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    Been following this flight on FR24
    tdf relay flight.
    No, not a very odd covert geo-engineering flight, ;) ...

    Its the television relay plane for the Tour de France. Basically all the TV feeds from the various camera cars and bikes, plus the two or three helicopters that follow the race are relayed up to an aircraft that is circling at high altitude then transmitted on to the main TV centre for the race, then on to the various broadcaster that are covering the race.

    I've been watching the race live on TV and following the relay plane all day and thought I would share.
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    Planefinder.net has a bit more detail. There seem to be three planes following the course, one at 11,000ft, one at 26,000ft and one at 27,000ft:


    The registrations are F-HPIX, F-HFTV and F-GJFE.

    F-HPIX has "PixAir Survey" branding:



    The PixAir site is down at the moment but the Google cache shows it does provide broadcast services:

    F-HFTV is owned by the aerial survey firm AĆ©ro Sotravia and is noted on this Flickr photo as being the Tour de France TV relay plane:

    upload_2017-7-4_17-12-19. https://flic.kr/p/LvrrmD

    F-GJFE is owned by DGAC, the French civil aviation authority: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Directorate_General_for_Civil_Aviation_(France)

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