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    A question often asked by the Sandy Hook conspiracy theorists is "Who Cleaned Up the Blood?"

    In Professor James Fetzer's "Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook Was an Elaborate Hoax," he writes:

    "One Sandy Hook researcher [Kelley from Tulsa] decided to call Lt. Paul Vance to ask who cleaned up the blood, which would have been considered to be a bio-hazard, and got the reply, 'What blood?'

    "Kelley was onto a real issue. Under the CT Medical Waste Tracking Act of 1988, a paper trail must kept by all parties involved in the clean up and must be tracked all the way to the incinerator with names and dates."

    First of all, there is no "CT Medical Waste Tracking Act of 1988." The link Professor Fetzer provides connects to the FEDERAL—not state—Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Medical Waste Tracking Act of 1988 has NOTHING to do with crime scene cleanup. It specifically addressed the handling and disposal of medical waste collected off eastern coastal shores and EXPIRED in 1991.

    Secondly, there is no transcript or recording of the call between Kelley from Tulsa and Lt. Vance to put this in context. When Lt. Vance responded with "What blood?," it's more likely he was asking Kelley to be more specific rather than implying that there was no blood at the crime scene.

    Nevertheless, we're still faced with the question: "Who Cleaned Up the Blood?"

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    Rachel Basch, a novelist who has lived in Newtown for 24 years, gives us a clue. In this audio diary (starting at 19:47), Ms. Basch reads from a memorandum she wrote and states:

    "We walk to the building next door. We’ve taken over this space, 'come in.' We go into a badly sheet-rocked room that contains nothing but 5 metal folding chairs. These will be extra counseling rooms, separate entrances for adults and children. Jim Maguire said to, 'just take the space and we can work out the details later…or never.' She tells me that the Maguires, who own the building, lost a son some years ago. Jim owns a restoration company, too. They’re gonna be the ones going into the school to do the cleanup. We have counselors lined up to talk to him and his crew before…and after."
    [emphasis: mine]

    Jim Maguire owns JP Maguire Associates, Property Damage Cleanup and Restoration, located in Waterbury, Ct.

    A Sandy Hook conspiracy website, Insanemedia, has questioned whether JP Maguire is qualified to clean up bio-waste. In an article entitled, "Sandy Hook Evidence: Where Is the Blood?," Swansong writes:

    "There are detailed listing for all their services including, Fire and Smoke Damage, Water Damage, Wind Damage, Vehicle Impacts, Mold Remediation and Disaster Reconstruction. I found absolutely nothing alluding to their qualifications for handling BMW [bio-medical waste], bloodborne pathogens or Other Potentially Infectious Materials (OPIM). They are, by all indications, simply a restoration company like so many others across the country."

    While it's true that JP Maguire does not advertise crime scene or trauma cleanup on their website, they have advertised it elsewhere:

    "J.P. Maguire Associates is a full service damage restoration company. We offer emergency services, board-ups, trauma scene cleanup, water, sewage, and soot cleanup, mold remediation and complete reconstruction." [emphasis: mine]

    So what are the "qualifications" needed for cleaning up blood at crime scenes? In the state on Connecticut, there are none. California and Florida are the only states that require specialized licensing for crime scene cleanup. However, the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) does recommends that "[e]ntities engaged in this business should provide appropriate training to their employees and contract with a licensed transporter to ensure compliance with current regulations."

    DEEP does, however, require permits for BMW transporters.

    And what is BMW? According to DEEP:

    "Biomedical Waste (BMW) means any infectious, pathological and/or chemotherapy waste generated during the administration of medical care or the performance of medical research involving humans or animals. The definition of BMW excludes hazardous and radioactive waste as defined in state law. Some examples of BMW include blood and other bodily fluids, sharps, discarded animal carcasses known to have been exposed to an infectious agent, etc."

    One of the approved methods of disposal of BMW is via a sanitary sewer, according to DEEP:

    "Only infectious wastes that are not pathological or generated from chemotherapy can be discharged to a sanitary sewer, provided the waste is in liquid or in semi-solid form, the sewage treatment plant does not prohibit the discharge and secondary treatment is provided and all discharge permits are obtained."

    A sanitary sewer is defined as:

    "[a] separate underground carriage system specifically for transporting sewage from houses and commercial buildings for treatment or disposal."

    Although I am not speaking from a position of authority, it appears possible that blood cleaned off walls or steam cleaned from carpets can be flushed down toilets or emptied into sinks. If a licensed medical waste transporter was contracted to carry away blood or blood contaminated items, there would not necessarily be a paper trail. In Connecticut, there only appears to be manifest requirements for hazardous wastes. According to DEEP, "BMW is regulated as hazardous waste only if it contains a listed hazardous waste or exhibits a hazardous characteristic per the CT Hazardous Waste Management Regulations."

    It also appears that a trauma clean-up company can transport blood or blood contaminated items without a licensed transporter. According to DEEP:

    "A transporter permit is not required for a generator of biomedical waste who transports his own biomedical waste from its original generation point to a central collection point pursuant to RCSA Section 22a-209-15(g)(14)(A-C)."

    Hopefully, someone familiar with crime scene/trauma clean-up and medical waste transport can help shed more light on this topic.
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    One part of the scene was the bathroom, if it had drains in the floor (like many school & public bathrooms do) then the clean up of that area could have just washed it all down with a scrub down and hose out.
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    "Biomedical Waste (BMW) means any infectious, pathological and/or chemotherapy waste generated during the administration of medical care or the performance of medical research involving humans or animals... “A transporter permit is not required for a generator of biomedical waste who transports his own biomedical waste from its original generation point to a central collection point pursuant to RCSA Section 22a-209-15(g)(14)(A-C).”

    The above quote defines BMW as waste "generated during the administration of medical care..."

    Would a crime scene cleanup crew be considered to be "generating" BMW waste?

    I could understand how a hospital, for example, could be an entity that "generated" BMW waste through their normal operations; but I doubt a crime scene cleanup crew would be transporting their "...own biomedical waste" unless they were also responsible for "generating" the BMW in the first place.
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    Sounds like you need to ask a lawyer. However the definition of generator is larger than you suggest:
    It seems quite plausible JPM would be classed as a generator if a funeral home and "industry" are.

    Clearly JPM did trauma clean-up before this, so they would know what was required. I had a quick look around other trauma clean-up companies in CT, and none of them mentioned any kind of license, just training.
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    OK. Thanks.
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    thanks CW!
    I could find no connection with JP Maguire and the scene except a few posts on conspiracy websites linking to a "podcast" I can't find.
    I guess it's possible JP Maguire was hired by Barbarotta to help with cleaning and moving of uneffected classrooms to the Chalk Hill location.

    Clean Harbors: Sandy Hook Elementary
    PDF of report statement attached:
    bold phrases mine.
    Clean Harbors
    "Clean Harbors is the leading provider of environmental, energy and industrial services throughout North America. The Company serves a diverse customer base, including a majority of the Fortune 500 companies, thousands of smaller private entities and numerous federal, state, provincial and local governmental agencies.
    Within Clean Harbors Environmental Services, the Company offers Technical Services and Field Services.Technical Services provide a broad range of hazardous material management and disposal services including the collection, packaging, transportation, recycling, treatment and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.Field Services provide a wide variety of environmental cleanup services on customer sites or other locations on a scheduled or emergency response basis.

    December 2012 Clean Harbors had facilities in Milford Ct and Bristol Ct. (they now also have a facility in Derby Ct.)

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