13,000 mile white line in Google Earth


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It's Secureteam10 so the whole image could be faked (that account has form with faking images!) but assuming it is real, it is almost certainly a stitching artifact. Google Earth uses satellite imagery for the cloud layer but it is not visible-spectrum imagery (as you can see if you compare it to real time satellite images). I think it uses infrared imagery.

The fact that the line is a perfect north-south line of longitude (looks to be about 72 degrees west) is further evidence that it is likely a stitching artifact. (72 degrees is exactly one fifth of the way round the globe from the Greenwich meridian, so perhaps the imagery is loaded up in 72 degree swathes?)


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mine has the illuminati triangle and even has an eye inside it.

but the weather tab doesn't work for me.. I only get it if I turn off weather and click the cloud animation.

Mick West

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Obviously a stitching glitch. The cloud layer is "live" in that that updates every so often. Now it looks like:
Metabunk 2018-02-28 05-53-11.jpg

There's stitching issues there, with the same type of irregular line between them.
Metabunk 2018-02-28 06-02-38.jpg


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There's stitching issues there,
I think that's a different line. Now I get the white line and a black line. my graphics card must suck because it says im supposed to get a play button to play the animation, but no button has appeared... although it told me to be patient, and I wasn't. :(

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