11.10.18 between 19:50- 20:12 o clock unknown luminous phenomenon spotted over nocturnal sky in Germ

Nicole Schnaß

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At 19:50 o'clock, a camera on a roof revealed an unknown luminous phenomenon over the night sky in Germany. Observation site is Murr, see map shown in the video.

The light appears twice in a row in the sky and rotates itself, before finally disappearing at 20:12 clock.
Some people pointed out that they allthrough seen a bright shining in the sky.

For me, it looks as if it were the visible heat radiation of an object that has entered the Earth's atmosphere, for example meteroids.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XiUfJLRxuw&fbclid=IwAR1tDNMVzqV0JBJGROc3C6gMkU902k0oXiLl4q2zCsn9u2DLsdPlXa-ax5k

Metabunk 2018-11-17 06-05-08.jpg
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Spectrar Ghost

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My first thought is a hot air ballon burner, but it’s difficult to tell with the image quality. It also appears to be burning downward, not upward, which is odd. Accessing the unslowed video might help, as that one is slowed too much to get a sense of natural movement.

Mick West

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Accessing the unslowed video might help, as that one is slowed too much to get a sense of natural movement.

Based on the timecode at the bottom it's not slowed, it's actually speeded up. It seems to be a timelapse at six-second intervals but played at 2 seconds per frame (so 3x speed)

Mick West

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They even say this in the video, text at the start:

Das objeck ist sehr gross, in etwas so wie der Mond, wenn dieser durch Wolken scheint. Der Mond is jedoch schon zwei Studen vorher unter gegangen.

The object is very big, something like the moon, when it shines through clouds. The moon, however, has already gone under two hours before.
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So the simplest explanation is that it is the moon, and they got the time wrong.

Mick West

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The motion of the moon exactly 2 hours before the camera time is certainly in the right direction. I suspect that the video is distorted quite a bit as the moon is actually small and in the bottom left corner in the full frame.

UPDATE: WRONG DATE, it should be 2018-10-11
Metabunk 2018-11-17 06-31-31.jpg

(removed text)
Metabunk 2018-11-17 06-41-35.jpg
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Mick West

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Bah, it's 2018-10-11 (i.e. oct 11) (thanks @deirdre )

So, this means that at the end of the video, on that date, the moon is actually above the horizon.
Metabunk 2018-11-17 12-51-55.jpg

Very thin crescent though
Metabunk 2018-11-17 12-53-44.jpg

So now assuming the camera time is CORRECT, then it's the moon.
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