1999 "Chemtrail" articles in The New Mexican

Jay Reynolds

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In the article, Thomas said he wanted to be paid for his work, then he would release the test results. I offered to pay him, but he never would quote me a price.....
His colleague, Erminia Cassani, finally disassociated herself from him, as did Environment News Service and other chemtrail believers. I don't know of anyone who is willing to stand by him nowadays, because he kept making wild claims and never would back them up with anything at all.

Thomas has a real problem with facts, I think he doesn't really care what he says, just puts stuff down.
A few weeks ago a Canadian newspaper asked for his analysis of some contrail photos, he said contrails only form at -70F,
contrails can only persist for 40 minutes, and he invented the idea that intersecting contrails are unusual.


Mick West

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In the caption of the second photo there he says:

According to NASA, contrails typically dissipate within 22-40 seconds

Now obviously that's wrong, and as he's been talking about the topic for over ten years, then, what's going on?

Is it a deliberate falsehood? Or does he actually believe that?

Jay Reynolds

Senior Member.
I thinkhe's just a hack that doesn't care what he writes, damn the consequences.

It was a habit that eventually got him where he is today- nowhere.

The chemtrails hoax is hard for us normal people to understand because unless you can somehow 'understand' irrationality, it doesn't make sense. One way to look at it is in terms of evoltion, but backwards. Rather than favoring survival of the fittest, as in traditional evolution theory, the more rational people self-select away from it, while the more irrational people remain and fresh open minds continue to opt-in.

Once indeep enough, depending on whatever their preexisting belief systems and the amount of cognitive dissonance that may develop if they start to change, it can be very hard to back out. Someone like Thomas, for example, how does he back out now? His coping mechanism so far has been to just remain generally quiet, which has been aided by very few backers supporting him any more.

Carnicom has been relying more and more on the Morgellons folks, who are the few that are able to get past his failures to 'produce' anything of value for over a decade. Many others just turn to repeating the 'outrage-of-the-day' develped by others, sort of like Anthony Hilder does, while not sticking their necks out on anything original.

The ultimate fate of Michael J. Murphy might be like that, he has wide-ranging conspiracy theory ideas and some momemtum. A single issue person on chemtrails that comes out with stuff that is easily debunkable has no future, there is a limit to what people will put up with, especially when you claim "hospitals are jammed" as Thomas has for a decade when it's obvious they are not.

BTW, Michael J. Murphy has gone to Maui, it'll be interesting to see if he ever comes back.

Mick West

Staff member
All the hard core Morgellons believers will believe in pretty much anything. Their community is based around never doubting what their peers say, because them themselves have been hurt so much in the past by doctors doubting them. See for example what happens when someone suggest that cotton socks are all infected with "morgs" because they find bits of lint between their toes when the put on new socks. Nobody even questions it.


Aircrap is also big into Morgellons.

Jay Reynolds

Senior Member.
Flashback to March of 1999, for a "good laugh".

Listen to my friend William Cooper's take on William Thomas' "sky-goo"
lab test results, in an archived broadcast in mp3 format:

Note that 12 years later, Thomas has NEVER shown ANY of these supposed lab tests.
It took a lot out of him, but Bill did the best that he could to relay this startling report to the public......
... and William Thomas never forgave him for it.

Bill Cooper was a conspiracy theorist, but he was also an iconoclast who reveled in exposing falsehoods.
Often, it made for an exciting time.
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