2 more [some holistic] MD’s found dead, total 8


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Anti-Vaxer, Erin Elizabeth has some blog-posts that are trending on the net.
Here's one title.....
"2 more MD’s (1 prominent holistic, & one of missing docs) found dead, bringing the total to 8"

Even though about half of these Dr's are not holistic - but conventional MD's......and she cleverly never mentions (in writing) that she is creating a connection. She stands-by this fact (her not suggesting a connection), but it is quite obvious she is implying it.
In fact, EVERY commenter on her blog, realizes her implication. Every repost/link to her blog articles also realizes it.

I believe she is simply clustering deaths, and randomly connecting dots to create a story.


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Likewise you find on the blogosphere claims about "suspicious" deaths of astronomers to hide the discovery of Niburu. (I'm not joking). I don't know where to find the demografic statistics world wide, but I did once apply the dutch death statistics upon the roughly 10,000 astronomers in the world, to see what you should expect.
The statistics are 8254 deaths/million/year, 88% natural, 1,3% suicide, 7,3% alcohol,drugs, etc., 3% accidents,0,09% murdered. You may expect 80 dead astronomers a year, 10 of which non-natural. Of course this comparison is flawed on some points but it does give you an order of magnitude. Perhaps you could apply this to the MD's in the US.


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Excerpt from an older post here...(mine)..
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The statistics are 8254 deaths/million/year, 88% natural, 1,3% suicide, 7,3% alcohol,drugs, etc., 3% accidents,0,09% murdered. You may expect 80 dead astronomers a year, 10 of which non-natural. Of course this comparison is flawed on some points but it does give you an order of magnitude. Perhaps you could apply this to the MD's in the US.
I believe those stats could be used as a comparison.
I'll work on some numbers for "Doctors"....but if someone beats me to it, post predicted/past numbers here.


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He was at a track meet or something with a bunch of friends. That's where he died. I dont want to post the link where his friends and family members are discussing it because it has personal information not related to his death, and is disrespectful. One friend who was doing the athletics with him said he didnt look well and is speculating about dehydration. None of them voiced anything in the realm of suspicion.


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Here is an article from the Washington Post, describing the Bradstreet death investigation.
This was sent to me as proof there may have been foul-play.
If you only read the first two paragraphs, you might think so too.....but read on.....

"The mysterious death of a doctor who peddled autism ‘cures’ to thousands"

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Betcha the youngest patients had the best recovery rate. Because, y'know, 16mo is too early to reliably test for autism.

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Related, the same fallacy in a different area:

[edit to use different source]


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Erin Elizabeth, Mercola's "other half" (let's say wife).....had been posting these death connections for months now.
To her credit, her blogs never actually stated a "connection" with the cluster.......in so-many words.

But her online following is more than willing to fill-in what she is really hinting at......and a reading of her responses in the comments section, reveals she is ever-so-open to these beliefs. Erin even helps spread these ideas on her FB page....


Other sites have picked up on the idea, and posted more accusatory and conspiracy type writings.
Snopes now has an entry on the subject, mentioning some of the most popular articles regarding "holistic doctor deaths" 2015.
Erin Elizabeth now accuses Snopes of disinformation, and lying/fabrication. She made a video about this.
Let's see if her accusations of Snopes hold-up.
First, the video.....

Her problems with the Snopes article are....:
1) Snopes misquoted the area one doctor (MD Patrick Fitzpatrick) used to live in, or where he was "from".
2) She claims Snopes is accusing her as proposing "doctors all had connections with the feds", something she never claimed.

Although, despite her frustrations, a reading of the article reveals Snopes never linked HER writings to accusations, but specifically noted OTHER writings that contained accusations (other articles, from separate sites, not hers). The other sites mentioned in the Snopes article were FreeThoughtProject, and others. These were the sites pointed to for accusations, not hers.
Erin unfortunately seems to think the entire Snopes article is about her, but it's not.

The portion in Snopes that references her writings, stated this:
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Quick numbers.
Can someone check my math (my worst topic in school)
(United States figures only...all number rounded.)

US Population 319,000,000 (318.9 million, rounded up)
Doctors of medicine in the US is about 1,000,000. (non-MD holistic practitioners likely not included)
...so 0.32% of the population are "doctors".

6775 people die everyday in the US (averaged).
0.32% of 6775 is 21.7
So on average, 21.7 doctors die every day in the United States.

If holistic (naturopath) practitioners were included, the combined number would be higher (for use in this topic). I have not found a reliable number for these type of practitioners, as some are registered, or licensed, or "self employed"......and this can vary from state-to-state.
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If we multiply the estimate of "21.7 doctors die every day", by one month, that would be 651 doctors die every 30 days.
Erin's timeline of noted deaths has spanned about 3 months.
I'm surprised she hasn't found more "coincidences".


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6775 people die everyday in the US (averaged).

But that includes people who die of the diseases of old age. In response to the 'astronomers are being murdered to stop them from talking about Planet X' myth still going around I once tabulated the death rate of the adult working population. 0.2% of the adult working population die every year from all causes, while 0.04% of the adult working population die from accidents.

But you're right: she should definitely have found more "coincidences".


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But that includes people who die of the diseases of old age
Yes, all the stats I mentioned should be further broken-down to "causes of death" and "age"....but I was doing quick numbers.
Also to note...."employment as a doctor" usually means a doctor in practice, not retired and elderly.
She (Erin Elizabeth) can continually find "coincidences", and now she's on to Chiropractic deaths.
It can be a never-ending conspiracy, unless people realize the numbers and how any deaths are large and common/expected, even without hints of a conspiracy.
I'm nearly done debunking her.....she will continue, regardless of any such death number info.



More precise estimates on physician deaths discussed here, from actual studies :
"Including both MDs and DOs there are currently904,556 active primary care and specialist physicians in the US. Of those, approximately 400 will commit suicide each year. In fact, physicians kill themselves at a rate 70% higher than non-physicians. This sadly means that eight doctors commit suicide every week."

"It’s a bit harder to get statistics on physicians that are murdered each year for a number of reasons (publicity, visibility, nature of the crime, investigations, etc.). But we do know that over the span of a decade the average is that approximately 15 health care providers are killed in workplace shootings each year. That’s at least one murder a month."

And here :
"While it’s true that doctors who kill themselves are indeed more than twice as likely to use self-poisoning with drugs or other substances than the general population, they’re actually just as likely to use firearms, even in a population that doesn’t have many guns. In the gun-rich US, firearms are the most common method of physician suicide, being the method of nearly half of physician suicides and only slightly less common than in the general population. So all the incredulous dismissals of the conclusion that Bradstreet killed himself based on the belief that Bradstreet couldn’t have possibly killed himself with a gun because he’s a doctor and doctors don’t kill themselves that way are complete nonsense based on misinformation about physician suicide."

[Edit]Deleted the studies URL since I saw that they are pasted with the text in this forum. [/Edit]
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Erin Elizabeth is still pursuing her "hollistic doctor heaths" series of her blogs (it's up to number 19, I believe)....despite widespread criticism that her stories are misguided.

Here is a pretty good debunk of this. It's 30 minutes long, but it is detailed, and has links in the description. He seems to take a fair look at the subject, even to consider that it IS a conspiracy, by trying to validate her theory.
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Just an update on this, Erin's body count is up to 80.

Article link: https://www.healthnutnews.com/80th-doctor-dead-holistic-prominent-and-outspoken/
Her recap article: https://www.healthnutnews.com/recap-on-my-unintended-series-the-holistic-doctor-deaths/



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Just an update on this, Erin's body count is up to 80.
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