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    I ask if they are reliable, because many people believe that deathbed confessions "must" be true for reasons including....
    'to cleanse their guilt, and clear their conscience.'
    'to reveal important personal information to loved ones.'
    'to confess for acceptance into a spiritual afterlife.'

    ....and they would be correct. These reasons are all plausible, and likely.
    Besides, why would they lie, when about to die ?

    But in cases of shocking or news-making confessions, belief becomes dependent on evidence.... or at least it should be. (The above reasons could still apply)
    If an unsolved murder is confessed, and the confessor is to be believed, it's usually because certain unknown details are revealed as proof.

    Conspiracy-confirming deathbed confessions that made "news", were found to be untrue....
    E.Howard Hunt (JFK)
    Boyd Bushman (UFO's)
    CIA Agent (911 plot)

    Here is a good short read...

    "Bushman's Deathbed Confessions"
    Dr. Stuart J. Robbins

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    It's a logical fallacy, huh? Does it have a name?

    Also gives me the idea to start planning a really good, evidence-based (but false) deathbed confession, just for a laugh. :)
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    The fact that you won’t be taking questions afterwards allows plenty of potential for the practical joker.
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