1. skephu

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    A new paper with the above title has been published in the journal "Palgrave Communications" by Dustin Tingley and Gernot Wagner.

    The conclusion:
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  2. Mick West

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    The reference goes to the Metabunk thread on my "70 years of books on clouds" video, which they probably picked up from the Guardian article, reference #7.

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  3. Mick West

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    The poll is rather disheartening:

    A 2013 poll, with different wording in the question got much lower numbers:

    It's hard to say how much of the difference is due to the question (or maybe other survey-related factors), and if there's actually been a significant shift.
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  4. Critical Thinker

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    The study made it into my Facebook feed via LifeHacker reporting on the story covered in Earther.com , and as expected the chemtrail folks have been quick to chime in and assert [that is means the chemtrail theory is true] followed by an expression of outrage and a pledge to unfollow LifeHacker

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