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  1. Mick West

    TTSA Exotic Material vs. Thermite Slag

    ...the second from the right Which instantly reminded me of a couple of pieces I have on my bookcase: These are the result of burning some thermite in a flowerpot. Even the shape is reminiscent of the bottom of a flower-pot, which is a common vessel for burning thermite (relatively heat...
  2. Oystein

    Wayne Coste's new hypothesis for WTC1+2 collapses: nano-thermite propellants!

    ...outward in all four cardinal directions (north-south-east and west). This observed propelling force is hypothesized to be based on a nano-thermite material that was “tuned” to be more like a rocket fuel than either an explosive or an incendiary. This “rocket fuel” propellant impacted the...
  3. A

    Why 9/11 Truthers Are Wrong About The Facts | (Part 1 w/ Mick West)

    Source: What are the flaws in some common truther arguments? Did the collapse of the Twin Towers truly resemble a controlled demolition? What's the process like when a person becomes and quits being a conspiracy theorist? These are some of the key questions I discuss...
  4. Mick West

    Debunked: Thermite Slag on WTC beams [Oxy Cutting Slag] away). This can be cleaned up, it just chips off. For demolition and quick cuts the line is not always the straightest, and slag production (and cleanup) is not a concern. So when you see a beam cut like this, it's not evidence of "thermite" cutting. It's evidence of oxy cutting.
  5. Mick West

    Debunked: The WTC 9/11 Angle Cut Column. [Not Thermite, Cut Later]

    ...for 9/11 Truth (AE911) still insist it was cut before the building fell, and looks nothing like a normal cut, and hence is evidence of thermite. Here's an AE911 slide they used just a few weeks ago: Here's Richard Gage, head of AE911, discussing this: Source...
  6. JohnJones

    The Thermite Paint Theory

    Harrit et al. report finding red/gray chips with a thickness of 10-100 microns in WTC debris. They conjecture that these are some form of thermite. Jim Hoffman ( supposes that this material was painted onto the steel supports...
  7. Mick West

    Nanothermite vs. Thermite/Thermate for Cutting Thick Steel

    Some theories about controlled demolition of the World Trade Center rely upon the use of a speculative material called "Nanothermite". Nanothermite is basically regular thermite with the constituents (iron oxide and aluminum) mixed together more completely, using very small particles - even down...
  8. Pete Tar

    Thermite Destruction Theory

    So the building was deliberately weakened, so when the planes would hit they could initiate a collapse? But not explosives? What rules out the planes causing the collapse without premeditated weakening of the structure?
  9. gerrycan

    Thermite Has Historically Been Used for Demolition (at least twice)

    ...and the remaining roof of the reichstag building [1954] being two. Source: Mechanics...
  10. hamishsubedei

    Modern Uses of Thermite for Demolition and their applicability to the WTC The Linear Thermite Charge (LTC) is designed to rapidly cut through concrete and steel structural components by using extremely high temperature thermite reactions jetted through a linear nozzle. Description Broadly, the invention...
  11. Mick West

    Debunked: Iron Microspheres in 9/11 WTC Dust as Evidence for Thermite The iron microspheres (as evidence for thermite) were debunked years ago, but they keep coming up. The bottom line is: Iron Microspheres form from condensed vaporized iron or from molten iron...