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    US Embassy Havana Cuba Sonic Attack.

    When I first read the stories about the strange events in the US Embassy in Havana, Cuba, I accepted them as fact. Why not, I thought, after all Cuba is not very friendly, and then there's Russia, probably trying to make trouble by zapping the Embassy. It did seem a bit odd though.

    Then things got stranger, Canadians reported being affected, people were "targeted" in hotels. The incidents varied. And then I saw this list of symptoms today in The Guardian:
    This rang a bell for me, as it's quite similar to symptom lists given for conditions that many consider to be psychosomatic. They are all symptom of getting old. Other than "brain injuries" I personally have ALL those symptoms right now at this very instant.

    I'm familiar with this type of list because I used to write a lot about "Morgellons", a label for a similar constellation of symptoms that people self diagnose with after convincing themselves that fibers are emerging from their skin. The Morgellons symptoms, if we remove itching and finding things on your skin, are, in short form:
    • Life altering fatigue
    • Neurological impairment
    • Visual and hearing changes
    • Brain fog and diminished higher cognitive abilities
    • Hair loss
    • GI changes
    • Muscle aches, Joint pain
    • General malaise; intense, life-impacting pain
    • Dental deterioration
    • Sleep disturbances
    • Psychiatric manifestations can include anxiety, depression, new onset of panic attacks, changes in behavior and personality.
    Notice again these are just general issues associated with life and aging, and many are subjective self-reporting signs that cannot be objectively measured. I've had all these symptoms myself. Ask anyone over the age of 35 in depth about changes in their health over the last year, and they will likely respond "yes" to most, if not all, of these symptoms, to some degree. This become increasingly true with age.

    Could the Cuba attacks be mass hysteria? More specifically we'd label it a "mass psychogenic illness"
    Such events are not uncommon, and well documented through history:
    The idea that psychological factor might be at play in the embassy situation was also suggested earlier this month by sociologist Dr Robert Bartholemew:
    Of course the possibilities here are not a binary choice of "Sonic Attack", vs. "Mass Hysteria". There's a number of possibilities. For a start something had to trigger this. It's quite possible that one or more people experienced something - either a genuine illness, some environmental thing, a side effect of something going on nearby, or even an actual "sonic attack" by nefarious third parties. Although experts think that's unlikely:
    Any "real" cause need not be the same for everyone who has non-psychosomatic symptoms. These are an incredibly common group of symptoms. WebMD lists 140 conditions that manifest symptoms of concussion like dizziness, fatigue, headache and hearing loss. Here's just the top 18


    If you work in a place where suspicion is normally quite high (like the embassy in Cuba), and people say that building is being subject to an attack that might damage your brain, then you are going to be hypersensitized to whatever your body is telling you. Right now I've got slight ringing in my ears, a headache, fatigue, and now that I think about it I have been having trouble hearing what people are saying on TV, plus my balance isn't what it was, I can't read fine print any more, and I only slept around 4 hours last night!. I've just not paid it much attention because it's just me getting old.

    So even if there's a genuine attack or other cause for some of these symptoms, it's highly unlikely that everyone reporting them was actually affected by that cause.

    [Note: for discussion of possible physical causes, including exotic weapons, see: https://www.metabunk.org/exotic-wea...al-causes-of-the-cuba-embassy-syndrome.t9104/ ]
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    As for sonic devices:
    this above article (not sure how great "the Verge" is as a reputable source) suggests possible chemical attack. although i don't see how that would cause 'mild concussion'. ??
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    I don't think that "mild concussion" is something that you can do a physical test to determine. In fact after you get hit in the head and have symptoms of dizziness etc, they do a CT scan, and if it does not show anything they diagnose you with concussion.

    So they are probably not finding concussion, but rather a set of symptoms consistent with concussion. And since they generally don't have a baseline they are going on the patient's subjective assessment of their own symptoms, which can be highly psychosomatic.

    I suspect the "symptom" of "brain injuries" the stage department listed was probably just this diagnosis being consistent with the symptoms. Which means if I went to Cuba and presented myself to the doctor they would find I had all ten of the symptoms
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  4. deirdre

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    can they test for carbon monoxide poisoning? of course how someone would use it as an attack chemical i don't know.

  5. Mick West

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    I'm pretty sure they would have carbon monoxide detectors in the building. But yes, you can do a blood test (Carbon Monxide affects the blood's ability to carry oxygen).

    If it is some kind of mass hysteria, then it's probably not going to be too helpful speculating as to the various causes. Almost certainly there will be a variety of things behind what people are feeling, and most like banal explanations like existing health conditions, or just getting old.
  6. deirdre

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    in what building? i read about 15 articles and the reporting is all over the board. so, really hard to come to any conclusions.

    it sounds like there were only 2 episodes. December 2016 and August 2017. I do agree mass hysteria would eventually take over, it is also speculating a bit to assume everyone is getting old at the same time. :)
  7. Mick West

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    Looking at the comments on Bartholomew's blog, the story is also attracting some of the more fringe theorists. There's the DEW (directed energy weapons) enthusiasts who ascribe great capabilities to devices that are largely theoretical. But then there's the "gang stalking" folk who often claim that the government has organized groups of people who beam voices directly into their skulls. Example (of both together):
  8. Mick West

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    Again though, speculating as to a single physical cause kind of misses the point - and I think falls into the same mental trap that leads to ideas like the "sonic weapon". This is a constellation of common self-reported symptoms, not everyone in the Cuba situation has the same symptoms, or to the same degree. The symptoms are mostly going to be found in a subset of ANY similar group of people.

    It's possible there's a physical cause in some or any cases. It's even possible that it's the result of being zapped by a microwave weapon. It's possible that here's something in the water.

    But there's no evidence of that. Given that they are withdrawing 2/3 of the staff, you'd think they would have looked into this - set up some monitoring equipment, tested the water. They have no idea what is going on, so they started to speculate. People talked to each other about the sonic ray thing, nobody wants to go deaf, so it's highly stressful, more people feel ill, there's media reports, more people feel ill.

    Investigators trust and respect the embassy staff. So they tend to rule out psychosomatic components prematurely, and then they start speculating.

    A related topic:
    Like I said, I'd not rule anything out. But my feeling here is that it's not binary, it's complicated. There's some real symptoms here, and some unintentionally magnified symptoms. There seems to be a cluster simply because of the focus of the investigation, the more they focus, the more magnified the symptoms become.
  9. Mick West

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    Getting back to the actual events, if it IS an exotic weapon then it's clearly something the US cannot detect, and does not know how it works. So it's going to be something rather unusual. So speculating here is unlikely to be helpful. Let's just say there's a possible exotic weapon. We can't really rule things in or out without the full facts.

    More relevant than figuring out how such a weapon might work is asking if there's actually any evidence at all that it's a necessary explanation for what happened. Exactly how much hearing loss are we talking about here? Has it actually been measured? How many people had hearing loss? How much did they have? Did they all have this localised loud noise event? If there's devices making ultrasound inside the embassy (or embassy housing) then why have none been found after months of investigation?
  10. Mick West

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    I've been trying to dig through the repeated and reworded stories to find out exactly what is being reported. The most direct source seems to be the US Embassy web site and this teleconference from yesterday:

    So two things there. Firstly "these different attacks" suggests different people experienced different things. Which suggests to me that this is just people connecting unrelated dots, like "my symptoms happened after I noticed a strange smell/heard a noise/saw a flash of light/felt a rumble/felt hot"

    Then the lack of recent mention of brain injury suggests that all along it was simply a diagnosis of something like "symptoms consistent with mild concussion". i.e headache, dizziness, hearing issues, etc.

    There's also no specifics at all on anything serious.

    Then there was a bunch of "no comment" type answers:

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  11. Joey

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    It's Mass Hysteria absolutely. If these were high school girls it would be diagnosed as mass hysteria immediately. But these are people with important jobs, men in suits, they have to find an outside source to blame.
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  12. DasKleineTeilchen

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    first time I heard this I was like "well, thats a lot of BS and doesnt make a lot of sense". I still think this is all nonsense, at least the "sonic-weapon"-part. how many people working at the embassy? which percentage of them are those 21 people? how old are they? are they kinda top-employees with responsibillitys or just random all over staff? and WHY, why would cuba stage an attack at the embassy?!? still sounds like BS.
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  13. deirdre

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    August 23, 2017 press briefing
  14. Mick West

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    Still trying to track down more direct sources of info on the more severe claimed symptoms and loud noises. This article is from yesterday:

    Covering all your bases there. But again we have a variety of different symptoms, in different places, and a diagnosis of brain injuries only from other symptoms which can have well over a hundred different causes.

    I think a big problem here is with paraphrasing. Things go from "like concussion" to "concussion" to "traumatic brain injury".

    The root story behind the "traumatic brain injury" thing only goes back to Aug 23, and a report by CBS news.
    Again, this seems to be a possible diagnosis of a condition consistent with symptoms, not an actual finding of brain injuries.

    An older Aug 10 story says only:
  15. DasKleineTeilchen

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    obviously no evidence at all, but they always talking about "attacks" as it were a proven fact.
  16. scombrid

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    This is one of the ways that the mass media spreads bunk. They get some expert that hasn't actually examined the facts to speculate on what the claimed facts may mean. In this case he is speculating as if the symptoms are verified even though he has examined nothing. It isn't just in matters of health that the media will find someone that sounds authoritative to make declarative impressive sounding speculations even though their "expert" has no direct knowledge of the case at hand.

    Dr. Gizzi has credentials but I don't see in the piece any mention that he has examined the "victims". So where does he or any of these other experts get off speculating to the media when they don't have the first hand knowledge that would be needed to accurately make statements? Are they dumping their ethics because the are getting paid or do they just like the attention?
  17. Mick West

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    US is continuing to take it very seriously.
  18. Clouds Givemethewillies

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    That is a great bit of building bending, Mick, Is it yours?
  19. Critical Thinker

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    From the NYTimes

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    Mass hysteria may explain 'sonic attacks' in Cuba, say top neurologists


    I've followed the site for a long time and hadn't even realized Mick was a top neurologist :eek:
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  21. skephu

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    AP claims to have obtained a recording of the sound some US Embassy workers heard.

    Source: https://youtu.be/Nw5MLAu-kKs
  22. deirdre

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    Thanks. I just listened to your video, now I'm fatigued and can't hear. :mad:
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  23. Abe

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    A new AP story on the "sonic attacks" is trying to extend the number of victims:


    "The tourist from South Carolina had cut short his trip to Cuba two years earlier after numbness spread through all four of his limbs within minutes of climbing into bed at the same hotel where American government workers were later targeted."

    Unless I'm mistaken, numbness is a new complaint.

    This article also illustrates how this story is dominated by rumor and how details cannot be pinned down:

    "The AP has learned that an FBI agent sent down to Cuba this year was alarmed enough by an unexplained sound in his hotel that he sought medical testing to see whether he was the latest victim of what some U.S. officials suspect are “sonic attacks.” Whether the FBI agent was really affected is disputed.

    But there’s no dispute that a U.S. government doctor was hit in Havana, half a dozen U.S. officials said.

    Dispatched to the island earlier this year to test and treat Americans at the embassy, the physician became the latest victim himself. How badly he was hurt varies from telling to telling."

    And it looks like people sort of want to be victims of these attacks, but the evidence for their victimhood is worse than that of the tourist the AP mentions in detail:

    "Since the AP began reporting on the Cuba attacks, roughly three dozen American citizens have contacted the news agency to say they believe they may have been affected by the same or related phenomena. The AP has not published those accounts, because closer examination gave ample reason to doubt their situations were connected."

    Overall, the AP report is a bit too credulous, but they do a pretty good job of pointing out the discrepancies in the "sonic weapon" story.
  24. Steve Funk

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    Skeptic Magazine has weighed in on this with an article supporting the mass hysteria theory. https://www.skeptic.com/reading_roo...bout-sonic-attack-diplomats-cuba-dont-add-up/

  25. Mick West

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    That's Robert Bartholomew again, he published a similar article back in Sept 05 2017, linked in the OP.
    In the newer article he talks more about "sick building syndrome" and "hum scares"
  26. David Coulter

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    Fascinating thread. I was also suspicious of the ambiguous symptoms. My wife and I suffered dual hysteria once: I said I felt a bit dizzy, she said she did as well and maybe a bit nauseous, then I felt nauseous and had a bit of a headache, then she also had a headache. Suspecting CO poisoning we left the house and called the fire department. They found no CO and suggest we might have suffered from a collaboration of symptoms, something that they often see at schools.

    The main concern I have on the Cuban story line is why would the Cubans do something like this? (Regardless of the fact that there does not appear to be the technology in a stealthy package.) The Cuban government wants improved relations with the US. A rogue actor in the government? Seems like that would be discovered quickly. A Russian plot to disrupt a growing US-Cuban relationship? Their social media machine is effective and easier to implement.

    Since there is no evidence disclosed that actual brain injury was diagnosed via an MRI the diagnoses seems unreliable. Even if one person showed MRI evidence of injury it might have been pre-existing.

    Living in a tropical developing country subjects you to a lot of stress and environmental impacts. You are breathing more polluted air, routinely get intestinal bugs, subject to a host of minor and major tropical ailments that locals are accustom to.
  27. jonnyH

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    Reminded me of this:
    There are lots more examples in a follow up article in the BBC magazine.
  28. Apogej

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  29. jonnyH

    jonnyH Active Member

    Can cause symptoms like described above?

    The active denial system heats the surface of the skin. In the video you posted one test subject describes it a 2:50 in:

    There's more info on the device here, which includes a similar description of its effects

    However there is no mention in the video you posted or in the wikipedia article I linked that the ADS is capable of causing symptoms anything like:

  30. Mick West

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    It also needs a clear line of sight. It’s not going to work through walls, even if it made the same symptoms.
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  31. I believe you

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    "Here it is", this [attached .mp4] is what i thinks is the weapon, FIRE ALARM System. Mass hysteria proved a fact to me.

    Compare the sounds, that is what I think it is. Fire alarm.

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  32. Mick West

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    Interesting possibility - but surely everyone would have heard it? Maybe a fire alarm in another building heard through an open window. Somewhat location dependent.

    That's rather an odd sound for a fire alarm. What is the source of this video? What brand alarm is that?
  33. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

  34. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    The fire alarm in the video I just posted is lower pitched. Yours has a similar sound but also seems to have the high pitched noise that's similar to the "Dangerous Sound" video. Possibly harmonics. I'm sure most people have had the experience of walking down a corridor when fire alarms are going off, and hearing weird effects at different positions.
  35. I believe you

    I believe you New Member

    I can only tell you that the fire alarm belongs to the embassy but I can't tell you the brand or specs but if you compare the sounds obtained to this one I'm confident it will be that same pitch of sounds But its just my personal theory.
  36. Mick West

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    How do you know this? And was the recording done at the embassy? I thought the "attacks" were at residences and hotels?
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  37. I believe you

    I believe you New Member

    Nice!. Very similar, mine its from the State department, and it went off right next to me but I can't tell locations sorry and instantly came to muy mind the sounds I heard in the youtube videos

    I was at the right place in an ambassy when it went off next to me and this came to my mind but sorry I cant tell of locations
  38. I believe you

    I believe you New Member

    This one has another view and distance to the alarm, so depending how close you are its very loud and disturbing.

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  39. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    you already said it's from "the embassy". Now you say it's from the State Department. Why not just drop the 'cloak and dagger' swag and say "the sound could possibly be from a fire alarm" and then find some real life examples, not just some undocumented sound you 'say' is from such and such location.
  40. I believe you

    I believe you New Member

    I don
    Well, this is just an idea I dont know for sure if this is the same noises heard in Cuba. What bothers you?, i'm just like everyone here, trying to figure out because that noise does not come from Cícadas.