1. Sandy Hook:The Crisis Actors Conspiracy Propaganda Technique Exposed


    A very simple technique! The sound in some of these clips have been manipulated so as not to be exactly lined up with what you are actually seeing in the video!! This creates a dissociation effect..Giving you the false impression of BAD acting!


    Can someone confirm this please? (it could be that my computer is too slow)
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    Are your refering to Robbie Parker's voice being slow down when its his turn to speak? I think they were doing it to slow it down, so you can pay attention to his expression, and read his mouth or hear when he says, "Are we ready to start?" Some of the clips had glitches or cut off parts in them; especially, in the first link. The one where the guy from the Soto's family was talking about Obama, and the one on 9:18 the guy was talking and further into it, there was a cut off part. The guy did certainly chopped off interviews from other Youtubers that believe Sandy Hook is a hoax. The ones that are reallying annoying to watch is linking Dark Knight into it, and then going off with Illumanti theories because Grace drew a picure of an Owl.
  3. I wasn't referring to the slow down Robbie Parker. On my computer some of the voices are slightly off from the video when I pay attention to their lips very carefully. It is not like way off but slightly off. I'm going to try and download the file to see if this has anything to do with my stream. I guess I am wrong if no ones else notices this.
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    I see what you are talking about; it's doing it to me too. The lip movement and speakin' don't match, and the glitch.
  5. I'm glad someone else notices it as well. I was considering removing this topic if no else could verify the same effect. I find the whole idea of accusing the victims of acting pretty child like behavior and I don't want to promote these videos inadvertently.
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    I think it might have to be with Youtube as well. Even I get running long script errors, when the video plays, it will freeze then it will continue. It'll even do that without playing a video. They should fix their crappy comment section too.
  7. I have downloaded the .flv file and the audio still doesn't sync up in some of the clips.
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    you do realize this happens ALL the time when editing and uploading video of any type. hell just hit up one of the thousands of pirate tv sites.
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    It has made the MSM- damage control? or just ridiculous conspiracists run amok:

  10. "you do realize this happens ALL the time when editing and uploading video of any type. hell just hit up one of the thousands of pirate tv sites."

    Yes, I guess I may have made a jump to a conclusion that it was done on purpose, but I am pretty sure that the timing being off can effect the way we feel whether their emotions are genuine. I apologize for jumping to the conclusion that the person behind this video is master manipulation and I all go back to my original thoughts about a person who posts this kind of video.
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