1959 "Eyes in Outer Space" Disney's futuristic glimpse of geoengeneering


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© Disney, 1959, 2004 http://www.amazon.com/Walt-Disney-Treasures-Tomorrow-Beyond/dp/B0000BWVAI^

The first half is a primer on weather.
The second half is Disney's futuristic and speculative view of how technology could influence the weather, and how humans can possibly change it.

It seems to be one of Disney's promotional films, to attract people to their (then) new "Tomorrow Land" at Disney's theme park.

"Go back in time to the beginning of the future..."
http://movies.disney.com/tomorrow-land (http://archive.today/a4QQD)
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(funny quote)

But it's being used in "chemtrail" forums, often as a promotional film of weather weapons, and other suppositions.

"Considering the year was 1959, Disney’s advanced graphics convincingly portrays a futuristic array of satellites and space weapons as part of a comprehensive system of military weather control as addressed by President Kennedy."
http://chemtrailsplanet.net/2014/12/26/1959-walt-disney-film-promotes-military-weather-weapons/ ^
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(....except that Kennedy was in office from 1961-63)

It's not fact, it's just science fiction.
It's a vision of the future, like so many sci-fi visions have always been.
http://www.newsweek.com/everything-...y-wrong-about-2015-according-293272?piano_t=1 (http://archive.today/zBZi6)


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I get the impression that in those days people were generally more optimistic about science and technology. It's like they almost believed it could make the world a better place. There seems to be more cynicism about science these days, it being viewed by many as just a means to make a profit.

Love this poster from the 1957, not only because of the message it delivers using simple graphic design, but also because I feel it conveys that sense of optimism.


Can you imagine General Dynamics coming out with that poster today? Half the internet conspiracy community would go absolutely apoplectic.


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The second half is Disney's futuristic and speculative view of how technology could influence the weather
The 'disclaimer' can be found at 15:14 :

"Let us project our present knowledge with a little imagination and speculate how satellites may be used in future operations from a world wide weather center."

It's just a speculative and imaginative projection, based loosely on the scientific knowledge of the Fifties and on the 'nuclear optimism' prevailing in that period.

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I have to admit I was involved in weather control in the early 70's. A friend and I put some dry ice in the parachute compartment of an Estes rocket to try and make it snow so we would have a day off school. Didn't work and a waste of a good rocket.


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An Australian comedian built a nice routine on the implied future availability of rocket packs for consumer use back in the 60's..

The routine would end by him winding the audience up into a chant of.."where's our bloody rocket packs?... Where's our bloody rocket packs...?!?!"

It's a good question!;)