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    Hey guys, I'm back from the grave. Today, I'm going talk about my favorite conspiracy theory, which is The Illuminati controlling the music industry. On the web, I found this interesting article on The Soap Box, where the writer pretty much debunks the whole "globalist controlling music" theory. I would have re-wrote it myself, but some words are better said in the mouths of other people.

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    No evidence? I dont know about "Illuminati" but look into the Frankfurt School influence on multinational conglomerate powers. Look at the history of the Universal Music Group, Vivendi (french company) and a man named Edgar Bronfman Jr. (Sr. is no innocent either). The wiki is enough for the intelligent mind to connect the dots.

    If you still think there is nothing to the story of subtle control of the masses I urge you to further your search for Truth into the evolution of advertising and branding which pervades everything from the entertainment industry to toilet paper and diapers. (try to find plain diapers without elmo or dora on them) If branding newborn babys isn't evil manipulation then you need to redefine your definition.

    Drug companies, google, the entertainment industry and wall street (among many others) all share and trade the same CEO's. Do some actual research and dig deep. You wont like what you find but it's better to be aware of a truth you dont like than blissfully ignorant.

    Also look to the history of the Khazars and their convert to Judaism in the seventh century.
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    I think this guy could definitely have benefited from a rewrite, Clock. :p
    He doesn't really debunk anything though, does he? It's more of an "Conspiracy theorists say this, but I think they're wrong, because that's what I think." deal throughout.
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    What? Bronfman owns Warner Music. So? How is that any proof of the illluminati? no.

    Here are diapers that do not have cartoon characters on them: http://returnmarket.com/media/termekek/1349204660_how_many_diapers_should_i_buy_for_newborn_baby.jpg (and that's a pretty big brand name too!) and here http://c1.diapers.com/images/products/p/pg/pg-267_1z.jpg
    On that baby branding thing, there isn't much info on it, but there is this http://boingboing.net/2008/08/05/uv-branding-iron-for.html

    And that was in 1938. today they use paper branding. (they attach a paper to their wrist)
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    Ya, I supposed that you're right, Grieves. The problem with this theory is there is a lack of evidence.
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    There are plenty of non branded products of all types out there (non branded meaning not advertised heavily or at all). Most stores have their own store brands, and there are entire stores with very few branded products, such as Aldi. One can find non branded eating places from hamburger spots and pizzerias to high end restaurants

    Many times one ends up with a brand, because you KNOW it. Winfield's Breakfast and Burgers has the best burgers in Dallas, but it is a tiny whole in the wall, in the 'hood'. Lots of folks stand around outside (they are waiting for their burgers, since there is room inside for about 4-5 customers. If you don't KNOW about it, Micky Ds looks to be a safer bet for a burger.

    People have the CHOICE and often they CHOOSE the brand. I do buy Coke, and Blue Bell ice cream, but I would never spend 1000s on a designer purse or shoes or clothing. I might have something custom made, and it would be cheaper.

    Branding is nothing more than 'smart marketing'.