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  2. Jason

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    Wow, is this actually illegal though, because if it isn't, it should be in this instance. Politics at its best, this is why people have a hard time trusting politicians.
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  3. Bill

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    It's not illegal to change your name. It's not illegal to change parties. It's not illegal to try to mislead (or for that matter to actually mislead) voters. What it really shows is that if they meet the filing qualifications anyone in this country can run for office. Rather than waste money trying to get him kicked off the ballot why not use the opportunity to publicly humiliate him so everybody sees him for what he is. This will go down as yet another campaign he has lost because he would lose a battle of wits with a loaf of bread.
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  4. WeedWhacker

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    Most of Congress resemble that remark....
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  5. Debillw3

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    I'm reminded of an episode of the CBS drama The Good Wife where a candidate for office changed his name to O'(something, I don't recall) to court the Irish vote, but they printed his name on the ballot without the apostrophe, so he went to court to get those ballots thrown out, or something to that regard.

    None of it is illegal, but it will make you a laughing stock.

    When your candidacy is discussed on Colbert (in the first few minutes, no less), yet you're not invited to be a guest on Colbert, you've lost the election.
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