9/11 truthers Invade Muslim March


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Leave it up to the truthers to use the memory of a tragedy to promote their own twisted worldview


What was supposed to be a Muslim march was invaded by a rowdy group of 9/11 truthers they had to change their name to "Million American March Against Fear." When no or very little Muslims actually showed up to the event, the right wing media wondered why, and uncovered the truth...

Several speakers used the term "false flag." Another speaker claimed that there aren't chemical weapons in Syria.


As reported by dcist there were various other groups in attendance and it just seemed to be a big huge fringe-y mess. What in the heck was Colonel Allen West doing there???


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Wow, they both call themselves Colonel, so I got confused lolz.

No, Cornel West does not refer to himself that way. Some people apparently just have a difficult time recognizing the difference between Cornel (a name) and Colonel (a rank).

By the way, the intentions and alignment of yesterday's protest has been known about and reported on for months (see: US News & World Report). I'm not sure what you're on about in the OP.

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