1. MikeC

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    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-12263529 - space based Lidar to measure the characteristics of cloud - the satellite is way over budget & the programme is being reviewed.

    I am sure the chemtrail ...er....not sure what the corect noun is - the chemtrail "crowd" (I'd rather not use the popular derogatory term!) or the hoax purveyors will spin this to be a secret programme to alter clouds now that chemtrail have been "exposed" - anyone want to put a $ on it??
  2. Mick West

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    Pretty interesting. There still a huge amount of unknowns about the atmosphere - basically because it's so difficult to measure all the variable with sufficiently high resolution.

    It would be pretty cool to see if a contrail is actually significantly different in its forcing properties to regular cirrus clouds.

    I'd actually be happy if the "chemtrailers" (or "chemtrail theorists") were to take this one up, as it would force them to learn what "aerosol" and "radiative forcing" actually mean.
  3. Alhazred The Sane

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  4. Mick West

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    Hopefully they would read far enough to see the clouds are giant helium balloons? But then would they get out the MDS sheet for helium, a chemical known to cause oxygen deficiency.

    The satellite that MikeC mentioned has unfortunately been destroyed in a failed launch on March 6th, a sad day for climate science, and contrail research.


    [EDIT] Oh wait, it's a different satellite. "Glory" blew up, "Earthcare" is still on the drawing board.
  5. Alhazred The Sane

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    "The parallels are spooky. The Glory probe was meant to collect crucial climate data as part of NASA's 'A-Train' constellation of Earth-observing satellites, just like the doomed Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO) that launched two years ago. Like OCO, Glory took off from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. And it rode the same model of rocket, the Taurus XL."

    Aha! Two satellites blowing up? It's obviously a conspiracy. If it isn't a conspiracy, then why is it spooky? Eh?