on the walkie talkie, the Ranger instantly recognizes it.

What harms your son?

Chrones disease. Ma takes a kettle of water from the fire. It makes his intestines knot up. The Ranger scrapes small stones out of the flames of the campfire.

What causes this?

No one knows the cause. Or how to cure it.

The women wrap the hot rocks in the wet towel. They uncover the son's stomach and place the poultice on his belly.

Why this?


They are contrails. Da sits before the fire.

They are chemical trails. They've been spraying since the mid- nineteen nineties. All over the world.

They are condensation from the moisture in the atmosphere.

Contrails dissipate in minutes, these last ALL DAY.

What do you begin here? Captain?

Da, you know for ten years we've been talikng about chemtrails with local state, and federal people. To the EPA, FAA, Air Force, to anybody who'd listen. For ten years they've stonewalled us, total denial.

Look, we've continuously provided chemical samples from the trails, photographs, scientific studies, testimonies on the bio-assays of the sprays. Ten Years.

If, anyone ever responds they say they are unaware of anything other than contrails. Ten Years.

If they are chemical trails, why?

There are many stories. Its to slow down global warming, hopefully.

The aluminum oxide in the spray reflects sunshine back from the earth.

There are too many elements involved in the spray for that to be plausible.

Whose doing it?

The Feds.

I don't believe they'd do it. If they are chemicals, without telling us. Or asking for our consent, you can't medicate people without their informed consent.

end transcript

From here, the audio heads into more chemtrails bunk, and then into a rambling Socratic dialogue of eco-extremist rhetoric about energy consumption, rising population, societal collapse etc.

After the end credits, this image is held on the screen:

This video first appeared the Fourth of July, 2012 at the youtube at the channel of Youtube User Ryan Marchand:


The end credits say that it was engineered and produced at Marchand's Pegasus Pro Studio in Mt. Shasta:

The credits state that it was written, produced and directed by T.W Rawlins.

T.W. Rawlins does have a youtube channel which only features the story as posted at Ryan Marchand's channel:

However, I believe that T.W. Rawlins is probably a pseudonym for George Ainsworth of Mt. Shasta, due to this person who let it slip out yesterday that George Ainsworth wrote the story:

The other website promoting this drama is here:

The contact for that website is for george@frugalfilms.com

Ainsworth is an associate of Francis Mangels:

George Ainsworth.JPG
The cast includes:

"Dr." Terry Cole Whittaker


Dr. Terry has attained what most only dream of attaining simply by learning and applying the sacred knowledge that she is offering. This work includes practical, worldly knowledge of how to succeed and prosper along with Sacred Knowledge about who you are, your life’s purpose, and how to manifest our heart’s desires.
Terry is a dedicated spiritual researcher, student, and teacher. One of the very few to live with and study from the MYSTIC MASTERS OF THE FAR EAST!
Enroll today in Terry Cole-Whittaker’s Lifetime GRAND MASTER PROGRAM and have regular telephone consultations on a one to one basis with Dr. Terry. (Her regular fee for telephone consultations is $350

Bennett Gale


In the late seventies I started to ‘receive’ messages continuously either through simply ‘hearing’ or finding my fingers actively recording information in a form of co-creative writing. Years later I discovered the main voices were those of St. Germain and Jesus.
These relationships have expanded dramatically as well as many others with several Ascended Masters, Goddesses and Teachers. What I’ve been privileged to experience is a vision of what’s truly possible for each of us and as a world society. This is what I call ‘Unconditional Reality’.
I have been shown this so that I may assist others in moving out of places where they feel locked in and limited. More so than ever before the tools and techniques to truly effect personal change are available. It is my privilege to share these.
Your mentoring includes:
• One individual session per week with Bennett and the assistance of St. Germain.
• Depending on your situation other Ascended Masters, Goddesses, Gaia and many other extraordinary energetic beings may choose to participate.
The suggested contribution is $399 per month and all sessions and conversations will be recorded.

T.W. Rawlins

Book: The Sickest of Questions
Mt. Shasta Resident

Linda Neal

Linda Neal.jpg

Actress, Mt Shasta Resident

Joseph Divine

Joseph Divine.jpg

New Age, Mt. Shasta Resident

Michael Veys

Michael veys.jpg

Artist, Mt Shasta Resident, creates "Spirit Guide Drawings"


No information available

Robin Houghton


Robin Houghton has studied a wide variety of healing modalities since the early 1970's, progressing steadily from therapeutic orientations toward simple & profound self-healing and empowerment techniques. Originally trained as a Rebirther by Leonard Orr in 1977, he has gradually shifted the focus of his work from a primarily therapeutic to a neo-shamanic, self-empowerment perspective. Having worked with approx. 1600 people in group and individual sessions, he provides expert teaching, safety, and support. Robin also works with Reiki healing energy transmission, as a teacher of Sufi Dances of Universal Peace, in Sacred Ceremony as a legally ordained minister, spiritual music, chanting, and toning, and many other activities centered in Spirit & Joy!!

Mette Kolding

Mette Kolding.jpg

Danish actress and "Energy Awareness Coach", Part time Mt. Shasta resident
“Through my training and work as an actress and my 15 years of coaching aspiring actors I have learned to see where the energy is either blocked in a persons body. This is often the key to a higher energy flow and to unleash more of the personal potential - by simply creating awareness of and full access to the energy field.” 1 session: $ 88
(I must wonder if you ever post anyone who disagrees with you, since you claim to be a forum for truth?? will check back & see...am doubtful- prove me wrong??)
It's surprising to me that Mr. Reynolds put so much attention upon this radio play, Cloud of Unknowing, without realising that after the first approx. 25% of the drama, the plot brings in a whole group of characters who interact with the militia, OBJECTING STRONGLY TO THEIR CHOICE OF VIOLENT ACTION, and continues as a discussion of possible changes - that DO NOT involve violence - in our overall societal direction AWAY from absolutely unbridled profit-oriented corporate domination.
To focus on only a fragment of the plot and to ignore & dismiss the POSITIVE, NON-VIOLENT ideas THAT COMPRISE 75% of the script as "Socratic ramblings" -- well, obviously Reynold's definition of DEBUNKING is to distort facts - like the ACTUAL PLOT of this play - to make a pre-conceived point.
Arranging evidence to support your pre-conceived point (the OPPOSITE of Scientific Method) is EXACTLY WHAT YOU ACCUSE THE CHEMTRAIL "NUTS" OF DOING! The main difference I can see is, THEY don't try to (falsely) claim to be objective!
After listening to the story, I posted the following comment:

Jay Reynolds said:
Please visit Metabunk.org We are discussing your radio drama because it may influence someone to shoot down an ordinary commercial jet. See the chemtrails forum post called "Advocating Violence"

To which Ryan Marchand responded:

Ryan Marchand said:
Please notice this is categorized as entertainment.


I find his response interesting because the whole story is obviously meant to advocate, to influence, and to promote certain causes, ideas and viewpoints, it is clearly not simply meant for "entertainment". His response indicates to me that he intends to defect any criticism or questions about the story by mischaracterizing it. By doing so, however, he indicates that he indeed recognizes that what has been produced could have consequences, otherwise why write such a disclaimer?

Let's look at some more of what the storyteller has to say.

After assisting the son, the father and mother are asking why the militia is going to shoot down an airplane, they mention that it is terrorism, but the militia members say:

- "this is an assault on our soveriegnty"
- "it's biological warfare"
- "it's some sort of population control"
- "they are spreading some sort of virus to genetically modify us"
- "primarily it's to affect our minds"
- "the scalar wave technologies of HAARP and the scalar wave frequncies emitted by radios TV's and
computers, cellphones all work with the trails to afect our minds, it makes us all more susceptible to
the distortions of reality we are all going to be exposed to"

The Captain, leader of the militia says, "Some will call this treason, but it's survival. This is really about protecting our spirits"
Another says, "It's about protecting our land base. Civilization is going to crash, it's going to be messy. The sooner it crashes, the better,
more life remains to support survivors."

The father and mother plead with the militia, saying, "This will bring more violence."
The militia says, "The aluminum oxide leaches into the soil, it toxifies all the land, it gets into food, water, our bodies,
and plants won't grow, every day they lay down millions of more tons of it, and Monsanto has taken out patents on GMO seeds that grow onaluminum saturated soil, why? They know, they know what most people refuse to see with their own eyes."

The Captain orders the USFS Ranger and the parents to leave, and says, "Stand down, or be taken down"
He warns that if they stay, they will disappear into the Military prison system and be tortured."
He says that, "Civilization has entered it's end game."

"We are all scared spitless to do "WHAT HAS TO BE DONE."​

"We must face a terrible political truth, my fellow Americans, those in power won't act with the urgency required to protect life and the environment"
"We excercise our constitutional right, whenever a government becomes unresponsive to our life threatening concerns, or destructive to our health and welfare, we have the right, written into the constitution of the United States, to abolish that government and start a new one. That is the law we stand on, right here, as Americans."

The Captain says, "Nothing gets done until people are prepared to kill each other over it."

So, in the opening scene, besides plenty of bunk about contrails, we have the militia justifying their actions to the parents by painting a picture of an apocalyptic societal collapse in which the government is poisoning everything and everyone, is unresponsive to their claims about "chemtrails", and that nothing will get done until they begin killing. The sooner they begin, the better off the world will be.

This is the first message of the story.

(I must wonder if you ever post anyone who disagrees with you, since you claim to be a forum for truth?? will check back & see...am doubtful- prove me wrong??)
It's surprising to me that Mr. Reynolds put so much attention upon this radio play, Cloud of Unknowing, without realising that after the first approx. 25% of the drama, the plot brings in a whole group of characters who interact with the militia, OBJECTING STRONGLY TO THEIR CHOICE OF VIOLENT ACTION, and continues as a discussion of possible changes - that DO NOT involve violence - in our overall societal direction AWAY from absolutely unbridled profit-oriented corporate domination.
To focus on only a fragment of the plot and to ignore & dismiss the POSITIVE, NON-VIOLENT ideas THAT COMPRISE 75% of the script as "Socratic ramblings" -- well, obviously Reynold's definition of DEBUNKING is to distort facts - like the ACTUAL PLOT of this play - to make a pre-conceived point.
Arranging evidence to support your pre-conceived point (the OPPOSITE of Scientific Method) is EXACTLY WHAT YOU ACCUSE THE CHEMTRAIL "NUTS" OF DOING! The main difference I can see is, THEY don't try to (falsely) claim to be objective!

I see what you are saying, unregistered. I totally agree about the chemtrail believer leadership not being objective!

The owner of geoengineeringwatch.org, Michael J. Murphy's facebook site, and all other chemtrail venues strictly enforce censorship on all posts within their control. They ruthlessly delete any and all comments to which they disagree.This sort of totalitarian control oriented behavior is not the way of truth. You will not be treated that way here.

Yes, 75% of the script is devoted to an alternative path to the violence of the Militia, mainly socialist and new age concepts. To some extent, this tempers the violent actions of the militia, somewhat, and perhaps the main purpose of the author was to introduce those concepts. You wish to discuss the plot? You say I haven't looked at the "ACTUAL PLOT", that my opinions are pre-conceived? Well, I'll admit my opinion is conceived before I write it, and I did listen to the story several times, and transcribed a portion quite laboriously. You say I'm not using the "scientific method" to review this story?

Maybe you didn't completely catch the meaning of the author when he told you that value judgements cannot be made using the scientific method?
I am not using anything related to the scientific method here, even though I am trying to get the facts straight. In my post I am making a subjective value judgement of this play, I am reviewing it in detail to assess just how good or bad it really is as I see it. I am expressing my opinion, and I am sure you will come back to find your own expressed here.

However, as you wish, let's look at the ENTIRE PLOT.

In the final scene of the story, the US Forest Service Ranger, a symbol of authority and a Native American person representing the "nature keeper" agrees to help the militia in shooting down a jet with a surface to air missile. Her grandfather agrees, and says "Nothing Lives Long." She paints her face and the face of the son with charcoal war paint. As I understand it, black paint on the face was an aggressive power symbol in preparation for warfare among Native Americans.

So, in both the opening scene and the final scene, the message is quite clear.
The shooting down of planes seen making contrails is justifiable, according to this plot, from start to finish!​

In the middle, the "POSITIVE, NON-VIOLENT ideas THAT COMPRISE 75% of the script", not so clear, quite muddled, in fact. Lots of pseudoscience, plenty of contradictions. It's a hodge-podge of crappy ideas from crystal healing and socialism to reverse speech and daily dream analysis

Unregistered, I wrote to George Ainsworth and asked him for personal dialogue about his story. He has, so far, not responded. If you know him, please direct him to this discussion, as I really would like his personal input here.

If you are a member of the Shasta group, or have contact with any of them, please be aware that you have been terribly misled by Francis Mangels and the entire team that participated in WITWATS. They filmed Steve Wright for hours telling them just how wrong they were, and threw the tapes on the cutting room floor. There is no pretense of objectivity in the film.

There is absolutely no valid evidence at all for the entire premise of "chemtrails", and no evidence whatsoever that geoengineering is taking place. Nothing about the chemtrails is a mystery, from the identity of the planes to the source of aluminum in the atmosphere. The leadership of this movement all have been made aware of their mistakes, and refuse to discuss these issues because they know full well they have misled you, and when you become aware of how bad you've been had they will be finished.

This is why Francis Mangels always refuses to engage in open and honest debate with me. He knows that all his claims will fail under scrutiny, and he doesn't want you to know that.

In case you need edification of the facts detailing how badly you have been misled, this link contains a compilation of the worst of the case against chemtrails. If you have further questions, simply ask.

Well over 100 flights of ordinary commercial jets fly over Siskiyou county every day. You were told by Francis Mangels that only four flights per day pass over.That is a simple example of how badly you have been misled. Think about it.

As your people look up in anger at what you have been told are tanker jets spraying you with poison, ordinary men, women and children look down at your townand the beautiful mountain from ordinary commercial airliners and think, "What a peaceful place that must be..."

Little do they know that far below, seething with anger, is a group of misguided people who see them, not as tourists, families, or businessmen on a trip, but as a threat to the entire future of mankind, destroyers of the environment, mad scientists bent on poisoning the whole earth. Some of you contemplate how to shoot down those same jet airliners full of people. Did George Ainsworth even consider that some troubled person might some day emulate what he put into this story?

This situation has worried me for many years, as I have seen a continuing escalation of violent threats by chemtrail believers to be an ongoing occurrance.

Isn't it ironic that nearly everyone involved in the production of this story claims to be of a high enough consciousness that they are qualified to counsel others (for a fee), are qualified to rearrange society, and some to even directly channel the words of gods and angels? The undeniable and very sad fact is that all of you can be so misled by a small group of charlatans and are so blinded that you cannot see the possible consequences of your actions.
Higher consciousness, you say?

In this story one character, probably representing the view of George Ainsworth, advocates the abolishment of TV because it is an effective propaganda tool.
Another character, also the work of the author, decries the use of science and logic as a decision making tool because he says it is not up to the task of making value decisions.

I find it supremely ironic that the very medium of video Ainsworth despises is what propagandized all of you into this false chemtrail belief. The blatant misuse of science and the replacement of factual logical debate by unsupported claims used by Francis Mangels, Dane Wigington, Michael Murphy and the others involved in WITWATS is what impelled the author to disregard basic human values to produce such an irresponsible story.

If you want to find your real enemy, you need only look in the mirror, people.

The writer, producer, and cast of "Cloud of Unknowing", even if they are misled, still bear some responsibility for whatever may eventually occur as a result.

I ask all of you to consider the entire range of facts, engage in debate over these issues, and stop producing material designed to elicit an emotional response over a totally false idea. Get out of this hoax and then help us expose the people who have misled you and desperately hope you won't find out about what they have done.
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(I must wonder if you ever post anyone who disagrees with you, since you claim to be a forum for truth?? will check back & see...am doubtful- prove me wrong??)

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It's surprising to me that Mr. Reynolds put so much attention upon this radio play, Cloud of Unknowing, without realising that after the first approx. 25% of the drama, the plot brings in a whole group of characters who interact with the militia, OBJECTING STRONGLY TO THEIR CHOICE OF VIOLENT ACTION,

Their course of action be it peaceful or violent is irrelevant. The point you're missing is that chemtrails do not exist. The public would have been better served had the radio play ended with the whole cast of characters enrolling a meteorology course to discover that contrails can persist and expand.
Those who produced this play perhaps have little idea of the range of people who might be influenced by the work. During the "POSITIVE, NON-VIOLENT ideas THAT COMPRISE 75% of the script", George Ainsworth, the author, writes this Socratic dialogue:

"What nonviolent action could possibly save us? Is there one? What peaceful solution could save us from the 'end game'?
The spirits would like to hear from all our human friends....

The Ranger slowly looks around, the animals all sit calmly, watching....

Speak of a peaceful way to save us all....

"We've all tried to protect our children from clear and present dangers, we've passed laws to protect them from alcohol, tobacco, and many risky activities until they were mature enough to make these choices from themselves. The list of laws protecting our young is long. I would pass a law against what I believe to be the most destructive piece of technology invented, ever. Introduced into almost every home in America without vote(?), public debate, or our informed consent. Without any scientific examination of its effects, it is a machine which, in fact, has been a terrible experiment on all our children born since the 1950's. Promoted as a cheerful friend, a great teacher, a miracle of technology that would connect us all as one. However, it has been scientifically proven without any reasonable doubt that this machine devastates our children's healthy brain development, it causes cognitive impairment and learning disabilities in growing children continually exposed to it. It also numbs our children to violence, it makes our culture appear as if violence is a normal way of life. It is addictive, it creates addictive personalities. This machine has been shown to methodically influence children with very specific beliefs, values and behaviors.

The Television. The son nods.

For decades, TV has been scientifically proven to impair the brain's natural abilities. Primarily, and most significantly, it impairs the brains ability to create inner imagery. Inner visualization is critical to a child's ability to think abstractly and to imagine. But growing up with the explicit imagery of TV, nothing is left to the imagination, so it doesn't develop as it should.

Based on the continual drop in aptitude tests since the 1950's its a fact that our children have grown less intelligent. Scholastically, our children now lag far behind any other industralized nation.

What is so important about imagination?

I believe a healthy imagination is the most powerful tool for the survival of our species, imagination also creates the most important human resource absolutely necessary to get us through this long dark night.

Imagination creates hope.

A powerful imagination creates the compelling vision of a better tomorrow. Hope is the motivation to create a better tomorrow and to live for it.

I believe, collectively, our culture has no vision for a better tomorrow. As a society, we can't imagine anything different. Its a hopeless culture, without a clear vision of a better tomorrow. So depressed and emotionally ill it has become, I think, as a whole, terribly self destructive.

Just like a person. But people love TV, why else would they watch it so much?

By the time the average American child is five years old, she's seen 15,000 murders and countless acts of violence. By the time she's five years old, she's had 150,000 commercial advertisements shot directly into her brain. Because TV mostly communicates in imagery, the images that a child sees cannot be resisted or removed.

How can that be?

The human mind hasn't evolved to know the difference between an artificial image and a real one. On the subconscious level, the images are believed. For anyone watching TV, no matter what program they watch, their brain waves fall into a state similar to those of people who fall into a trance or under hypnosis. In effect, when we watch TV, we go to sleep. The images just go into the mind to do their work.

For an innocent child, resistance is futile, and the damage lasts a lifetime. All the scientific facts about the destructive effects of television on a child's growing brain have been proven beyond any scientific doubt for decades. Yet, such an idea, to eliminate TV for children under a certain age, say 21 years, until the brains are fully grown, has never been seriously considered let alone publicly discussed. Why?

TV is totally necessary for their power and control.

Televison is our society's most powerful tool for creating very specific values and behaviors, most unfortunately. TV is totally controlled by possibly the most ruthless beings that ever walked the earth. Without a TV in every living room, these weird psychotic beings would be wounded, maybe fatally. They would become vulnerable for the destruction they so well deserve.

Ban TV, ban it from their lives. Our children would become the imaginative, hopeful creatures they are born to be. Taught to be real humans by real human beings, not by cartoon characters, paid celebrities or beautiful deceiving stars. They could be educated and nourished to their full potential, not programmed to be a cog in a machine.

He is not angry, he is sad.

That's the great peaceful task I would perform.........
end transcript
In George Ainsworth's play, the above dialogue is spoken by the most powerful character, Da, a "medical doctor and yogi, maybe a shaman". I believe he speaks for Ainsworth, and his words represent Ainsworth's most crucial idea for the betterment of humanity. I'll not dispute the premise or message, though I do not necessarily agree with all of it.

There is no doubt that TV, or for that matter any sort of imagery, still or moving, can be a powerful tool for good or evil, for persuation or dissuation. Art of any sort, even a play like this, can have a similar effect. In this play, Ainsworth recognizes the evil in the work of others, but as most of us will tend to do, perhaps doesn't recognize what I see as the negative consequences of his own presentation. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

However, just as I mentioned before to 'unregistered', did Ainsworth even take the time to consider what effect that the most influential piece of propaganda regarding "chemtrails", "What In The World Are They Spraying", may have had on himself?

Obviously George has accepted the false ideas promoted by that propaganda film and, as he puts it, "The images just [went] into the mind to do their work." Did George even have a chance to hear a message that might have created doubt about WITWAT's premise or the validity of its claims? No, because even though they were made aware of it and indeed did film it, the filmmakers chose to cut all such material and throw it on the cutting room floor, and they have continued to run away from legitimate debate, or as one of Ainsworth's characters says, "For ten years they've stonewalled us. Total denial."

Ainsworth speaks of imagination this way, "I believe a healthy imagination is the most powerful tool for the survival of our species, imagination also creates the most important human resource absolutely necessary to get us through this long dark night." But imagination cuts both ways, George, imagination can create hope, but it can also create fear.

How good an imagination do you really have, George Ainsworth?

Consider, for a moment, the thousands of people who have been propagandized into a state of fear by the chemtrails hoax.
Imagine a thousand, or ten thousand angry voices like this:

or these:

Imagine a thousand children, women, or men terrorized by the fear created in them by the chemtrails hoax like this one:

Imagine, George, what goes through the mind of this troubled young man every minute of every day:

Explore the rest of his paranoid schizophrenia in the other three parts:

Did George Ainsworth ever in his wildest dreams ever imagine that someone could be so taken by a combination of mental illness and conspiracy hoax to come up with that? Did he, or any of the participants in the play contemplate using their 'higher consciousness' what the portrayal of their "symbolic act" might induce in such a person?
Did George Ainsworth ever imagine that a 'Timothy McVeigh' might emerge and take the violent 25% of his story to heart?

The internet "high population connection" has allowed many of these rather unstable people communicate with each other, thereby having their fears verified and often strengthened.
But this communication system has also exposed the historically baseline paranoid psyche, onto those of us who were not previously aware of such deep inner thoughts and otherwise "secret fears" of many....perhaps even closer to us than we had previously imagined.

The internet posting system....where anybody with a computer might publicly reveal their innermost fears......essentially turns anyone watching them into the eyes and ears of the old-fashioned hired therapist.
In a sense, the internet chats, blogs, and home-made videos....have become an unmonitored therapy for many people.
These publicly available postings can be viewed as: someone laying their emotions out to "one giant internet therapist"...Dr. World W. Web.
....especially with the relative anonymity and "fake name monikers" , allowing them to remain hidden to all but their closest comrades.
I do it to a certain extent...many people do.
If there are signs that technology is becoming viewed as a living entity...I think this is one example.

I find it fascinating, and sometimes frightening.
I know the chances of successful violence towards commercial aircraft are small but it still bothers me that some number of people that think that fog and cirrus clouds are "chemtrails" want to shoot down commercial aircraft. I'm sitting on SWA 598 right now at 39,000 feet over eastern North Carolina in route from MCO to PVD. We are in an existing cirrus layer so I know were are leaving a trail. We just passed SWA 3230 that is heading toward JAX from ORF along pretty much the same lane we're in (I'm using flight aware to help spot other flights and track mine though there's a bit of a lag). SWA3230 was certainly leaving a contrail. We've been flying beside that plane's trail at 447kts for about 15 minutes now so it is quite long. There are actually trails above and below us as well. Actually, just notice that our trail is thick enough that it is casting a shadow on the altocumulus deck 17,000 feet below us. I'm fascinated by this stuff and some nut out there is looking up and wishing he could shoot down the plane I'm riding in. I really don't like the hoaxers that are deliberately feeding this delusion.
I'm not going to give any of these yahoos any hints on how to do it. Just be aware that I have decided to visit the FBI next week to let them know of my concerns, and if past is prologue, any "black marketeer" that most chemmies could contact will likely be an FBI agent.