1. Mick West

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    Several tweets about this today:

    I'm assuming these are near real-time, as people tweet from their phones. That would put this one at around 12:50 PDT (UTC-7) 19:50 UTC.


    It appears to be looking due south, from:
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    This seems to be the culprit:


    And it turns out we've see him before. NASA 502, a survey plane

    And here's today's track, still in progress:


    The Google Earth track is attached, and from the spot in the above photo, looks like:


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  2. deirdre

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    sweet I needed a capital D for my collection!
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  3. scombrid

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    Took a train from SFO to Berkeley today. Came out of the tunnel from under the bay just before 1pm local. Looked out the window and saw that and thought, "I bet that makes the web today".
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