1. Jay Reynolds

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  2. Jay Reynolds

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    In this video, about 12 minutes in, Peterson displays some flight tracking maps she was given by the FAA. It isn't clear what she is describing, but looks like holding patterns.

    Interesting but I don't find these maps anywhere on her website.
    I do, however, know that much lies in chemtraiol believer omissions............
    Anyone know what she is talking about?
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  4. Jay Reynolds

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    No, it's worse than that. Listen carefully to what she says @ 12 minutes on to about 17 minutes.

    She says;
    The maps she was given have Mendocino/ Lake counties outlined, she lives near Ukia, I believe, and the maps clearly show a LARGE daily traffic of 400 flights over her area, with many flights crossing and several loops north of Point Arena. She is simply not credible when she holds up that map and says, "there were not that many flights flying over Mendocino County."

    Now, Rosalind is simply assuming that intra-flights are military jets, but what are they really?
    She obviously doesn't know.
    She needs to know.
    Is there a way to find out?
  5. Jay Reynolds

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    Ok, reading the contrailscience.com page about racetrack contrails, sure enough, Rosalind's look just like holding patterns.
    I remember reading that San Francisco(SFO) has lots of holding patterns especially during fog.
    And the maps Peterson received are printed with this logo:

    It looks like Peterson doesn't know much of anything about aviation.
    I suppose she even believed that she was being sprayed by military jets
    but that the flight tracks of the spray planes
    were given to her by her congressman.

    But did she trumpet it?

    No she buried a link on her website amongst 200 others, yet told viewers on video that
    there were "not that many flights" over her area, "absolutely so small", yet as she said that she held up a document that shows 400 flights!

    The woman must be mad as a hatter.

    Were you aware that she sued Mendocino county?
    http://www.co.mendocino.ca.us/bos/pdf/current/Minutes 02-07-06.pdf
  6. Mick West

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    She just sued them for wrongful dismissal, with Age Discrimination and violation of various rights, nothing related to chemtrails. The case (4:05-cv-03024-PJH Jablonski et al v. County of Mendocino) was dismissed after a mediated settlement.
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  8. Jay Reynolds

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    I ran across this fellow's post today which explains how to find an "Enroute High Altitude" aviation chart of the Northern California area(and any other area) showing airways over Mendocio County, where Rosalind Peterson lives, and just to the North, the Redding/Mt. Shasta area. Peterson and Dane Wigington both falsely claim that they are not near any major air traffic, and this easily proves those claims to be false.
    See the message board posting here:

    Basic instructions:
    1. go to: http://skyvector.com/
    2. Hover your cursor over the Globe icon at the top of the page that says "Charts"
    3. On the US map, click the tab on the bar at the top that says "Enroute High"
    4. Move your cursor over the chart and click on the desired chart area.

    These charts are zoomable, have latitude and longitude, and can be dragged in any direction.
    Black airways are ordinary jetways, blue are GPS jetways, according to the poster.
    Maybe someone else knows more about the information on these charts.
  9. Jay Reynolds

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    Rosalind Peterson has another falsehood filled interview this time with Carol Grieve of Food Integrity Now. Plenty of grist for the mill, and plenty of easily debunked misinformation, starting with her claim that the USAF was wrong to state contrails have been observed since 1918. I was able to access the podcast through this link, but when I returned 1/2 hour later, it was 404'ed:

  10. Mick West

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  11. Mick West

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    She seems to think that only jet engines can produce contrails. That's a very interesting fundamental misunderstanding. What then does she think of the WWII contrails? ..... ha, she think's it's "Smoke".

    I think in debunking Rosalind, that would be a good thing to focus on.

    She's going on a lot about water vapor, as if that's now the biggest problem with chemtrails, that they add too much water vapor to the atmosphere.

    Now she claims that the spraying of barium is just from the rocket tests, and not from the jets?? (I'm skipping around a bit here).

    Claims clear skies are because the military is on vacation.

    58:00 Claims that "they" (David Keith) are gearing up to change all the jet engines to produce more water vapor so they can add aluminum oxide gas to the exhaust.

    59:00 Still claims that there are tests going on.
  12. Jay Reynolds

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    She's not standing by the WITWATS/Mt. Shasta group's lab testing claims anymore. Only evidence she claims now is cloud seeding and chaff.

    The 58:00 claim refers to Keth's quote in witwats which I think he speaks of jets, but is actually referring to lab experiments in producing Al2O3 using a plasma jet.

    Yes, the water vapor from jet engines or indeed all combustion is inconsequential compared to total WV in the system.

    There sounds like a considerable amount of beckpedaling here as well as significant misunderstanding of the science and the issue in general. So much for Rosalind Peterson the "researcher".
  13. GregMc

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    "So much for Rosalind Peterson the "researcher"."

    Yes, Her insistence after a decade of "research" that passenger planes do not do turns nor fly holding patterns because they might use extra fuel or be late is bewildering.
    Far better in her mind I guess, that all planes try to land simultaneously on the same congested runways and arrive dead on time.
    Interesting that the guy who made that video, Abilene Texas resident Darrin McBreen and professed devotee of Rosalind Peterson is now a regular "night-time news reporter" for infowars.

    Darrin McBreen makes classic comedy comments such as : "Government representatives have tried to pass off reports of crisscross chemtrail patterns as merely the convergence of airliner contrails at normal air traffic intersections, but this is false. For one thing, almost all airways in the US run in straight lines. Neither do airliners fly in close formation with other aircraft. In addition, chemtrail sightings almost never come close to normal airway intersections, lest they interfere with normal traffic or be observed by other airline passengers"

    and :

    "Aircraft dispersing chemtrails always fly back and forth over a set area, creating circular or zig-zag patterns of vapor in the sky. Often many chemtrail aircraft can be seen in one area, flying in crisscross patterns laying down vapor trails before flying off over the horizon. Large airliners operating under Air Traffic Control fly on set airways and do not make such patterns in the sky."

    and "Its amazing to me how many military pilots and government ATC controllers can so easily justify these lies. Surely some are aware of the damaging health effects reported on the internet. Occasionally, an honest controller will admit there is a military exercise blocked out for that area.

    Chemtrails look like contrails initially, but are much thicker, extend across the sky and are often laid down in varying patterns of Xs, tick-tack-toe grids, cross-hatched and parallel lines. Instead of quickly dissipating, chemtrails expand and drip feathers and mares tails. In 30 minutes or less, they open into wispy formations which join together, forming a thin white veil or a "fake cirrus-type cloud" that persists for hours."

    How refreshing that a person with such a dedication to rigorous fact finding will be a regular reporter on infowars.
  14. Pogopoint99

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    Ha... I know that picture. Did you have the WebMasterbaterFlash YouTube channel before Darrin shut it down?
  15. GregMc

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    Did someone do that? A parody channel by the sounds of it. And it was shut down by authorities? Well the "NWO" authorities certainly must be going to great efforts to shut down people who are saying such conspiracies are nonsense and they must be doing a great job protecting people from parody who claim to be exposing them.

    You gotta love a secret evil govt that goes to great lengths to protect the people who are against them.
  16. Pogopoint99

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    It was a parody site, with some funny content. I had a feeling the site's days were numbered so I made some screen captures. Unfortunately, I can't find them anymore.

    Sure enough, Darrin soon complained to YouTube and the WebMasterbater was shut down for breaching the AUP.
  17. Unregistered

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    This is a map Rosalind Peterson got from her congressman. She postulates that the yellow flights (intra flights) are the military flights doing the spraying, where the chemtrails are heavy. They don't normally give out these maps with the intra flights on them (just the others with the blue and green commercial flights).


    This is a map without the intra flights (where she says the chemtrails are heaviest):

  18. Unregistered

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    How did she get the maps?
  19. PCWilliams

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    What exactly is an "intra flight"?

    The yellow lines look like holding patterns, used to space inbounds (landers), outbounds (departures) or they could be military refueling tracks.
  20. Mick West

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    "Intra" means within the same region. I suspect here that it's being used to refer to flights that take off and land from the same airport - likely military or training flights. Weather modification flights would also fall under this label (of course nobody seeds clouds over the ocean though).

    I think there's another phrase for a local flight like that, I just can't think of it right now. There's "Local Operation", but that's normally for flights very close to the airport.
  21. PCWilliams

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    Mick, what airport is that in the map? I have my FAA maps out. I want to see if those yellow patterns are in civilian or military airspace.

    I assume it's Mendocino?
    View attachment 507
  22. Mick West

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    I don't actually see an airport indicated on the "Intra Flights" map. Some of the Yellow flights see to operate out of McCellan AFB near Sacramento.