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    A friend of mine sent me this one from a student in her history class... We've heard Pyramid Power theories before but here's a certain one she heard. The following claim is a quote from her emails...

    She even included a picture her classmate sent to her... (I guess people make diagrams for something they didn't test?) DELETE123.

    Here is a debunk from Michael Hiser of the (Interior lighting) aspect...

    As for the rest of the theory. Does anyone else have any debunks for the "Power Plant" aspect? Its a fascinating theory, but nothing more it seems... I think its great that people are fascinated by one of the coolest world heritage sites, but of course a lot of misconceptions can be made!
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    Given the height scale on the left of the graphic, this is the Great Pyramid of Giza. It was constructed from 5.5 million tonnes of limestone and 8000 tonnes of granite. To say it was "coated" with limestone is like saying modern bowling balls are coated with polyurethane. The granite was used in the inner chambers and passages. You could have the best electrical conductor in the world but it still isn't going to help conduct electricity through 70 meters of limestone. Limestone is a good insulator so it will "keep energy inside" but it will also keep "energy" out.

    Granite will ionize the air due to radioactive decay from elements found in it but how much? This website lists the major radioactive elements in granite: http://www.physics.isu.edu/radinf/natural.htm

    8000 tonnes of granite contains:
    U-238 504,000,000 Bq
    Th-232 64,000,000 Bq
    K-40 9,472,000,000 Bq

    Total Emitted Energy:
    U-238 4.269 MeV
    Th-232 4.083 Mev
    K-40 0.6785 Mev

    Throwing all the math together (and ignoring the fact that alpha particles have a +2 charge and beta particles have a -1 charge) and converting electronvolts to joules/second we get:
    U-238 .00034 watts
    Th-232 .000042 watts
    K-40 .001 watts

    For a grand total of .00138 watts.

    But that is assuming all the emitted energy ionizes the air. Radiaton emits in all directions so less than half would aim towards the air. Alpha particles only have a range of a few micrometers in rock so only the decays extremely close to the surface would enter the air. Beta particles only have a range of a few millimeters in rock so again only a tiny fraction would enter the air. Gamma rays can ionize atoms via the photoelectric effect but they are quite transparent to air so only a percent or so would interact with air molecules.

    It's bunk.
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    Diagram should be labelled "Pyramid Scheme(atic)"
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    What's with the "ionosphere" label? Just how high is this pyramid??
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    the y axis is labelled potential magnetic field charge.
    I am pretty sure that magnetic fields do not have potential energy from their height above the ground compared to lifting something against gravity.
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    I believe application the theory to the Great Pyramid is the brainchild of a mechanical engineer named Christopher Dunn. He supports his work with statements like this:
    He bases a lot of his proof on the idea that the granite in the pyramid could only have been worked with advance machinery.
    Jason Colavito rebuts aspects of it in several places on his website
    Rational Wiki takes a less than polite approach to Dunn's work. Here's an excerpt that meets the posting standards:
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    Just watched a documentary on this and it’s reported you can stand on top the pyramid and you would have sparks radiate around your body.. I’d bring a light bulb
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    Link? title of docu?
    ah, the old story about werner von siemens visit the pyramids in 1859 and stands on top of it, feeling static electricity, generated by flying sand (well, yeah, desert and stuff, sorry my sarcasm). doesnt have anything to do with the ionosphere. its seems btw this is the only description of such an event on top of the great pyramide ever happend, if ever at all and this whole story is made up anyway.
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    This recent paper might be interest to you pyramid fans. Main author is from the University of St Petersburg. Published in the Journal of Applied Physics: