37 of 38 BAAS AAWSAP DIRDs have now been released.


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for curious minds:

DIRD is Defense Intelligence Reference Document
BAASS, a subsidiary of Bigelow Aerospace,
AAWSAP, the Advanced Aerospace Weapons Systems Application Program.

In this excerpt from the Mystery Wire interview, Bigelow speaks for the first time about AAWSAP, the Tic Tac, interaction with Lue Elizondo, the role played by Skinwalker Ranch in the AAWSAP study, and how the lessons learned during the BAASS study directly relate to Bigelow’s new venture, the study of consciousness and the afterlife.
so thats one more "study" now

i believe except of two classified ones we knew about them already

if they looked into the 2004 tic tac and we dont see a document from them regarding this incident, could this imply the missing file is about this topic?
Must be nice to get paid to write speculative fiction for the US Government.
whenever i hear about aawsap i cant help myself from visualizing their scientists just making some weird pseudo shit up and fear about loosing their job when bigelow and elizondo look into it.

..just to look all confused when they hear "wow, thats a really good job! we are onto something it seems..!"