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    This sighting, by a group of young children in a school in rural Zimbabwe in 1994, has never, to the best of my knowledge, been fully explained, or if it has, I can't find it. http://www.ufoevidence.org/documents/doc1453.htm

    Has anyone here ever come across a reasonable explanation for what the children claim to have seen? I know it was investigated by John Mack, but he has been known to be gullible and prone to falling for hoaxes. Can anyone point me to a good link on the subject? Thanks.
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    Well 'mass hallucination or hysteria or confabulation', is one (not very exciting) explanation, but there's no proof of that just as there's no proof for the children's story. There is more precedent for the former though.
    The initial report:
    (doh, that's the same one you posted)
    Video interviewing the children:

    There's this more recent AMA on reddit:
    (oh, it's just a *request* for an AMA, not an actual talk with a participant)

    There is the issue that a supposedly vitally important message for the future of humanity was delivered to a small group of children rather than the whole world, but Aliens being stupid doesn't disprove the story.
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    "Children are our future"....

    (Sorry....low-hanging fruit to grab)....

    (Also.....I have been watching this show here in the USA...."MasterChef Junior"....now, before I get a "ding" for being "OT"? Seeing these kids, with their poise and intelligence?? WoW!!!! I was blown away!!!) (I have not much experience with young children...except for what I can recall AS a child, as a "peer" then....and this isn't a very "good" memory, much of the time)....

    Kids are a LOT smarter than we adults often give them credit....
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    Dont forget to read the posting guidelines and Metabunks "no click policy" https://www.metabunk.org/threads/metabunks-no-click-policy.5158/
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    lots of different interpretations and wicked leading questions. and not to be one of those "look alike people" but isnt this the same boy? (kinda hard to tell) who originally says he didnt see his face and then a month later is drawing the eyes AND pupils?

    it is curious what they might have seen. but again the drawings of even the ship are all rather different.

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    I recognize that kid. It's clearly Alex Israel.
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    what are you blind? its clearly Robbie Parker.
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    ...this is your first 'mock"....innit? ;)

    (and I thought i'd be your "first"....sad face).... Joke, of course!!!

    OK...I am SO going to the "toolshed" now, to get "spanked"!!!!!
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    something tells me you did that on purpose.
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    when i start mocking, i'm starting with your lack of shoes while using power equiptment! cause it makes me crazy!!:p

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    In have no toes.....
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    So if you can't debunk , you make fun of it ?
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    What is there to debunk?
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    It appears to be.

    Frankly, the reason this whole thing hasn't been debunked is because it follows a pretty clear pattern and it's not hard to tell what happened: First a few kids told a story that may even have been true (but was not witnessed by adults present or even by all of the children at the time so either was not true or was a far more mundane event than the children believed), but bore little to no resemblance to the one that eventually got popularized (written accounts before the attention built didn't even have the ship landing!).

    What followed wasn't just the incredibly leading questions and pressure for details seen above (which in children invariably produces bad information) but also a good dash of recovered memories (which even in adults produces information so consistently false that doing so is immediate cause for malpractice and the resulting memories are now considered a mental disorder in and of themselves!). So a disputed story by a few children then became a number of far more elaborate but very different stories by a larger number of children, which on further prompting and notes-comparing became a more consistent shared story with inconsistent window dressings.

    Just for an example of how incredibly wrong this process is, it's identical to a Satanic Panic. Take the investigation of Dan and Frances Keller in 1991, which started with one child accusing a day care worker of spanking her (a claim at the time disputed by a number of other students). Pastors, prosecutors, and parents subjected the entire group of children alone to incredible pressure to produce information about the event and other events, fed them leading and loaded questions, and got incredibly complex but impossibly inconsistent stories, which were then compared between children, who then made their stories more consistent. Then the psychologists were brought in to recover "lost" memories and by the time they were done, the children were accusing Chuck Norris of raping them. Really.

    It's frankly criminal what's done to children in cases like this, they appear to me to be pretty clear victims of adults' need to validation.
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    When I was 8 years old I lived for a year in the village of Standish in Lancashire (now greater Manchester). The village church was at the end of my road, one of these large old English ones with graves dating back to the civil war era and for an 8 year old who was heavily into Scooby Doo, a very spooky place. We used to dare each other to go into grave yard just about sunset and see how long we could stay before we either chickened out, or got called in for bed time. The biggest memorial there was a big white angel statue and local kids gossip said it was haunted and if its eyes turned red you were going to DIE. Well one evening we decided to test out courage and one lad, I forget his name, suddenly freaked out, screamed the eyes were red and ran. We all looked at the statue, saw red eyes and ran screaming after him.

    Of course the eyes weren't really red, and as far as I know none of us suffered the predicted imminent nasty death, but at the time to our over active childs imaginations it was real, and after we shared the experience with each other and the other local kids it soon became fact.

    Bottom line, kids have great imaginations, but always take what they imagine with a pinch of salt
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