1. AluminumTheory

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    Looking pretty bad. Doesn't seem to be much coverage in conspiracy circles yet.
    But I expect the usual stuff about H.A.A.R.P. And how somebody saw some lights in the sky somewhere before it happened, and of course population control.
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  3. AluminumTheory

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    Isn't there a European counterpart to H.A.A.R.P.? 8 wonder if they'll blame it on that.
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    They think there are HAARPs all over the place. They think Brookhaven Lab on LI is a HAARP station. Some people think every weather radar dome is HAARP.
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    M Bornong, your post made me go to Dutch's page, where a very intelligent poster asked "why would they aim this at the Philippines". Great question IMO, does Dutch explain why? Another Braniac on the thread suggested "de population". If that was the goal it kinda makes more sense to aim it at where there are more people? My question is where did this huge pulse come from to affect the weather all the way out in the Pacific. My second question is how can people believe this tripe?
  7. Bemused to Death

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    My guess would be pointing the finger at Exmouth.
  8. M Bornong

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    And your post made me go back and watch that piece of garbage again. No, Dutch does not give an explanation as to why. The video is pretty much an incoherent ramble.
    Dutch identified the Hokaido SuperDARN and a Satellite communication center in the Kuril Islands as the source of the microwave blasts. I've sent an email to The Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies, and asked what may have been the source of the anomaly on their feed that Dutch has obviously misinterpreted. If they reply, I will post it here.
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  9. Mick West

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    Looks like the death toll will be in the thousands. Unfortunately that's just going to stir up the conspiracy crowd.

    Estimates range from 1,000 to 10,000+

  10. AluminumTheory

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    Anything so people don't have to accept climate change.
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  11. M Bornong

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    That was quick, I didn't expect a response for several days. Here's the explanation directly from CIMSS, http://tropic.ssec.wisc.edu/real-time/mimic-tpw/wpac/main.html

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  12. M Bornong

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    He's now answered in the comments of the video,


    Let's see if he answers the follow up question?
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  13. JRBids

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    Some people have been answering the "why" question with "they" are practicing on the Philippines. They're going to hit major cities in the future. I guess "they" didn't think they killed enough people with Hurrican Sandy.
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    I've explained as much to him multiple times and gave him links to the MIMIC-TPW product description and other supporting info but he refuses to accept it, he just throws mud with ad-homs, strawmen and insults. Now he's uploaded yet another in a string of MIMIC-typhoon vids.

    Found this comment to a skeptic/critic Michael made on his Haiyan vid:

    You are absolutely correct Michael, it's not up for debate because you're not even wrong.

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  15. M Bornong

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    Dutchsinse has made Yahoo news for his video on microwave pulses creating the recent typhoons in the Pacific, http://anc.yahoo.com/video/expert-no-reason-believe-claims-091611949.html, between the fact that an expert explains the lack of the use of the scientific method by Dutch and that he's now got half a million views on his video, he's convinced that he's onto something. I'm reposting the link to Dutch's video, cued to 3:35 where he shows his "pulse" that started Francisco, later he shows the "pulse" he claims started Haiyan. Sorry, I'm not watching the whole video again to find that cue. The rest of the video is an incoherent ramble as he uses a Jim Lee (Climate Viewer) overlay to search out the "HAARP" like facilities in his opinion are responsible.

    This is the email that I recieved from the MIMIC-TPW website that I quoted from above,
    I contacted the MIMIC site through this URL, http://tropic.ssec.wisc.edu/misc/other/mail.html, very easy to find any where on their website, http://tropic.ssec.wisc.edu/tropic.php. I had a far more reasonable, believable and testable reply within a couple of hours, than what Dutchsinse is proposing.

    Dutch if you are reading this, it's often been suggested to you to either visit an NOAA Radar site or even contact them, present your work to them, see what they have to say about it. It's been my experience that the vast majority of professionals love to discuss there work, and the good ones can even make the most difficult subjects understandable to a second grader.
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  16. scombrid

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    Dutch should be proud. He's got more views in one video than all the regular chemtrail clergy get in all their videos in aggregate in a year. He's a prolific little tweeker.
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  17. ssfor27

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    He's also stirring up the anger within his flock and threats such as this scare the crap out of me. This is what brings me here. Wanting to get the truth out there and stop these delusions before someone is hurt or killed as a result. If some of these people would take the time to actually learn about the WSR-88 they might find out some of its components are barely removed from the vacuum tube age. Hardly capable and or powerful enough to affect anything. Funny how these radars are so powerful they can manipulate weather yet offices full of staff working around the clock directly beneath them are nary affected by their output.

    shot down.JPG
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  18. ssfor27

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    I don't understand why this Philippines "expert" seems to have acknowledged a "pulse" occurred. That seems a bit reckless to me and just added fuel to this whole fire. Why even begin to entertain such nonsense? Is he being labeled an expert by Dutch because he works for NOAH (Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards) and Dutch assumes NOAH is the Philippines version of the United States' NOAA? Based on the description of what NOAH does, it sort of sounds like a River Forecast Center here in the U.S. The staff at an RFC are experts in hydrology, not meteorology, and would not be qualified to make an "expert" opinion on a weather event, at least not the origins of such an event.

    And speaking of incoherent ramble, this bit of blather deserves a head scratching "huh?"

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  19. solrey

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    Dr. Lagmay is a geologist and I'm sure he knows the subject very well, but why oh why did ANC not get a meteorologist, someone from CIMSS or anyone else capable of explaining that what Michael calls a "microwave pulse" is just an error in a computer model? I'm flabbergasted that Dr. Lagmay inadvertently gave credence to the idea that there was any sort of "microwave pulse" in the first place. However, in his defense he is Filipino, and a professor of geology at the University of the Philippines who spends most of his time working on natural disasters, specifically flooding, so not only is english a secondary language for him, I'm sure he has way more important and immediate concerns in the aftermath of a monster typhoon than debunk some pseudo-scientific smooth talking grifter on youtube. Dr. Lagmay obviously did not take the time to look into Michael's claims deeply enough to provide a thorough rebuttal as he does not seem to understand what the MIMIC-TPW animations really are.


    I see Michael has already uploaded an over one hour long "rebuttal" of Dr. Lagmay's rebuttal. It's just a desperate rehashing of the same pseudo-scientific nonsense he always spews. Not even going to waste my time with that vid, it's all been throughly debunked on this forum in various threads.

    Here's how modulated HF transmissions actually create an ELF/VLF "antenna" in the ionosphere. Straight from his own source, the Stanford VLF group...


    Hmmmm, nothing about "cross modulation", "efficiency scaling" or any nonsense about a "high point in it's arch of transmission". Dude just throws out a word salad without knowing wtf any of those words mean.

    Anyhoo, were talking about a miniscule amount of power here.


    Oh, and none of the frequencies (19, 22 and 32 GHz) sensed by the satellites whose data is fed into the MIMIC-TPW model are even close to any of the frequencies transmitted by any of the sources Michael has claimed are responsible for weather modification in the past like WSR-88D (2.7-3.0GHz), or HAARP (2.8-10MHz) and certainly not VLF/ELF. Explain that, Michael.
  20. scombrid

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    Dutch's "rebuttle" video to Dr. Lagmay.

    I skipped around. It is just a hodge podge of all of his bullshit going back quite a ways.

    For entertainment you can skip to around the 44:30 mark in the video and watch as he repeats the Aquiess rainmaking hoax/scam as if it is real applied technology.

    We discussed Aquiess here a while back:


    Immediately following that he shows the clip from Weather Channels "Hacking the Planet" where they covered how some guy thought you could create a stationary vortex over a fixed sight and capture the wind to create electricity. It is kind of hilarious. Dutch thinks that they really created a tornado in a bottle. He doesn't even recognize that TWC producers had to draw in an animated simulation to show what it would look like if Slobo Tepic wasn't a total crackpot.

    That's just one of my favorite Dutch blunders. I can't believe he believes it.

    Here's his link:
    The Weather Channel covers the topic of storms created via Microwaves:


    Edit: I thought there was already a debunk of the Hacking the Planet tornado in a bottle. I can't find it though.

    Long story short. Slobodon Tepic proposed to heat the atmosphere with microwaves to create an updraft. The inflowing air was supposed to be directed through turbines of sorts to make electricity. His proof of concept was a fancy looking containment vessel where he was heating a plate at the top. That was supposed to create convection in the jar. Nothing happened (heating the top of something is not a good way to generate bouancy driven convection). Since nothing happened, Weather Channel drew in an animated little fake vortex in the jar. Dutch claimed they demonstrated creation of a tornado using microwaves. Obviously neither Slobodon Tepic or Dutchsinse understand bouyancy driven convection.
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  21. solrey

    solrey Senior Member

    Here's one of my posts debunking the tornado in a bottle thing:


    I've explained what that little demonstration actually was to Michael several times but each time he responded with nothing more than his usual ad-homs, strawmen and insults. Look at the pretty pictures and be mesmerized by my bullshit or I will taunt you and call you names. That pretty much the extent of Michael's "scientific method".
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  22. ssfor27

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    Does any of his flock even bother to look at the links their shepherd posts? I was just wondering if anyone has ever gone to that site and babysat the imagery to find another "pulse" that did NOT allegedly produce a storm. So I went there and immediately found an animated 72 hour .gif image from the first few days in January. It shows multiple examples of what Dutch and his flock would label a "pulse".....


    and another, randomly selected 72 hour animated .gif showing another "pulse".....


    This one even shows some "rings"....uh oh, not rings......


    No storms formed from these anomalies. Now why is that Dutch? And I would think it safe to say the majority of those files on that site would show similar anomalies.

    And as for the Doctor's use of the word "pulse", I also had the same thought about the language barrier and he was simply reiterating the word that had already been used to describe the anomaly, and was in no way confirming it.

    The main link to all the archived images:

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  23. scombrid

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  24. scombrid

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    You know Dutch hasn't. He's just playing the post hoc fallacy game. Something happened to the weather after a "pulse" therefore the "pulse" caused the weather. It doesn't matter the "pulse" was just an error in the display or data feed. It doesn't matter that 99.9% of such "pulses" aren't follow by significant weather. They saw a blip on the screen and the storm happened. That blip must have been something.

    Heck, the "pulses" supposedly killed earlier storms:


    The "pulses" can do whatever the believer desires.

    The pulses were being used for some other purpose on those days. They were just testing the pulsing machine.

    Pick your rationalization. I've seen both of those already in comments to videos.

    Yes, if Dutch was really interested in a scientific approach then he would sit down and sample a large random representative selection of archive imagery and see if there is any quantifiable pattern. He hasn't and won't. He would have done if for his NEXRAD videos. Instead, any weather event is a confirmation. Remember the hits and forget the misses.
  25. Pete Tar

    Pete Tar Moderator Staff Member

    He's chosen a successful niche and is determined to dominate it for as long as he can.
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  26. ssfor27

    ssfor27 Active Member

    Another instance of Dutch making a fool of himself while punctuating his comment with "epic fail" or "lol"....which normally apply to his own ridiculous theories, he just doesn't realize it....
    Yes Dutch, in the overall electromagnetic spectrum, microwaves ARE considered to longer wavelengths.....but someone as esteemed as you in these multiple professions you claim to know so much about should know that....right?

    dutch fail.JPG


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  27. scombrid

    scombrid Senior Member

    Dutchsince, Jim Lee, and some others claimed that Hurricane Irene in 2011 and Hurricane Sandy in 2012 were "geoengineered". They used imagery from NEXRAD and MIMIC.

    It seems lost on them that those two storms differed dramatically from each other. Sandy made an extra tropical transition while undergoing retrograde movement whereas Irene got caught up in the westerlies and accelerated toward the northeast after landfalling in Southern North Carolina. They look at the common anomalies on the radar and MIMIC mosaics and declare that the storms were manufactured/steered.

    Haiyan isn't even the same class of storm or motion as either of those. Yet they make the proclamations.

    I'd loved to know by what mechanism these supposed pulses are actually supposed to be affecting the weather.

    Of course Jim Lee has photos of cirrus clouds from South Carolina that he took when one of the hurricanes was offshore. He calls them chemtrails. These guys don't even know about cirrus clouds flowing out from the top of tropical cyclones. They don't know that cirrus clouds approaching from the east are a sign that a cyclone is near or approaching when you are in the mid latitudes. But they what people to think that they can discern weather manipulation in computer generated graphical representation of the weather"?
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  28. ssfor27

    ssfor27 Active Member

    By anything that resembles a tower, transmitter, telephone pole or Santa's toy factory - in other words, whatever might happen to anywhere remotely close to the "pulsed" area that can be shoehorned into their theory and believed by their flock. In this case I think it was a communications facility near Guam or something......
  29. Hingefactor

    Hingefactor Member

    Here's what I don't get about these weather modification conspiracy theories - why is the "motive" always something sinister? Or political? If any of this is possible, why isn't it used to help put out huge forest fires, such as those in Australia or near Yellowstone? I'd love to hear this Dutchsince guy explain that, or any of his followers
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  30. M Bornong

    M Bornong Senior Member

    A response to Dutch from a Philippine meteorologist.

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  31. M Bornong

    M Bornong Senior Member

    There were several comments on his video this morning asking about other dates, including today's post of the eastern pacific, http://tropic.ssec.wisc.edu/real-time/mimic-tpw/epac/anim/latest72hrs.gifthat showing similar anomalies. They've now disappeared along with most comments questioning or debunking any part of the video.

    I even thought Dutch was hinting at another microwave pulse video with this facebook post.


    I guess the forecast for light rain over the weekend in the upper northwest isn't sensational enough for Dutch.

    By the way, I found this on the MIMIC-TPW Product Description,last updated Novemeber of 2011.

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  32. ssfor27

    ssfor27 Active Member

    I saw that Facebook post too - and without even asking what he means by "very strange turn", his flock immediately gets all stirred up and starts making the "spread the toxin poisons" comments....
    They talk of blindly following, yet that is exactly what they are doing by following Dutch. He could say the sky was red and they'd listen to him without question.......
    Not surprising comments questioning other dates would be deleted. The guy is such a fraud.
    Funny, in one of his videos he says something like he doesn't believe in conspiracy theories, just the truth or lies, yet he never wants to listen to anyone telling him the truth.
  33. solrey

    solrey Senior Member

    This comment pretty much sums up what he wants his flock to believe...

    No, anyone with half a brain can see right through his bullshit. By "attacking the messenger" he means not flogging yourself at his feet, apparently. I'll agree that there is a problem, the problem is Michael Janitch stirring up fear, suspicion and paranoia leading to some, possibly unhinged individuals, making threats against pretty much anything that looks like an antenna or anyone who disagrees with their shepherd.

    Using natural disasters like this in a vain attempt to boost his credibility and ego makes me wanna puke.
  34. Pete Tar

    Pete Tar Moderator Staff Member

    He induces nausea and high blood pressure, something he probably claims elf waves do. Obviously he is a health hazard.
  35. ssfor27

    ssfor27 Active Member

    Oh so now he's a psychologist as well? Man is there anything this guy cannot do? And oh yes, then I must be in denial every time I go out to the radar facility or up in the radome.

    "Messenger" Dutch? Hardly. More like the top propagator of a known and thoroughly debunked hoax. And instigator of a lot of unnecessary fear, anger, resentment, and even in some cases, medical concerns, in a lot of good people. It's shameful.
  36. Jay Reynolds

    Jay Reynolds Senior Member

    Guys you have had 6000 page views on this thread in less than a week, so you are reaching a significant audience. Be sure to use the keywords Dutchsinse Hoax as often as possible together so as to associate the man with the deed in google searches and to bring about knowledge of what the guy is doing.
  37. solrey

    solrey Senior Member

    Something like here's another nail in the coffin of the dutchsinse microwave typhoon haiyan yolanda hoax?

    Interesting that he scoffed at the fact that microwaves are on the longer end of the spectrum showing that he neither understands the subject matter nor understood Dr. Lagmay's description of the electromagnetic spectrum.

    As for those MIMIC-TPW errors, here is a good video showing the orbit and data acquisition path of the Aqua satellite, one of the satellites from which microwave data is fed into the simulation. Notice the gaps that occur between swaths, extending north and south of the equator, including the region of tropical cyclone development in the Pacific from which Yolanda originated west of the Philippines. Watching how the data is acquired in swaths over time with equatorial gaps between swaths it's not hard to understand why there are errors in a real-time simulation that uses said data. As the contact from CIMSS said:


    Here's what the NOAA-18 polar orbiting satellite's data path looks like. Note that most if not all polar orbiting satellites like Aqua and NOAA-18 have those gaps between data swaths along the equator.

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  38. ssfor27

    ssfor27 Active Member

    Hardly Solrey - what you are seeing is cutting of the data....same as the way we at the weather service always "edit the feed" or something along those lines, whatever that means. Blaming the offending agency for censoring the data feeds is his easiest cop out to avoid any type of real explanation when asked a legitimate question.

    data clipping.JPG
  39. cloudspotter

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    Dutchsinse Hoax warning: Reading too much of this bunk can be 'azardous to your 'elf

    Sorry. :oops:
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  40. JRBids

    JRBids Senior Member

    It's funny, they are luddites who want to disable the latest technology while they use the latest techology.