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“No find no fee” search to begin


I am surprised there is no talk about the new search effort for MH 370.

So a US company is going to deploy to search for debris for a scaled profit if they find a certain amount of debris, equipment or not etc.

A big gamble I’d say.

But they do have new submersibles that don’t need to be hooked to a mother ship so they do have that going for them.

This isn’t really a debunk more of a discussion. Do you think this new tech and their idea on new search parameters will result in a find?


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The 90 day time limit will hurt them more than anything, a three year cold trail and a new search area to boot.

However, as a gamble, Ocean Infinity doesn't need to find MH370 and collect from the Malaysian government to "win" this bet, that's just the jackpot. Finding *anything* new or interesting would be a boon to selling their services - an unknown shipwreck or a brine basin or a whale fall, for example.

Considering they'd probably get more of their ongoing business from oceanographic research rather than recovery searches like this, even just a portfolio of cool pictures would be a win.
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