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    Hey Everyone,

    I'm new to this website or posting in general, I'm also from Holand so my English is no that good, therefore I apologize.

    Normally I'm not that disgusted by a conspiracy theory, when it is backed up by empirical evidence and when a issue is overwhelmed by doubt. But I came across these ''Chemtrail'' stories and just could not rap my head around them. I try to search empirical evidence as to why these ''chemtrails'' aren't contrails? Searching for hours on the web I just came up with websites citing other websites with the same story, but no actual sourcing list or representative source. Until...
    I came to this site: http://www.chemtrailcentral.com/report.shtml

    I studie History so i;m not that into weather science , mathematics or physics, but the sourcing was good and it made sense.
    I was wondering if any of you could look at this data If it makes any sense or that i'm just being had again?
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    check back tomorrow, I will write you something tonight. I have detailed first-hand experience with this one.
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    In 1999, as the chemtrails hoax was in its early stages, I recognized that claims were being made that military jets were spraying, but that the only photos that were being displayed were of ordinary commercial type airplanes. In other words, the mystery has been and continues to be the identity of the airplanes. I resolved to find a way to identify the planes in ral time as they flew over my own home.

    In 1997, the US Congress began allowing Air Traffic Control flight tracking data to be released. It was offered for sale at a very high price which was only affordable for companies such as airlines, air catering services, etc. All military flights were invisible on this feed, and upon request, any privately owned planes were blocked. These are typically rock-stars, millionaire investors, etc. who do not wish their movements to be tracked by the public.

    I was however, able to receive a short term subscription which was offered to a limited group of people who wrote to the company and requested access. The service I used was called Flight Explorer Personal Edition. It was a bandwidth hog, but was runnable on my Windows97 with 1.6G HD and dial-up connection.

    I used it to personally verify many ordinary commercial jets making persistent contrails that others in my area were calling chemtrails. Sometime in 2000, the software was available to the public and I encouraged chemtrail believers to begin using it. Few ever did, I believe mainly because it was not user-friendly software. One believer, a housewife in Indiana named Deb Phalen(Chickiedeb), was able to become very adept at using the software and satisfied herself that what she had previously been seeing as chemtrails were simply ordinary commercial flights. We became friends.

    In 2001, a man in Parsonsfield, Maine reported hundreds of 'sprayplanes' flying over his house on a Monday around noontime. He claimed that no commercial flights passed over his area. Along with Chickiedeb, we were able with Flight Explorer to determine what typical air traffic passed over Parsonsfield, Maine on a Monday around noontime.
    We found that his area was the western terminus for flights coming in from Europe, and the Flight Explorer screen became so cluttered with air traffic that the aircraft descriptions were unreadable. For years afterwards, the same man continued to claim that no commercial aircraft ever flew over his area, and then disappeared from the controversy altogether.
    Screen captures:

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    Later in 2001, Mark Steadham(Thermit), the owner of the largest chemtrail believer website, chemtrailcentral.com, did a study of air traffic over Houston, Texas, which the OP(original poster) referred to. His study is well documented, well presented, but he realized that two things worked against him in getting a representation of what other parts of the world were experiencing.

    For instance, here are the "unidentifiable" (presumed miltary) photos:

    Not so impressive, eh?

    The reason that in 105 days this was all he got was explained at the first part of his report:
    The second reason is also given at the first part of his report:
    So, no abundance of contrail formation conditions, much less persistence, and not much high altitude commercial traffic, either. These two factors made his location not so representative of what other places might experience.

    His closing statement was:
    What he is telling people is that he has learned that his previously held belief that all persistent contrails were chemtrails has been overturned. He knows that anyone who repeats his study at a location with weather and high altitude traffic more suitable for ordinary persistent contrails will find it hard to tell any difference between ordinary commercial flights and "unidentifiable" (presumed military airplanes.

    He is also aware that the scientific method requires repeatability before it can be considered conclusive, and asked for help which never materialized. To my knowledge, no other person has attempted this type research until very recently.

    And guess what was found?




    Yes, commercial jets leaving highly persistent contrails identifiable by using Flight Explorer, just like I told them they would find 10 years ago!(though he still calls them chemtrails, he knows exactly what unique plane he is seeing)

    I hope this helps you out there in the Netherlands.
    Jay Reynolds
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    Closing thoughts and a question

    A few years ago, Mark Steadham quietly dropped out of actively posting on his own website. I think he found he had better things to do. What was once a forum with hundreds of postings daily and thousands of members has dwindled to a shell of what it used to be. RIP

    So, Ramical, can you inform us of the state of chemtrails in the Netherlands, and if possible, what is current in the other Euro countries?

    Who, what, where, how, why?
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    Thanks Jay, for clearing that one up.
    Here in the Netherlands its also playing an active role. There have even been questions in the parlement concerning these ''chemtrails''. We to see them in the sky's (offcourse), but thats because are county is really small and has a huge airport, with international flights going every direction. We have a high density population around our airport and thats were you find the most Chemtrailers. All the info on dutch site are from sites in America, and they draw the same line from the American intelligence that is spraying us, to the NATO that are releasing metals in the sky.
    I can't tell you what happens in other Euro countries, but probably the same. The NATO, in coordination with the American Government are spraying us like bugs, so they say.

    I do have another question, I hope you can help me with that one, it goes as follows.
    Last week I was zapping through TV-networks and I came across Discovery's program '' Best Evidence'', witch handles the Chemtrail situation. You can watch the episode here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7964362014319375838#
    They, off course, explain why these are just normal contrails. But they do give away certain information, that was odd to me. Jet being just a History student, I do not know much of metals and other elements of the periodic table. But they said that the American Government had plans releasing Aluminum-Oxide in the air, but didn't go trough with it. Supposing that they did, is it true that these metals would cause health problems? Is there any proof for that remark?
    Secondly, one of the guys does a rain sample ( I have also read many other people taking samples, jet forget to publish them online?). Supposedly there finding are correct, would that be proof, or is there a normal explanation?

    Excuse me for my English, not my native language. Also for asking all these questions, I'm trying to find a ballanced view on the matter. Science is are only friend in matters like these. Thanks Again!

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    Aluminum Oxide is just one of many possible geo-engineering schemes that individual scientists have invented. I think this mostly comes from patent 5,003,186 "Stratospheric Welsbach seeding"
    Note they also give equal weight to thorium oxide, but nobody mentions that.

    Aluminum oxide is basically rock. It's chemically inert and insoluble in water. So the only health effects would come from it being a particulate. The amount proposed to be used would be tiny compared to existing particulates.

    You'd have to give more details on this rain sample. But frequently there's aluminum in rain from dust in the air.
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    The rain sample was from the Discovery documentary on 6:51 min. He found that the rain contains 20 times higher Aluminum-barium in the rain sample. Is there an explanation as to why there is a higher concentration then normal? I thought He might caught it from he roof, leaking into a jar, thus the rain has irions inside, but I don't know how he did it.
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    Higher than what? What is the normal concentration of aluminum in the rainwater in that location?
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    Not only that, he does not even allow new people to register on Chemtrail Central anymore. Looks like he just quietly left it all behind, although would have been nice if he had made something of an announcement on the website, that he no longer believed in it and was not participating in it
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    What is being sprayed is Nano aluminum particles and it has been shown they enter the skin right into the blood stream without even having to inhale.
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    Where have "nano aluminum particles" been detected? How big were they?
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    Well during this test the observer never tested what are considered chemtrails. He only saw short lasting contrails. But he explained how the test was done and how you can do th same test.
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    See the following re. aluminum oxide nanoparticles. The issue with these particles is not merely that they are particulates:

    "... A study using cells and rats shows that nanoparticles of aluminum oxide can kill and adversely change the special cells that line the blood vessels in the human brain. The rapid increase in production and use of these very, very small particles will inevitably increase human exposure to the as yet unknown risks from these materials.

    Nanoparticles of aluminum oxide can be toxic to cells that line the blood vessels in the human brain, a recent study with cells and rats finds. In 2005, aluminum oxide nanoparticles represented 20 percent of the world market production of nanoparticles. Increased production of these nanomaterials will inevitably increase human exposure. ..."



    "... The report, published in a recent issue of "Toxicology Letters," shows that nanoparticles of alumina (aluminum oxide) slowed the growth of roots in five species of plants -- corn, cucumber, cabbage, carrot and soybean. ..."

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    That's all well and good, but where is there any evidence that such particles are being dispersed in aircraft trails? If you want to worry about alumina nanoparticles, then make sure you wear a HEPA dust mask when using sandpaper, as you'll be be creating billions of them!
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