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  1. Mick West

    View of Snowdonia From Dublin - Mirage?

    There are lots, just search this sub-forum for "looming"[child_nodes]=1&c[nodes][0]=51&o=relevance
  2. V

    View of Snowdonia From Dublin - Mirage?

    Okay great, will give it a try, thanks. How long do I as a new member have to wait for moderator to check all my posts before making them public. I've replied to a few other members in this thread but still waiting for my replies to register in the thread. Will this feature be removed at all?
  3. V

    View of Snowdonia From Dublin - Mirage?

    ...long distance sighting of land over sea (as per the photo in the original post) which should be hidden behind the horizon is atmospheric looming. The detail witnessed and with what looks like no distortion seems impossible through poteintially inconsistent temperatures and air densities...
  4. Mick West

    View of Snowdonia From Dublin - Mirage?

    ...also have a gap between them and the horizon. This is NOT a superior mirage, or really any type of mirage. It's simply normal atmospheric looming. Looming raises up distant objects because light in the atmosphere bends down, towards the more dense air (which has a higher refractive index.)...
  5. Mick West

    300 miles visibility on Antartica?

    Why are you assuming that? That makes no sense. The important thing is the line of sight. The article describes what is going on - looming. The extreme temperature variations and clean air make Antarctica a prime location for optical phenomena.
  6. Mick West

    Debunked: Isle of Man from Blackpool at water level proves flat earth [refraction]

    ...for this situation:'Isle*20of*20Man*20From*20Southport)_ Zoomed in a bit Flat Earth view, no refraction, same zoom as above. Notice how compressed the (globe, refracted) image is - a sure sign of "looming" (refraction raising things over the...
  7. Rory

    How can we explain perspective calculations simply?

    ...standard practice among flat earthers: one person says "but that's atmospheric lensing" - or "angle of attack" - or "compression" - or "looming" - or "how our eyes work" - or "angular resolution" - or, gulp, "perspective" - as though simply saying the words counts as an explanation, and...
  8. Mick West

    View across Utah Lake

    Most of what we see probably isn't ducting - ducting creates a high distorted image with multiple inversion especially over long distances. What we seem to be seeing is a simpler looming, with compression the closer you get to the horizon. The rays are simply bend without crossing:
  9. Mick West

    Demonstrating How Refraction Helps You See Over The Horizon

    ...the topic of the thread here though. It's "how refraction helps you see over the horizon" it is NOT "this fishtank of sugar water is exactly like the atmosphere". The idea here is to help people understand what is going on with the paths of light when they observe things looming over the horizon.
  10. Mick West

    Where and How could the Wallace Experiment Easily Be Repeated?

    ...temperature of the water is close to the temperature of the air. The Wallace experiment was specifically designed to avoid the the worse problem of refraction by being several feet above the water surface. The very worst effect happen very close to the surface - like mirages or looming on a...
  11. DavidB66

    View across Utah Lake

    The FE claim is that no plausible amount of refraction can possibly account for a given amount of 'looming' at a given distance. I think the best answer to this would be with time-lapse video footage showing the allegedly implausible amount of refraction actually happening. For example this...
  12. Mick West

    View across Utah Lake

    ...are really only rough approximations to the truth. You can consider them accurate to a few per cent, most of the time. But, occasionally, they will be wildly off, particularly if mirages are visible. Then it's common to see much farther than usual — a condition known as looming. [emphasis mine]
  13. Mick West

    Earth curvature refraction experiments - debunking flat/concave Earth

    That experiment does not demonstrate looming. It demonstrates magnification. Looming makes things higher. This experiment by Rob Skiba is making them bigger, so the bottom of the image is cut off by the lens itself.
  14. Abishua

    Earth curvature refraction experiments - debunking flat/concave Earth

    Agreed. My mistake. I meant to say atmospheric lensing. Must have slipped because both start with L.. :oops: Anyway Rob claims that atmosphere in some conditions acts like a lens and enlarges objects and that's why their bottoms are cut off.
  15. eenor

    Explained: Observations of Canigou, Curvature of the Earth & Atmospheric Refraction

    ...the report of the expedition led by Korzenewsky (1923), who reported seeing snow-capped peaks of a mountain range 750 km away." the page is a fascinating quick read, with lots of assumptions and approximations...but apparently my observation is comparatively small potatoes. Rare looming...
  16. Z.W. Wolf

    Observations of Brighton from Worthing Pier

    ...eventually, but everyone had to go home. He concludes: If by some fluke the laser is visible at that time it will be absolute proof of FE. It could not be explained by looming or ducting, because light does not bend downwards in the atmosphere. A scientific fact established by Dr. John D.
  17. Trailblazer

    San Mateo Bridge to Bay Bridge 17 mile curvature test

    Also if you look at the last image you can see that there is a lot of looming which suggests that refraction is higher than normal. Look especially at the right end of the bridge here.
  18. Abishua

    Views of Toronto from Hamilton and Fort Niagara Illustrate Earth's Curvature

    does not seem like looming to me.. because the tallest building left of the tower should also be looming then.. and it's height differential from the building partially covering up the dome matches with the height difference from other photo.. yet in your comparison dome should be hovering above...
  19. Abishua

    Earth curvature refraction experiments - debunking flat/concave Earth

    Higher refraction index is a plausable reason, but there is an experiment on looming, for scientific reasons, can we entertain the possibility that looming is responsible for obscuring lower part of land like experimentally demonstrated in this video? The experiment is demonstrated at 59th...
  20. Henk001

    San Mateo Bridge to Bay Bridge 17 mile curvature test

    Agree. There is about 47 ft hidden. The question should be: How is that possible on a flat Earth?