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    That's a beauty. Straight lines, a holepunch (possibly several), ripples. I can see a lot of chemtrail sites getting excited over that one...
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    Wow... Nice one!
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    Vero Beach . Northeast of the Lake Okeechobee (The Big Lake )

    Not sure around the 21st of Jan ? afternoon , pretty sure we had a cold front come in on that day .http://lance-modis.eosdis.nasa.gov/imagery/subsets/?subset=USA8.2015021.aqua.1km[​IMG]
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    Which was located in a satellite image here: https://www.metabunk.org/data/MetaMirrorCache/6e3cdb3985f85d0de1587fb8720017d8.jpg


    Here is a permalink to the comment on reddit that refers to this image: http://www.reddit.com/r/aviation/comments/2v2gqb/crazy_square_cloud_i_saw_today/coeh1c9

    Joe's image is "looking east over the Atlantic", whereas the reddit image is on the Louisiana coast, Gulf of Mexico.
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    The edge of the cloud seems to follow the Texas-Louisiana state boundary, which lies along the Sabine river. I wonder whether they are somehow related.
  9. Critical Thinker

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    Are any of these claims true?


  10. deirdre

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    "Scientists have put forth forward hypotheses about the causes of square clouds"
    they have. https://www.metabunk.org/explained-flying-carpet-rhombus-shaped-cloud-in-exeter.t4122/

    "Clouds strange shape bean to appear frequently around the world."
    too ambiguous a statement. began when? Define frequently.

    "Information about clouds square shape began to appear in 2008"
    again, I don't know what this statement means. Does he mean scientific explanations or .. people only started seeing them in 2008?
    This guy remembers them in the 1960s
    "Mark steer data: "
    he has it pinned now.
  11. Mick West

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    I'd try to focus on evidence, rather than claims. Claims without evidence can generally be ignored.

    Most of the "square" clouds that people post about are just a corner, with fairly straight lines, and a fairly well defined corner (quite rare for it to be actually 90°).

    The "cloud" on the left here appears to be fake.

    The cloud on the right was discussed above:
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    I saw this from the train this morning in west London. Not a square cloud but a square-edged hole in the clouds. At least one edge appeared to be formed by a contrail. I couldn't get great photos due to the direction the train was travelling, and the reflections on the windows.

    06F570C3-867A-498D-8A7F-F99A5370C26B. B28A3CB8-2FE4-493E-A060-C9872438013E.

    Looking at the photos I’ve been just noticed another less defined square “hole” which seems to be formed from a contrail grid, above the one I was focusing on:

    Satellite image from today - some time later than my photos. Lots of contrails among the cloud. This might be the same hole, having drifted northeast with the wind?

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  14. Hi guys,

    The photos you posted are mind blowing!

    I was sent this photo + exif data by a friend of mine who was driving towards Davenport, Fl:


    28768399_1466738870114652_137477728_o. 28695092_1466738993447973_902251018_o.

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    That one’s an interesting one, albeit with a different cause than the others in the thread. I suspect that cloud is the result of the Lifted Condensation Level (the height at which air lifted from the surface cools enough for clouds to form) occurring just a few thousand feet below a strong cap (a layer of stable air that acts as a lid on weaker updrafts), which would trap the visible cloud column between two relatively flat surfaces.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find that cloud sits atop an updraft with an anthropogenic source, like a smokestack, which would increase the humidity as well as provide lift, and explain its isolated nature.
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