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    There have been many small physical models created in order to demonstrate what people see as being important principles regarding the building collapses on 9/11. I was surprised that I'd not seen a lot of them. I though it would be useful (in the context of me making my own model) to collect them all in one place.

    If you'd like to do a detailed analysis of any one model, then please do it in another thread. The idea for this thread is to just get a comprehensive overview of the state of thinking of the 9/11 truther community - and to a lesser extent the skeptic/debunker communities.

    I'm mostly interested in the models that demonstrate progressive collapse (and/or arrest)

    Gage's cardboard box model:

    Another version of the cardboard box model:

    Similar to the carboard box model, this is some paint cans:

    Cole's models with blocks of ice and concrete

    Cole's: Concrete tiles in a rack, tiles with pizza stand "columns", tiles with paper loops.

    Plastic trays. The video creator admit it's "cheezy and lame"

    Some eggs in a glass.

    psikeyhackr's washers and paper loops on a stick.

    psikeyhackr's washers on toothpick seats. This one is actually quite interesting.

    An odd one with sheets of paper for floors. The falling weight pulls the paper floors away from the balanced block walls which then collapse due to lack of lateral support (and being pushed and pulled).
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    The toothpick model has a problem with the consistency of the toothpicks. Too much variation. I should have used bigger washers like I did with the paper loops. It did not occur to me until later that I could have used strands of wire instead of toothpicks and gotten much greater consistency for the strength of each level.

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    And the toothpicks are way too strong (relative to the weight of a single washer, i.e. they need to snap with 6-12 washers placed on them, never mind dropped). The drop height should have been a single floor, but you had it around 15.

    Do you have any other models that should be included in the list?
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    And just to complete the list:

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    This video from AE911 includes footage from Cole's "Arbitrator" video, I include it to show AE911's perspective on the subject. It also shows some Verinage demolitions, and some failed demolitions.

    Actually it seems to be pretty much the same video. But 40 seconds longer. Not sure where the extra material is.