1. Danny55

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    Just reading some posts on the Geo Engineering Lawsuit II page

    about Roxy's show during last night, and caught this post
    Didn't listen as it is on in the middle of my night over here.

    Anyone listen to it and any comments?
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  2. Danny55

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    Found the audio

    In the first 5 mins, she admits that there is NO evidence supporting the existence of "chemtrails".

    [Admin: Video was removed, now here:]

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  3. JFDee

    JFDee Senior Member

    Wow, just wow!

    A game changer?
  4. solrey

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    Interesting. However, she also says she can prove the rocket programs in the US are releasing trimethylaluminum, aluminum oxide and barium, asserting she can prove that the rocket programs are coating us with toxic chemicals. WRONG. The only use of trimethylaluminum in rockets, which produces aluminum oxide, carbon dioxide and water vapor as by-products, is in sounding rockets as a chemical tracer for studies of the atmosphere that are unreachable by aircraft. Trimethylaluminum is not a rocket propellant and it's use is limited to a few specific atmospheric research projects like ATREX.
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  5. JFDee

    JFDee Senior Member

    Still, her statement about jet chemtrails will be hard to brush away, the more so as she obviously does not intend to stop her "activism".
  6. Trigger Hippie

    Trigger Hippie Senior Member

    I'm not sure this is a game changer. She has refused to use the word "chemtrails" for a long time as she claims it marginalizes the user into the tin foil hat crowd. Listening to her radio shows and reading her articles, it seems clear that she believes the white trails in the sky are not normal and part of some undisclosed geo-engineering or weather modification program.

    I think she believes in "chemtrails" in everything but name.

    By Rosalind Peterson July 12, 2009
  7. JFDee

    JFDee Senior Member

    To me, her statement from last night sounds significally different. She pointedly refuses to take part in the 'Geoengineering Lawsuit' because there is "no evidence", rebuffing Al DiCicco and Robert Forgette.
  8. Danny55

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    BTW, Al and Robert have not, as yet, mentioned the knockback, although they were posting for everyone to listen to them on Roxy's show. Odd that, isn't it?
  9. PCWilliams

    PCWilliams Active Member

    That's EXACTLY what i was saying. Holy cow. Never saw that coming. Like a train in the night. Worse for chemtrail believers, i'll bet Rosalind might be called by the defendants as some kind of subject matter expert.
  10. solrey

    solrey Senior Member

    When taken within the context of the whole, Rosalind isn't saying the total lack of evidence is a problem per se, rather that a lack of evidence, and amount of time a court case can take, is a stumbling block for expedient action within the judicial system specifically. She also cites her own drawn out lawsuit over the local water supply as an example of how long it can take to resolve a case in a court of law. She does however advocate voting for political candidates that would be willing to "further the cause" within the legislative branch reminding the audience that elections are drawing near.

    She's saying they can't win in a court of law without solid evidence, so they should focus their strategy on certain lawmakers who would apparently be willing to sponsor/vote in favor of new laws based on that same total lack of evidence. Behavior on the part of elected representatives that I'm sure would rile up the chemtrailers if it were legislation they disagreed with. The contradictions and hypocrisy of these people is mind-blowing.

  11. PCWilliams

    PCWilliams Active Member

    Is there a link for this program? I never heard of this "Roxy" show. I'm looking for a description of this particular show and who is speaking. I want to make a video of this audio. :)
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  12. Danny55

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    The link is in the 2nd post up top.
  13. JFDee

    JFDee Senior Member

    There is now a posting including your link to the audio on the "Group 1" board, as a reply to Al's call for "tuning in".

    Lets see if it stays up ...
  14. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Minor correction, she says "anything but jet fuel emissions ...." not "anything other than jet fuel emissions ....". I've edited the second post to reflect this.
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  15. Trigger Hippie

    Trigger Hippie Senior Member

  16. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Another sound bite by Peterson:
  17. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Interesting, Peterson is NOT going to the "Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails", even though she was originally listed as a speaker, and her bio is still up there.


    Probably a wise move for her, as it's degenerating into a rather fringe event. Alfred Webre is going to be there promoting the theory that chemtrails are there in part to hide the planet Nibiru.
  18. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Forgette now suggesting that Peterson is backing out because she came into some money and does not want to lose it.

  19. SR1419

    SR1419 Senior Member

    Did anyone hear and think it hilarious and/or somehow perfect that one of the ads during Roxy's break was for "grow lights" based on Tesla's "discovery" - thats some shrewd marketing. :D
  20. Steve Funk

    Steve Funk Active Member

  21. PCWilliams

    PCWilliams Active Member

    I went to that link and downloaded the audio. I guess what i'm looking for is a description of who is who on the show. I know who Rosalind Peterson is from doing my own chemtrail debunking video. I want to make a video of this audio and include who is speaking and what their player status is in the whole chemtrail theory. :)
  22. PCWilliams

    PCWilliams Active Member

    Is this substantiated in any way? It smells like the chemmies are grasping for a way to dismiss Rosalind's dis. It's the usual, "'They' got to them" routine. Maybe the men in black. :)
  23. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    Video has been removed by user, I'm re-uploading it. Removed the commercials, and the commentary.

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  24. Jay Reynolds

    Jay Reynolds Senior Member

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  25. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    You do know you are dealing with the conspiracy crowd, yeah?

    This will just be used as evidence of more conspiracies rather than disproving one.
  26. PCWilliams

    PCWilliams Active Member

    Aaaaah, okay. I think i see:

    [emphasis mine]

    So she received a settlement(?). I'm still not sure how the chemmies think this settlement would "silence" her. Then again, i don't understand a lot in the chemmie world.

    Thanks Jay. :)
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  27. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    I think it's more likely she simply knows the lawsuit has no chance, because there's no actual evidence.
  28. PCWilliams

    PCWilliams Active Member

    I agree 100%. I've said several times, those who pedal in conspiracies don't really want their issue(s) heard in a court of law. It would end the money train from speaking engagements, videos, documentaries, books, etc.
  29. Danny55

    Danny55 Member

    PC, Roxy Lopez is the Host,(sounds like Janice from Friends) Robert Forgette and Al DiCicco are from the Chemtrails Lawsuit group. Al is the (apparently) short tempered guy who keeps muttering "bloodworks" while Rosalind is speaking.
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  30. Des O

    Des O New Member

    Well Robert from the Chemtrail lawsuit posted this (on the Chemtrails Lawsuit II page on facebook) regarding that whole interview. Rosalind is basically a self serving disinfo agent to them now. Predictable. They correctly identify Roxy Lopez as a self-serving con artist who is in it for the money.

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  31. PCWilliams

    PCWilliams Active Member

    I love this quote:

    "... please don't use the word I L L U M I N A T I on the group page. It will show hits on Google if you do."

    Are they afraid the illuminati will discover them? Lol!
  32. Mick West

    Mick West Administrator Staff Member

    No, Forgette does not want them to be marginalized by being associated with fringe subjects. In that sense he's like Peterson, just a little further along the "fringe" spectrum.
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  33. solrey

    solrey Senior Member

    So this Forgette character is a key player in the lawsuit, right? Yet he can't get his facts straight about Rosalind, someone he at one time wanted to join the lawsuit? Rosalind did work for the USDA...as a Crop Loss Adjustor in a few counties in CA. If that's an example of how accurately he presents information, their lawsuit is doomed for that reason alone.

    From her own bio on the Agriculture Defense Coalition site:


    Her experience and degree in Environmental Studies and Planning does add tremendous credibility to her statement that she has found no evidence of chemtrails, and would explain why she hasn't submitted any water or soil samples because she probably knows the results are perfectly normal.

    Of course in the chemtrailer mindset, anyone who ever worked for any government agency in any capacity at any time must be one of "them".
  34. Trigger Hippie

    Trigger Hippie Senior Member

    It's surprising how emotional and spiteful some can be while at the same time accusing others of being emotional and egotistical.

    Oh brother. There's the pot calling the kettle black.

    You'd think these guys would learn to cooperate and compromise. Instead they're alienating activists whose views don't align exactly with their own. How does one communicate with these people when they can't even discuss issues amongst themselves without spitting venom and pointing fingers?
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  35. Jay Reynolds

    Jay Reynolds Senior Member

    They need to look more closely at Clifford Carnicom, he worked for amny years for the Feds and the Defense Department. Carnicom is closely allied to A.C. Griffith, who says he works with the CIA and NSA.

    Nobody has done more to infect the chemtrails crowd with tinfoil associations than Carnicom. He and A.C Griffith actually began the false claim that "chemtrails" contain barium:

    What Forgette and Dicicco need to understand is that they have caught a hoax started by Caricom and A.C. Griffith, who similarly infected the mt. Shasta Crowd, who then, abetted by Michael J. Murphy, have spread the hoax even wider.

    What the other followers of this lawsuit need to understand is that all of these connections will eventually come out and will be examined and once known, the whole house of cards will come tumbling out. Everyone involved will be ruined, their credibility shot, they will become laughingstocks, even moreso than theyare already.

    That is where this lawsuit is headed, and most likely Rosalind Peterson is simply just barely smart enough to figure this out.
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  36. scombrid

    scombrid Senior Member

    Saive uploaded this Peterson interview to his youtube channel yesterday. Date stamp is 7-18-2012 on a screen shot that says "Live". But I don't know if the interview was really live. It seems chopped an edited too much to be live. But it does seem recent.


    Claims that Bill Gates is leading the Geoengineering/Chemtrailing effort that the sulfur dioxide used for geoengineering is going to cause acid rain and destroy the forests, agriculture, and rivers. Say that if they are going to expiriment with these compounds, the experiment will constitute "putting megatons up there".

    Jones quips at one point that "It's like they're the devil and and they want to destroy the planet". There seems to be a gap in the audio but her response is "And just who decided and just because Bill Gates happened to get lucky and make some money at Microsoft that all of a sudden that he should play God". Jones goes on to state that Gates is a "national security level operative, that's why he has all this stuff, he's actually above ultra top secret operative".

    She claims that the Navy polluted the US with aluminum oxide put into space with those rocket tests out of Wallops Island earlier this year. That comment was made while video of the contrail taken from the window of an airplane is shown. A brief flash of the Evergreen 747 also was shown.

    Later on they conflate C130 mosquito spraying with Chemtrails. Apparently the airforce spraying for mosquitos at the request of nearby municipalities is just to condition us to chemtrails. A photo of a C130 spray plane is shown followed by various shots of persistent contrails.

    Jones brings up "owning the weather" and "weather weaponizing" stating that "they" are trying to bankrupt us and cause crop failures so "big agra" can come in with aluminum resistent seeds to nobody else's seeds will work, they're salting the earth with aluminum dioxide".

    The way it is edited I can't tell if she endorsed that conclusion by Jones but she's obviously will to associate with someone that is making these claims.
  37. Jay Reynolds

    Jay Reynolds Senior Member

    Some girls like Rosalind just adore being at the center of attention. They may rationalize associating with a man like Jones because they are making a 'power play'. Peterson lost a lot when she took on Paul Wittenberger creator of the failed movie "The Great Culling", now she's dissed Michael J. Murphy and the chemtrails lawsuit group. She might be feeling a little low on gas and decided to fill up at the Jones& Co. gas station.
  38. Trigger Hippie

    Trigger Hippie Senior Member

    In that interview she says to Alex Jones, "When they (David Keith, et al) talk about having a significant experiment this is going to be several megatons, I'm sure."

    She's sure:rolleyes: Within seconds of making that statement she references a NY Times piece in which Keith and Anderson state, quite clearly, that the experiment would be completely nonintrusive, it would use micro amounts of sulfates, and should have public governance. The Times article basically contradicts all of Rosalind's accusations. Makes one wonder if she actually read it?

    So much confusion has been generated over Keith's experiment that the Harvard press office felt compelled to release a statement.

  39. Tim TheToolman Coles

    Tim TheToolman Coles Active Member

    Glad that you guys got a hold of the audio. I put it up on YouTube and it was yanked fairly quickly, or at least Mrs. Roxy filed a complaint. I think emotions where high that night, and even though the complaint said it was from here, subsequent conversations from Robert in the group made me think that he may have been the person who filed the complaint. But I have no proof of that. I also cannot seem to figure him out. He knows I am making a documentary about all of this and in some ways seems to give me blessings to participate in the group, but ask that I not really get to harsh. So for a time I did, but after the proposal of violence on planes and pilots that one of the members had made, I just finally had enough and left. There is something about this group that is just not right, or should I say something about the admin that is just not right, and I cannot quite put my finger on it. This is based off of private chats we have had...

    Anyhow, I just about fell over when Rosalind said that. I immediately had to rewind my recording and hear it 3 or 4 times.... I still follow what goes on in there as I continue to edit my film. I am trying to bring all of this out for everyone to see, that will see. You guys do a fantastic job, and it is much appreciated out here. I see that Mick is in there now in the group. Good luck, I just got tired of dealing with them. I have gathered over the last 2 years a tremendous amount of footage and information for the film, much of it from you guys, and I will make sure that you are credited... I wish I could have got some of you on board..... Not too late... Anyhow love your work.
  40. Unregistered

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